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  1. Jan 2023
    1. View closed captioning or live transcription during a meeting or webinar Sign in to the Zoom desktop client. Join a meeting or webinar. Click the Show Captions button .
    2. If closed captioning or live transcripts are available during a meeting or webinar, you can view these as a participant
    1. User To enable automated captioning for your own use: Sign in to the Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click Settings. Click the Meeting tab. Under In Meeting (Advanced), click the Automated captions toggle to enable or disable it. If a verification dialog displays, click Enable or Disable to verify the change.Note: If the option is grayed out, it has been locked at either the group or account level. You need to contact your Zoom admin. (Optional) Click the edit option to select which languages you want to be available for captioning. Note: Step 7 may not appear for some users until September 2022, as a set of captioning enhancements are rolling out to users over the course of August.
  2. Dec 2022
    1. Universally accepted assessments ordemonstration opportunities, particularlyfor softer skills, could help learners andworkers validate any type of skill withoutbeing told that they will have to “go backand get a degree” before being consideredfor professional track careers

      Universally accepted assessments can also add trust to college and university credentials. There is merit to the notion that higher ed institutions have a conflict of interest when it comes to serving as both learning provider and validator of that learning.

  3. Aug 2021
    1. https://mentalpivot.com/solutions-for-taking-notes-when-listening-to-podcasts/

      I definitely need a better way of doing this myself. Not a fan of paying $5/month for NoteCast. Airr is iOS only.

      Sharing the link from the app with timecode seems the best, but it would be nice to have the transcription piece as well.

  4. Jul 2021
    1. Highlight & share the best moments from podcasts

      This could be interesting for annotating and sharing data from podcasting. Sadly nothing for Android yet.

      via https://youtu.be/wB89lJs5A3s?t=8126

  5. Mar 2019
    1. there's a secret agenda here for me, which is that being able to annotate your company's transcripts of things would be very cool could hypothesis work on whatever copy of the transcript

      Annotating my mention of annotating transcripts. Meta!

  6. Jan 2016
  7. Sep 2015