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  1. Feb 2018
    1. as Hallman writes

      This makes it seem like Haltman is writing about machetes. Is he?

    2. to help harvesters pick their crops

      Wouldn't this be of "economic value"? Unless harvesters only ate their own crops and never traded or sold them?

    3. amongst the value a physical object can carry amongst those who study it

      What does "amongst" mean here?

    1. to ask for someone’s work and how I might go about asking them because it helps with understanding things more thoroughly especially in research projects.

      Hmm... I suggest trusting yourself. I bet you already ask questions of what you read, you just don't write down those questions yet. I'd like to see you do that.

    2. Everyone has their own interpretation of things

      What does this imply about the notion of "objectivity"?

    3. understood the primary text a lot better after doing so.

      Awesome. My guess is, though, that you didn't "blank" with Haltman, you just didn't write down what you were thinking. Maybe you thought it irrelevant or incorrect?

    1. Culture and History

      Love the integration of images. Good. The next step for you is to 1) give attribution to these images. Whose are they? where do they come from? and 2) how do they affect your post?

    2. “Stand By Me (1961)”

      Great presence of multimodality! Now I'm wondering how this sonic information affects the content of this post?

    3. Hartman’s provides an analysis that each time we classify an object we interpret the significance of the object by embracing the four procedures such as intellectual, physical, emotional, and cultural

      What the thesis of the introduction? The answer to this question will be slightly different from a one-sentence summary of what can be found in the text. What is the main idea?

  2. Jan 2018
    1. hopsticks: Their Origin and Signific

      Can you provide a link to this source? Would you want to or not? Why?

    2. For instance, the object that represents my traditional Chinese Culture is an object widely used to eat which is a white pair of chopsticks

      Great example here!!!! This would make a really interesting extra post in which you analyze a set of chop sticks via the Prownian analysis format.

    3. Then,

      I caution you against such a rigid characterization of the process. It's not as laboratory-step like as you make it seem here... Know what I mean?

    4. e better one sees, the subtler the connections one finds oneself able to make.

      Nice quotation. What page?

    5. On the contrary, this creates a conflict because Haltman’s mentions that sometimes we require a lot of time and patience on the researching and observing the object that it takes a long period to time to discover the importance and meaning.

      Hmmm... The conflict is between what and what?

    6. This explains that it is crucial to ponder a physical and a psychological connection that we have in common with the object.

      I think I know what you mean here... You're talking about identifying the connections you're making personally with the object. Right? Good.

    7. On the other hand, from my point of view will it provide the capability to explain and connect with the object why is it important to us without providing a negative opinion or a biased response on the audience

      Interesting. Is there any such thing, really, as "objective" and "unbiased"? Aren't the realms of emotion and culture, if not the others, too, realms of the subjective?

    8. For example: how it affects our daily lives, the polarities (smooth, hot/cold, light /dark, straight/ Curve…Etc.)  and surroundings that the object is in, life and death, and fear.

      This is an example of what exactly?

    9. detailed accurate methods

      "accurate"? How do you know?

    10. As a result, he provided the reader a snippet of how to identify these objects and values from the reading and the models.

      What do you mean in this sentence?

    11. This metho

      Be careful of "This"... To what are you referring here? There's another this in the sentence too...

    12. In h

      Where did you get this image? And I wonder why you chose it. What does it contribute to the post?

    13. that

      What object are you talking about? Think about an audience who just happens upon this webpage. You'll need to introduce what the writing is about before you dive in.

    1. Through Prownian analysis, one can see that the cathode ray tube was an important object in American culture, though it has kind of been replaced, though it is getting harder to truly get rid of it due to what it contains. 

      How do you come to this conclusion? And what do you mean by "important"? Important in what way? Does the Haltman text help you answer this question?

    1. fictional character

      Who created Andy? Who was the artist?

    2. research I learned he appeared as a comic character in the Andy and Joanie in January 1976 in Library Law, and is the only fictional character with a panel on the AIDs quilt. When Andy confessed he was gay to Joanie he fell off the comic strip for a few years but reappeared in 1982 as an organizer for the Bay Area Gray Alliance and contributed to congressional re-election of Lacey Davenport.

      Where does this information come from?

    1. In Conclusion,

      Interesting phrase here. Are you composing an essay? or a blog page? What's the difference? Do you need this phrase? Why or why not?

    2. unbiased so your audience doesn’t feel you have a biased critical assumption of what you interpreted.

      But is this possible ? What is bias?

    3. irst, you must identify one of the many object in a world of objects then research and analyze your interpretation and then you connect your conclusions in a descriptive creative approach via text format

      Yes! Isn't this interesting??? Language interprets everything. Do you think all experience is subjective then? Can experience be "objective"? If we can only know a thing, or communicate a thing via language?

    1. The lack of any obvious artistic or design elements to the grooves, the researchers write, can be taken as evidence that the object was periodically and precisely scraped to obtain red ochre. The pointy bit, they suggest, “might indicate the elongate shaped piece was used as a drawing and colouring tool, perhaps in a similar way to a contemporary pencil or crayon”.

      I wonder what "metaphysical aspects of culture" this object might represent? Perhaps straight lines are gestures towards the "metaphysical," and the stone is the art, not the "tool." Is imagining the object as a "crayon" imposing a contemporary imagination unreasonably upon an ancient object?

    2. Ancient crayon lets archaeologists draw conclusions

      "let's"? That's an interesting verb. Personifies the object. What does "draw conclusions" mean here? Don't all artifacts/things lend to "drawing conclusions"? Strange title.

    1. Especially that I am encourage to spend the whole semester observing and thinking about which block I would want to use and how I would want to analyze it.

      I ask that you choose one for Unit 1. You can choose a different one for Unit 2 (and if you really want a variety... you can choose a different one for the final project)...

    2. These blocks are on the subject of aids which in American culture is deeply rooted and into many hearts and minds.

      Are they? Or are they on the subject of the people (who happened to die of HIV/AIDS)? Is this an important distinction?

    3. to a reader.

      Who is your reader, do you think? Or what readership do you imagine?

    4. I must insight and research all the boundaries to what object could mean before I jump into analyzing it.

      So this affects "what" you will research, right? Who might read the block in what way? Audience matters. Finding out about an audience matters. That becomes a key direction for your research.

    5. Just because a block means one thing to me doesn’t mean it will mean the same to my fellow classmates or the person that created the block

      YES!!!!! Excellent.

    6. I rushed into the work before I could let it age and as a result the wine of my paper didn’t taste as sweet as it could have been

      "sweet".... Or perhaps "complex".... Good!

    7. Letting emotions, context, research guide me through my ideas would have allowed me to further my augments and points to make my writing more significant.

      Yes! It all matters! When a theory or perspective, like Haltman's, expands what counts as worthy of putting down on the page, it is very helpful for your writing/research practice. Great!

    1. In fact I had a very challenging time finding differences

      I don't believe this is entirely true. The Haltman text mentions nothing about 3D printing, right?

    2. Sadowski states that because of this material culture 3D printing wouldn’t stay at a grassroots level but that corporations would start using them.

      This paragraph summarizes and compares the texts. What you want to do is focus on the Sadowski text and what it means in light of Haltman's ideas. This is a slightly different enterprise.

    3. just an online article l

      "just"? What does this word imply about the value of these texts to you? Do you think that matters?

    1. Connecting this with the Haltman text showed me that these 3D printed objects will have no material culture when first printed new.

      This paragraph is interesting. What is it doing? Is it summarizing the text? Presenting your opinion? Expressing your understanding?

      It's hard to imagine that a gun, 3D printed or factory "printed," could have "no material culture" value. What does "material culture" mean? And what is the implication of that meaning for a 3D printed object?

    2. another

      Another object? or another 3D print of an object?

    1. This is why when comparing this paper to another reading about 3D printing it was easy to see why an object from a printer wouldnt be authentic enough for the average material culture.

      What about the 3D printing would be "inauthentic"? To whom? Under what circumstances? How does Haltman help you answer this question?

    1. thinking, physical appearance(texture), feelings (love / hate) , and the environment

      Are "thinking" and "environment" and "feelings" senses?

    2. between the perceiver

      between the perceiver and...?

    3. Interpretation of objects that have historical meaning to both students and scholars.

      What does this mean? (reword into a complete sentence)

    4. Drauling- Don’t have a definition via dictionary .com and Google ?

      Try the Oxford English Dictionary via the library website

    5. Ocularly- eye

      What does this mean? (answer in a complete sentence)

    1. #gsu1102s18

      Remember to use this hashtag

    2. Reading Response | 50-250 points each (2)

      Wow, this doesn't seem like very man points.

  3. Nov 2017
    1. he collaboration with the schools and children account for the issue of obesity in children to persists

      What do you mean here?

    2. It gave children a chance to look at food in a healthy way without them knowing that it would change their bad eating habits, drastically.

      "gave"? when? How can an image "change eating habits drastically"? If it could, would we still have a problem?

    3. Dealing with the food pyramid, children would have to be the most affected by the term because of its simplicity and benefits.

      This isn't really believable. But it depends, I guess, on who sees the pyramid? Where can it be found? Who reads it? Kids don't buy food. And most American kids don't prepare food. So...?

    4. The American pyramid had modification such as: separating dairy from fruit, fruit from vegetables, and so on.

      Why? Let's talk about the colon use here. What is it doing to your sentence, it's meaning?

    5. In other words, the pyramid is not for the actual health benefit of others but created because it is another regulation that has to be addressed to the public for some sort of reassurance of gaining a lot of weight.

      What do you mean by this? What is a "reassurance of ganing a lot of weight"? what does that mean?

    6. The food pyramid is defined as the determination of youth meeting the requirements and recommendations for food consumption and the patterns of the food the youth consumes.

      I'm wondering what you mean... Do you mean that the designers of the food pyramid determine what the pyramid consists of based on....? Do you see the difference?

    1. Etymology Draft- Primary Research

      Some of these are secondary sources... How about changing subtitle to just "research"?

    2. Title IX guidance. The power is a result of people who did not want to see the guidance get changed including college students, professors, politicians, and many more!

      How does Title IX affect "due process"?

    3. It influences the way we think and define “due process” in different areas, like how government has a definition but college campuses has a separate definition but “fits” under the definition from government. Social: Change the way we view aspects of life, others, and actions. Political: Influence the way our government is ran and seen by the public.

      Fully develop your thinking here...

    4. Title IX gui

      So is Title IX directly addressing issues of "due process"?

    5. Evidence of this is supported on many schools websites, like Georgia State University.

      Interesting... Are you saying that different institutions have different notions of "due Process" based on their laws and rules?

    6. Although “due process” means treatment of people equally on school campuses it has several potential meanings:

      "due process" means "equal treatment" ? How do you figure?

  4. Oct 2017
    1. It is somewhat costly to taxpayers to house just the minimum quotas at an annual $2 billion. There would be possible savings of $1.44 billion.

      According to whom?

    2. When the government eludes its responsibilities blatantly, the issue falls on deaf ears

      What 'issue' are you talking about here? The government eluding responsibility?

    3. President Trump has ushered the White House priority to deport millions of illegal immigrants.

      What does 'ushered' mean here?

    4. ICE is not being held responsible nor is it accepting the responsibility of the detained.

      Who says this? On what evidence?

    5. A Documenting the lack of oversight and a heap of other issues within each facility, ICE operates questionable services that set a broken precedent. 

      What does this mean?

    6. Statistically, the private detention centers are shown to not save the government any money

      By naming your source in-text, you gain credibility. How many of your readers will actually go to your source page or read your sources? Some, perhaps, if they're interested in teh research themselves. Most will not. So you gain credibility in the paragraph itself if you name your source... "According to the XXXXX, private detention centers....."

    7. The unit of a family is at stake

      The family unit? (That's the idiom)

    8. The findings get more in-depth with violations of code and security of other prisoners that would call for an immediate review.

      This is so much clearer in its articulation! More focused!

    1. LifeNews.com:

      This source is fine to use in terms of culling a point of view, getting to know it. It IS NOT a sound source for information. LifeNews is not an academic source purposed to seek accurate information. Do not believe it. In fact without scholarly sources, you're missing some important voices in the debate.

    2. that was over a hundred years ago and the agenda and personnel have changes seen then.


    3. Politicians had an agenda for years to ban abortion and now that Planned Parenthood has been exposed on fetal selling, this gives them the leverage to push forward with defunding the organization and redirecting it to health care facility that do not provide abortions.
    4. They argue that even today Planned Parenthood supports the sterilization of blacks, Jews and other minorities

      But do they have any basis for claiming this?

    5. Furthermore, anti-supporters went back in history claiming the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger mission was to eliminate minorities

      Sources for this?

    6. Anti-supports

      What does this mean?

    7. it has been uncovered that most of their income is from abortion proceeds.

      By whom? I don't believe this is true. What sources support this?

    8. Just imagine

      Remember, this is not an argument. Stick to reporting the facts and the differing points of view...

    9. facilities

      Cite sources

    10. public health care

      On what do they base their claims?

    11. his debate.

      What about patients? Community members?

    12. In my opinion, Planned Parenthood is walking a thin line and may lose funding by doing so

      So... This paragraph has lost focus. Is this a paragraph communicating your opinion? Or is it describing different sides to an issue? And what is the issue again? Selling baby parts?

    13. Planned Parenthood denies the allegations and that this is for fetal tissue research which is legal

      There are two very different thoughts smashed into one sentence here; creating two sentences will bring clarity.

    14. The major controversy that surrounds Planned Parenthood is alleged claims of selling baby parts

      Hasn't this been resolved? It's an important story, but without giving it some dedicated space and attention to details, this writing ends up promoting a debunked myth.

    15. ple personally;

      Really? More on this!

    16. Regina Rogoff stated, “When the funding cuts went into place [in 2013], my clinic was already maxed out — we w

      Without citing the source in-text, this reads as if you have conducted interviews. Have you? Or is this information from secondary sources?

    17. s,”.

      What does this comma mean here?

    18. stated

      What happens when you use the present tense?

    19. People

      All people?

    20. Planned Parenthood has been under scrutiny for years

      By whom? Since when? Without details, these kinds of sentences really bear no weight. They don' t mean much.

    21. Overall, Planned Parenthood is primarily about contraception and reproductive health, so why there are so many Americans upset with an organization that has dedicated its services and time providing health services? Why is Planned Parenthood so controversial? What makes it so terrible?

      Really nice questions here. They work well to focus discussion.

    22. numbers in cases such as these could drop by the years through education, prevention and health screening

      They "could"? There has been much research done on planned parenthood. What does the research show in terms of its effect on these numbers?

    23. Although these services are very beneficial, I believe what’s most important is the educational programs and outreach to teens and young adults.

      Are you making an argument here? If so, why?

    24. the birth control center in 1916

      So, instead of repeating in each sentence the date of Planned Parenthood's beginning, try giving us some detailed history of the institution. Go into detail.

    25. that ranged

      It's over?

    26. Her idea

      What is her idea? Are you saying that Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood?

    27. and caring for women has lasted

      This makes it seem like Planned Parenthood is over.

    1. I began to find myself making more notes in the margins, asking more questions


    2. Better” is another vague term that usually has a strong meaning in our language

      yes... like 'good'... depends on the audience

    3. Of all these examples, what is the best proof and evidence?

      Depends on the audience, right? Is there such a thing as "an" academic audience?

    4. it almost seems obvious that we should be thorough but always respectful and professional.

      And how often is being thorough itself perceived as a form of disrespect???

    1. is a foolproof way

      Maybe the nature of its relativity ('goodness') makes it useful for rhetors.

    2. Still, I don’t feel that this implied statement of individual differences justifies the list.

      So are you judging him? Why? What good does it do?

    3. seemingly pleasant and socially acceptable ways of acting is not the same as defining good character

      ah, so "pleasant" does not = "good"... okay

    4. he list appears very calculating

      Is everyone's, depending on their particular p.o.v.?

    5. I am left with desiring him to relate his definitions back to an authoritative figure of sorts (even if that authoritative figure is himself).

      fascinating.... what does this suggest about audiences?

    6. what determines “good” for him

      Is it important to know this? Under what circumstances?

    7. I disagree with this approach to identifying and defining “good character.”

      What is the advantage, as a rhetor, to using scare quotes when it comes to issues of morality?

    8. unclear to me from where Pullman’s morality

      Must we conflate the author's morality with "good" here? What if "good" is meant to be relative?

    1. In this series of posts that construct this Rhetorical Analysis,

      so I am really your audience?

    2. r, Rihanna is trying to say to us

      No sense yet here, Alaiya, that you are writing to persuade a specific group.

    3. that is voiced is what is the message..

      that's not what happens when I discuss music with my friends...

    1. Citations:

      Would you use citations in a letter to parents?

    2. More specifically,

      Do you need this phrase?

    3. eorge Pullma

      Does your audience know this person?

    4. ruining the child’s creativity and imagination

      The image ruins creativity?

    5. widely known character

      But she's widely known outside of storybooks. Reading isn't necessary to know Cinderella, right? I'm not following you...

    6. The image falsely suggests that there is a lack of literacy in children

      So you're arguing against the cause itself? Or the advertisement?

    7. is an unnecessary call to action

      you're arguing literacy is not a problem?

    1. If Trump as a Christ-like figure doesn’t cross your core values, okay-no worries. But something else inevitably will.

      What about bringing back the original image (Jesus not DT) here...?

    1. But what is a personal opinion worth if it unknowingly betrays your values?

      This is the heart of your argument. I wonder if at this point it's important to bring back the meme. We've forgotten it. It's buried in subsequent posts and discussions.

    1. developing a more thoughtful opinion grow exponentially.

      Are you saying I'm not thoughtful????

    2. ed in seeing

      Interesting to leave this vague: we don't know what "side" this will fall on.

    3. oited it as marketing.

      Yes... Interesting!

    4. From a business interest: Disapproving– Are you worried the stocks will fall because of this move? Maybe you own a Starbucks in a strongly conservative, Christian area and are worried for your location specifically. Approving– Or have you checked out the customer base for Starbucks and feel confident this will increase business based on demographics? Are they widening their costumer base with this tactic, increasing their revenue= successful capitalism in practice

      This is one of your strongest moments since opening !

    1. iety that SNL possesses,

      If this had been an opportunity to criticize SNL, you might have made yourself likeable to your audience?

    2. Think about Alec Baldwin’s portrayal as Trump on SNL- a joke, right?

      How is your audience likely to react to this image? Does it identify you as an enemy?

    1. publicly shown immoral, unethical, and sinful behavior

      IF you call it this... using labeling as a technique...are you likely to lose your audience? is this something better demonstrated?

    1. My primary reason for addressing the history is to convey the severity and intensive nature of “peaceful” protests. As well as, the need for civil rights issues to maintain a sense of credibility in aid to achieving political action and reform.

      How might this work to persuade your audience?

    2. Marguerite Helmers “The Elements of Critical Viewing” as a reference for the analysis of both images.

      If Pepsi marketing team is your audience, why would you use this text to analyze the images?

    3. My project is a presentation directed to the marketing team at Pepsi.

      You shouldn't have to say this directly; it should be clear in the design choices you make. So far, you're writing to me, your teacher, not to Pepsi.

    1. If by “necessary” he meant that the Bible was sufficient to train a pastor for ministry, I agr

      'necessary' and 'sufficient' are very different

    1. ues for alternatives t

      quality sources here. And nice variety... work on more scholarly sources to make 10

    2. The report provides primary evidence of abuse from mental to physical where food rations were inadequate and so were health services within the prison.

      Even though this is a compelling research project, the publication, and its reputation for a particular agenda, keep this in the realm of news source, not scholarly

    3. Azadeh Shahshahani, well acknowledged legal and advocacy director at Project South and Shoba S., director of Center for Immigrants’ Rights Clinic,  use systematic research review as they jointly review inmates’ unfair treatment such as “rampant use of solitary,” “prolonged periods lacking proper medical care.” (p. 1) These two representing prestigious non-government organizations have called for the shutdown of the two most significant detention centers in Georgia referencing the violations in a more substantial report also being used an annotated source at a time rampant detentions are being held during inhumane conditions.

      Shahshahani and Wadhia, immigration lawyers and activists, call for the shutdown of the two most significant immigration detention centers in Georgia. Their evidence includes inmate interviews, XXXX, and XXXX. Their purpose is to XXXX, Their intended audience focuses on federal government officials; The Hill is a news source geared specifically to DC politicians. **See how this changes meaning and purpose, focuses it?

    4. criminal justice system

      Beautifully written; clear and detailed

    5. sources


    6. .”.

      one period, on the inside

    7. the

      which ones? Do you need 'the'?

    8. its


    9. The

      This one?

    1. The evidence points to identifying mass incarceration as a useful institutional racism tool that continues to be a taboo topic.

      this speaks to the issue not the term... Is the term powerful?

    2. mphasize those feats within history were conducted within the American institutions that are de-jure and de-facto. “Primarily, it re

      what is the quotation talking about?

    3. current definition and context of the term do not come from one text

      what is the current definition? current context?

    4. why this quotation mark?

    5. The indirect context of the two aligns with the current contextual definition (Roeder ).

      This writing doesn't make sense yet. What are you saying? (notice "you" and not "your sources")

    6. p. 524

      what source? introduce it first

    7. It is defined has been coined to be used by historians and sociologists, but the earliest evidence noted in American institutions of government are during the 1938 winter meeting of the National Probation Association discussing a study conducted from arrest to trial and sentencing highlighting the difficulties of rehabilitation faced by thousands

      What does this mean?

    1. University of Florida, attempts to discover the link between market competition levels and generic drug prices in a retrospective cohort study from 2008 to 2013. The article uses the data it found presented in graphs and charts as well as indexes that track competition in individual drug companies. The purpose of this article was to determine the bond between market competition levels and generic drug prices in the United States. The intended audience is economic scholars with understanding of economic theory and concepts. The article would be useful for anyone trying to prove that drug prices could be most effectively subdued by adequate competition.

      these last 4 all need rethinking: thesis? kinds of evidence?

    2. an author at Bloomberg Businessweek, attempts to decode the math behind the pricing of certain drugs while evaluating the role of “pharmacy benefit managers” or PCBs when it comes to determining this math.

      thesis? kinds of evidence?

    3. Those interested in finding out how other countries deal with their drug prices would find this article useful due to its intelligent and informative observations.

      what does he want them to do?

    4. ompares the pricing of generic drugs in different European countries to analyze their effect

      what's his point?

    5. a professor

      of what?

    6. the average person who is uninformed on the subject.

      "the average person" does not read Forbes

    7. reports on the impact of the recent epipen price hike on those without allergies

      okay but what is the conclusion?

    8. The author lists drugs that have recently had their patents expire and goes over the dangers of trying to alter biological drugs by citing many scientific journals.

      what other kinds of evidence?

    9. policy makers trying to combat current ris

      who reads the journal? more specific?

    10. The article provides the economic reasoning as to why drug prices are increasing and provides insight into the pharmaceutical market

      no evidence? just reasoning?

    11. Annotated Bibliographies THE RISING PRICE OF DRUGS This annotated bibliography lists 10 sources I used to evaluate the current problems with drug pricing in America. Many of them take an economic lens to justify or observe decisions made at drug companies. The majority of these sources come from medical and economic journals that provide an abundance of data I use for my points. The others are from business news sites such as Forbes or Bloomberg. These articles focus more on the individual companies and current FDA regulations.   Sheppard, Joanna. The Prescription for Rising Drug Prices: Competition or Price Controls? Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine,

      missing info. Avoid just using the citation machine via gsu databases... usually incomplete

    12. These articles focus more on the individual companies and current FDA regulations.

      Have the sources been particularly useful? How?

    13. Many of them take an economic lens to justify or observe decisions made at drug companies

      Why focus on this aspect?

    1. Despite counter arguments with implications that are somehow internalizing or embracing bigotry and the negative connotations of Nigga, it is vital that we understand the embodiment of modern Hip-Hop culture/Urban Black culture and its constant usage of the N-word is not this. Black Americans have established a culture for themselves that takes ownership of what was meant to dehumanize and desist any social progression, turned it into medium for artistic expression and redefined the term nigga as a person who is affected by oppression but does not succumb. Despite the amount of outrage and calls for a desist of the word, it will forever live through the freedom of expression in the urban Black arts. 

      This work needs much more explication about when the shift happened and in what communities. What Rap songs first brought "nigga" to the conversation? We need details...

    2. controlling Black people through physical force, but controlling their identity as well.

      Who did the controlling? What time frames? WHere?

    3.   In accordance with the rise of Rap in pop culture, the historical contextual use  of the word has sparked controversy in the overtly diverse U.S. about whether the use of the  word nigga by non-Black American persons is considered inappropriate regardless of context. In their scholarly journal Epithet or Endearment?: Examining Reactions among Those of the African Diaspora to an Ethnic Epithet, authors Carol M. Motley and Kellina M. Craig-Henderson asserts within page 948 that  “Understanding the language used by a people facilitates understanding that people.”  When understanding the language of a people, particularly Black Ameri

      Why is all of this text in italics? Is it someone else's work?

    4. endearment

      Seriously? I think you need to specify the "many" right?

    1. the author’s purpose for writing this text is to assert like many other authors that there are multiple reasons for determining if the usage of the N-word which could possibly serve as informational text to non-black persons

      consider the publication source

    2. This is useful in assisting me with further knowledge of the topic because I finally have a source from a person of color perspective.

      and a scholar, right?

    3. Author Carol M. Motley is Black female Associate Professor Marketing  for the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the other author Dr. Kellina M. Craig-Henderson is a former Professor of Psychology who currently serves as “..Deputy Assistant Director for the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Directorate of the National Science Foundation..” according to the National Science Foundation. According to Journal of Black Studies page 948, “..the meaning or offensiveness of ethnic epithet is likely to vary according to cultural context in which it is used.”.

      confusing.... clarify?

    4. This source could be used to my advantage when introducing counter arguments in opposition to the definitive claim of “free speech” when using the N-word.


    5.     Dr. Keith Allan is white male author and linguist from London,U.K. Allan has accumulated degrees that further prove he is knowledgeable in the study of language. He has also earned his title as Emeritus Professor at Monash University in Victoria, Australia. Professor Allan’s thesis agrees with the standpoint that the N word can be used as a racial slur, but he too stands form in in his belief that applied connotations along with the identity of the person using the word contributes to both how the word perceived and how it

      I think it's right on to identify the author's race and gender. But I wonder what happens when you use the 5-sentence format... please try it.

    6. In my opinion, the intended audience are people who believe that the N word should not be said regardless of who uses it and those who feel as if the word is demeaning when said by non-Black persons regardless of  context.

      Who reads this particular source and for what reason?

    7. My goal for this project is to offer an alternative ideology as opposed to the cliche white or black approach and to express that interpretations of the N-word, emotions caused by the N-word and the use of the N-word areallshaped by a sociocultural experience

      excellent statement of purpose here... how do the following sources factor into this?

    1. It is important that we understand the context of this particular situation in relation to time period.


    2. Within my previous post

      Could you link this phrase to the actual post?

    1. How can the interactions with the black woman be placed in today’s society in the same context as if it were the times of slavery?

      Do you mean... What can we learn by considering this comparison? Or do you mean something else?

    2. Present day, the exact opposite of what author Davis describes the Black Woman as is pushed through mainstream society and accepted as truth through the Black community.

      What do you mean by this?

    1. “Annotated Bibliographies

      An introduction would answer these questions:

      What do the sources on this page reflect? Have you found them useful? To what extent? WHo might find them useful?

    2. le Religion and the rainbow struggle: Does religion 

      why this bold? copy/paste residue?

    1. Starting off by a couple groups of individuals within the state of Oregon and Connecticut where they have created an archives section within different universities dedicated to the LBGT community and Love Makes a Family.

      What does this mean?

    1. heinonline.org/HOL/LandingPage?handle=hein.journals%2Fchknt84&div=25&id=&page=

      These are not cited correctly. Where is the journal name and info? You have the database here, but that's all. Not enough.

    2. Pennsylvania Law Review

      Nicely academic source

    3. .” The Heritage Foundation

      What do you know about this foundation? What is its particular bias?

    1. The phrase is powerful due to the fact that every individual in the nation has the natural “right to life” and will push for what they think is right when deciding what to do.

      Again... this doesn't yet acknowledge the complexity of the issue. The phrase does not belong to every group equally.

    2. Women seem to be the most affected by the phrase “right to life” reason being that they get a lot of healthcare criticism and are perceived to be caregivers to all life that has been created.

      What does this mean?

    3. Politically, the phrase has been protested for decades in terms of legalizing the act of killing the unborn to be lawfully right and this has caused great debate to figure out if the act is actually unconstitutional.

      What does this mean?

    4. Religiously it is argued greatly pertaining to that all life should be born and being that the government passed a law to push the practice of abortion has caused great controversy for all religious preferences.

      What does this mean?

    5. Culturally the phrase “right to life” is being used for the righteousness of the individual and how they personally think the natural right should be exercised.

      What does this mean?

    6. it first emerged in public discourse on January 22, 1973 during the Roe vs Wade case in which the Supreme Court found it to be legality of a woman’s right to have an abortion under the Fourteenth amendment of the United States Constitution.

      Is the phrase a part of the case? who used it?

    7. “Right to Life” has been greatly used in the encouragement to push for and fund women’s healthcare as they have protested the wrong or right of abortion and the decisions that should be made by the individual.

      This isn't quite accurate. The 'pro-choice' movement never "encouraged" or used the phrase intentionally.

    8. John Locke’s political theory of government by the consensus of the governed in which to protect “life, liberty and estate” which intensely influenced the United States’ founding documents. Based from his essays on religious tolerance, he provided an early ideal for the separation of church and state. In the Two Treatises of Government, he argued the claim that individuals are free by nature and equal against entitlements that God had made all people naturally subject to a sovereign. The phrase also evolved for centuries in which many societal groups have used it to argue controversial issues such as abortion

      What does Locke have to do with the phrase "Right to Life"?

    9. John Locke who was an English philosopher and physician, who is historically one of the most influential thinkers of the Enlightenment era and was ordinarily known as the “Father of Liberalism”.

      This doesn't make sense yet.

    10. The right is hallowed in Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights stating that every human being has the natural right to life.

      Where are you getting this info?

    11. The phrase “right to life” is protected under Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

      The phrase or the right itself?