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  1. Dec 2023
    1. 模仿 Notion 的工具(affine),走出自己的道路是把「Heptabase 的白板概念」加進去,挺酷的。​​而且有全中文化

      Affine 免費版新增內容無上限,除了單一檔案上限10M,雲端儲存上限10GB,感覺很佛心,可以試用很久。

  2. Sep 2023
    1. the Whiteboard and like open a bunch of books um in my physical space leave the office come back the next day and they're all still there the drawing's still on the Whiteboard the books are still open to the pages that I was open to that feeling of permanence

      I like this concept of persistence of your desk.

  3. Aug 2023
    1. foster a sense of belonging and support for historically underrepresented students

      When applicants who are historically underrepresented students see themselves reflected in the current student population and observe a sense of belonging, this could lead to increased applications from certain groups. And increasing the applications should lead to increasing the admissions.

    2. outreach and recruitment programs can still target specific groups (e.g., via schools or districts that predominantly serve students of color), so long as they do not award admissions spots solely based on an individual student’s race

      Be intentional AND don't discriminate.

  4. May 2016