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  1. May 2022
    1. The security of the data (authentication, confidentiality, integrity and forward secrecy) is handled by the transport security protocol, BTP. The same protocol is used for all transports. BTP is an obfuscated protocol: to anyone except the intended sender and recipient, all data is indistinguishable from random. So BTP's first job is to let the recipient know who sent the data, so the recipient can use the right key to authenticate and decrypt it.

      crypto protocol

  2. Jan 2021
    1. ly little work, even if this view is not entirely accurate. Both the House of Commons and Senate play key roles in the manner tha

      What youdon't see is that I can also post to "only me"

  3. Oct 2020
    1. trusktr herman willems • 2 years ago Haha. Maybe React should focus on a template-string syntax and follow standards (and provide options for pre-compiling in Webpack, etc).

    2. To suggest template literals cover the level of abstraction that JSX has to offer is just dumb. They're great and all, but c'mon now...

    1. However, this would lead to further divergence. Tooling that is built around the assumptions imposed by template literals wouldn't work. It would undermine the meaning of template literals. It would be necessary to define how JSX behaves within the rest of the ECMAScript grammar within the template literal anyway.
    2. Template literals work well for long embedded DSLs. Unfortunately the syntax noise is substantial when you exit in and out of embedded arbitrary ECMAScript expressions with identifiers in scope.
    3. ECMAScript 6th Edition (ECMA-262) introduces template literals which are intended to be used for embedding DSL in ECMAScript.
    4. Why not Template Literals?
  4. Aug 2019
    1. The basic idea behind Zettelkasten is to build a repository of the knowledge you gain through the years. The idea is similar to what Paul Jun, of Creative Mastery, writes about keeping a Commonplace Book, or Ryan Holiday’s notecard system. Zettelkasten adds the powerful idea of linking notes to create a web of interlinked knowledge.
  5. Dec 2017
    1. Giving then a portion of their time to a finished knowledge of the latin and Greek, the rest might be appropriated to the modern languages, or to the commencement of the course of science, for which they should be destined.

      From this it is suggested that it is important to know Latin and Greek as a scholar in those times due to the large volumes of books that are still written in those languages and yet to be translated. It shows that in order to continue an education in the field of science one must also be able to understand the "language of science" which is often not English.

      Eric Yu

    2. To harmonize & promote the interests of agriculture, manufactures & commerce and by well informed views of political economy to give a free scope to the public industry.

      Manufacture and commerce is mentioned here. Today when we speak about college education these two are probably normal in conversation of a student studying things like business or engineering. Take note that agriculture is mentioned as well. It is not only mentioned but the first mentioned. This suggests that a lot more emphasis is put on agriculture by the society at the time and thus the importance of including it in higher education.

      Eric Yu

  6. Oct 2017
    1. the same advantages to youths whose education may have been neglected untill too late to lay a foundation in the learned languages

      It is great that it is mentioned here the confirmed psychological study that ability to study language declines drastically over time

    2. the German now stands in a line with that of the most learned nations in richness of erudition and advance in the sciences

      This statement evoked some further thinking in me. I realized that United States at this time is a new country and this very quote implies it so. It says that German is a language that needs to be learned in order to learn from the most advanced knowledge from science and some other subjects. United States is still developing and learning from stronger and more advanced countries.

  7. Apr 2017
  8. Dec 2016
    1. Written by rchase, feel free to edit. It's an experiment.

      Since I took the notes using hypothesis, the password to edit is hypothesis.

  9. Oct 2015
    1. namic languages such as JavaScript are more difficult to com-pile than statically typed ones. Since no concrete type informationis available, traditional compilers need to emit generic code that canhandle all possible type combinations at runtime. We present an al-ternative compilation technique for dynamically-typ

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