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    1. While more traditional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy lack tumor specificity targeting all replicating cells, and other immunotherapies have limited scope by relying on the presence of a specific ligand/receptor, oncolytic viruses are postulated to be both specific to neoplastic cells and have an expansive immunostimulatory latitude. The

      Chemo and Radiation lack specificity in targetting cancerous cells, instead targeting a large scope or rapidly dividing cells.

      Immunotherapies are limited to the presence of ligand and receptors for activation.

      Oncolytic viruses are specific to neoplastic (cancerous, specific) cells and have a large amount of immunostimulatory range----> can activate tumor immunity, stimulate immune system......

    1. a genetically engineered or naturally occurring virus that can selectively replicate in and kill cancer cells without harming the normal tissues

      Contrasting to gene therapy, where a virus is used as a mere vector (carrier of a gene), oncolytic virotherapy uses the virus as a drug agent.