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  1. Aug 2023
    1. Die Extremwetter-Ereignisse dieses Jahres entsprechen den Vorhersagen der Klimawissenschaft. Der Guardian hat dazu zahlreichende Forschende befragt und viele Statements in einem multimedialen Artikel zusammengestellt. Alle Befragten stimmen darin überein, dass die Verbrennung fossiler Brennstoffe sofort beendet werden muss, um eine weitere Verschlimmerung zu stoppen. Festgestellt wird auch, dass die Verwundbarkeit vieler Communities bisher unterschätzt worden ist. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/aug/28/crazy-off-the-charts-records-has-humanity-finally-broken-the-climate

    1. "If mathematics is the science of analogy, the study of patterns, then category theory is the study of patterns of mathematical thought."

      original source?

    2. I think mathematicians do math in part because we think it's beautiful."
    3. "My teachers really gave me a glimpse of what math was like at the college level, the creative side of mathematics as opposed to the calculational side of mathematics.

      creative mathematics versus computational or calculational mathematics...

      we need more of the creative in early education

      partial quote from Emily Riehl

  2. Jul 2023
  3. Jun 2023
  4. Mar 2023
    1. ‘‘So long as so-called A.I. systems are being built and deployed by the big tech companies without democratically governed regulation, they are going to primarily reflect the values of Silicon Valley,’’ Emily Bender argues, ‘‘and any attempt to ‘teach’ them otherwise can be nothing more than ethics washing.’’

      ethics washing!

  5. Feb 2023
    1. Also, do you have any book recommendations for someone about to start college? 72 u/dcberman David Berman Jul 15 '19 edited Jul 15 '19 I'm with-holding. ​ ​ Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard Dog Soldiers by Robert Stone Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton Complete Emily Dickinson
  6. Jan 2023
    1. Emily J. LevineAby Warburg and Weimar Jewish Culture:Navigating Normative Narratives,Counternarratives, and Historical Context

      Levine, Emily J. “Aby Warburg and Weimar Jewish Culture: Navigating Normative Narratives, Counternarratives, and Historical Context.” In The German-Jewish Experience Revisited, edited by Steven E. Aschheim and Vivian Liska, 1st ed., 117–34. Perspectives on Jewish Texts and Contexts 3. De Gruyter, 2015. https://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctvbkjwr1.10.

  7. Dec 2022
  8. Nov 2021
    1. In May, a young reporter, Emily Wilder, was fired from her new job at the Associated Press in Arizona after a series of conservative publications and politicians publicized Facebook posts critical of Israel that she had written while in college. Like so many before her, she was not told precisely why she was fired, or which company rules her old posts had violated.
  9. May 2021
  10. Mar 2018
    1. The Disney fandom is creating a space for those affected by the AIDS epidemic to have a voice.

      This one is super interesting... What happens if you add this to the front of the sentence... "The quilt panels tell us that Disney fandom is creating a space..." ?

    1. seems

      "seems" doesn't work here. Why not do you think?

    2. It seems t

      Is this all one block? Perhaps noting where this image rests within the block will help maintain the connection.

    3. seem

      Now that you have the hang of putting the word "seems" to work, go back and think about what each instance means... Does it make sense to take out "seems" in some of these instances? If so why? If not why not?

    4. middle guy’s

      this is a colloquial, colorful way of putting it... If you're going for more objective sounding language

    5. The p

      which one?

    6. Disney’s version of the story of the Little Mermaid.  Ariel has a purple flower in her hair.  Ariel seems to be in mermaid form as she is still wearing seashell

      How might you arrange this text so that it more clearly "goes with" the image of Ariel and not the image below?

    7. were my focus for the visit.

      what visit? Keep in present tense will force you to focus on this page instead of your visit.

    8. As of June 2016, there are more than 49,000 panels in 5,956 blocks.

      "According to...." **Name your source within your text.

    1. yrics hold true throughout the whole world and can help bring people together with their love for the music he wrote.

      interesting.. but i wonder about the assumption made here... might the music impose culture as opposed to merely reflecting it?

    2. rs that might find this source useful are nonprofits who want to get more donations or volunteers with the help of those in fandoms.

      why do you say so?

    3. hology at Texas

      Do we need to know specifically where they work?

    4. here are many fan fictions that retell the stories of the movies and often use the songs that Howard Ashman wrote even when using a different version of the fairytale.

      What might this be evidence of exactly?

    5. ports teams.  Many people have a few teams that they pay attention to j

      nice connections made here.. how are film fans and sports fans similar? different?

    6. This information would be useful to someone who wanted to create a new social media platform and make it very popular quickly.

      who reads this source? why?

    7. k, Michael Mill


    8. ne of the events described in the book is San Diego Comic Con which is a

      Okay, but more useful, I think, would be specific discussion of fandoms more generally...

    9. This book was edited by Jonathon Gray a professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-

      What part of this book is useful to you? The intro? The essay re: Bush? Getting specific will help.

    1. Summary

      What do you think about your own thinking about these texts?

    2. found it hard not to be redundant, as many of the points can be used in multiple areas and are mostly tied together

      Yes... What about getting more specific? Or reiterating the question or concept using different words... Remember we did this at the beginning of the semester with our research question?

    3. the article is

      which one?

    4. As an engineering student, I would rather see how to improve technology based on how people interacted with it than try to find how they imparted culture onto the technology.
  11. Jan 2018
    1. Through Prownian analysis, one can see that the cathode ray tube was an important object in American culture, though it has kind of been replaced, though it is getting harder to truly get rid of it due to what it contains. 

      How do you come to this conclusion? And what do you mean by "important"? Important in what way? Does the Haltman text help you answer this question?

  12. Nov 2017
    1. The 1st: of these constitutes the proper functions of the professors

      Jefferson has very little to say about the costliness of university. I find this particular quip amusing for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Jefferson was not monetarily efficient in his lifetime. He amassed great wealth in his youth only to died in crippling debt and penniless, his family selling his property posthumously. This tiny, vague sentence is his concession that "money matters, I guess" while still maintaining that he will not be the one to deal with it. Ironically, perhaps because of his lack of specificity or inevitable modern forward movement, universities have become corporations focused on selling their expensive brand. This modern corporation monetary system is antithetical of Jefferson's vision to provide a place of intellectual growth and of his views on small, local government.

    2. The best mode of government for youth in large collections, is certainly a desideratum not yet attained with us. It may well be questioned whether fear, after a certain age, is the motive to which we should have ordinary recourse. The human character is susceptible of other incitements to correct conduct, more worthy of employ, and of better effect. Pride of character, laudable ambition, & moral dispositions are innate correctives of the indiscretions of that lively age; and when strengthened by habitual appeal & exercise, have a happier effect on future character, than the degrading motive of fear; hardening them to disgrace, to corporal punishments, and servile humiliations, cannot be the best process for producing erect character. The affectionate deportment between father & son offers, in truth, the best example for that of tutor & pupil; and the experience & practice of* other countries in this respect, may be worthy of enquiry & consideration with us. It will be then for the wisdom & discretion of the visitors to devise & perfect a proper system of government, which, if it be founded in reason & comity, will be more likely to nourish, in the minds of our youth, the combined spirit of order & self respect, so congenial with our political institutions, and so important to be woven into the American character.

      Within Jefferson's masterfully crafted syntax, we are able to see a passion for government and infatuation with honorable identity. There is a fervor within this particular passage as Jefferson begins a diatribe on ethicalness within people. I believe the comparison of #4 to the rest of his organization is illuminating to Jefferson's genuine devotion to create a better university and country for generations through mentoring. This is seen within his own past as he, along with other revolutionary American figures such as Henry Clay and John Marshall, were mentored by George Wythe, a Virginian layer.

    1. And, in general, to observe with intelligence & faithfulness all the social relations under which he shall be placed.

      I think this passage highlights everything we still learn today as students not just in the classroom, but outside of it. As students we not only learn from our professors, but from each other, and we do that through our social interactions and relations. In collaborating with other students wether it be in the lab, working on a group project, or just engaging in conversation with a group of friends, we are learning new ideas and skills, which is an important skill we must take with us into the real world that we'll enter after college. -Emily McClung

    2. It was the degree of centrality to the white population of the state which alone then constituted the important point of comparison between these places: and the board, after full enquiry & impartial & mature consideration, are of opinion that the central point of the white population of the state is nearer to the central college, than to either Lexington or Staunton by great & important differences, and all other circumstances of the place in general being favorable to it as a position for an University, they do report the central college in Albemarle to be a convenient & proper part of the State for the University of Virginia.

      I think that the fact that the founders of the University elected to put the University of Virginia in the county that had the biggest white population speaks volumes about the men who started our great University and the beliefs that the Founders had. This passage reveals that the Founders wanted a place with a big white population in order to attract rich plantation owner's sons, because those are the kinds of people they wanted attending their University. However now in 2017, that isn't the case, no longer does UVA just attract the rich, white people as the Founders wanted it too when they first started the institution. UVA now is home to a student body rich in diversity and culture and I think that speaks volumes about how far this institution has come. But I would also like to point out, there is still progress that this institution needs to make and steps that must be taken in order to truly make our school the most equal place it can be. -Emily McClung

  13. Sep 2017
    1. Medicine, when fully taught, is usually subdivided into several professorships, but this cannot well be without the accessory of an hospital, where the student can have the benefit of attending clinical lectures & of assisting at operations of surgery. With this accessory, the seat of our university is not yet prepared, either by its population, or by the numbers of poor, who would leave their own houses, and accept of the charities of an hospital.

      This passage foreshadows that eventually the University will further progress their medicine program but at this time and place do not have the resources to do so because they don't have a hospital in which students can study and gain clinical experience. I think it is very interesting in just 200 years since the beginning of the University how much the medicine program has flourished with the building of the UVA hospital, which is the number one hospital in the state of Virginia. Starting out, the medicine program only taught so many classes and now the medical program is thriving and attracts many different, diverse people from every walk of life. Now, I would like to focus on the second sentence specifically because I find it quite engaging and interesting that the authors of the Rockfish Gap Report thought that a hospital would attract numbers of poor because they would leave their own houses to accept the charities of a hospital. I feel many people, especially older generations, still have this belief that people in poverty take advantage of the charities of a hospital. I for one know that it happens at times because I've seen it happen before firsthand working and shadowing in an emergency room, but honestly it's not that people are taking advantage of the charities of a hospital as they state here, but instead a lot of people in poverty don't have good health, and don't have good healthcare insurance, so their only way to get good health care is by going to an emergency room at a hospital. I for one am a huge advocate for providing good health care for people in poverty because I believe a lot stems from having good healthcare. If you're healthy, you have chance to make your life better by looking for a job and making a living, but if your'e sick, like a lot of people in poverty are it's hard to do that, which is why so many people in poverty flock to places like emergency rooms when they are sick and not healthy. I think that the same thing would have happened had there been a hospital open in the community at the time the University opened. Poor people would have gone to the hospital and accepted the charities of it, but not because they were taking advantage, they would have gone because it's their only means of getting good healthcare. -Emily McClung

    2. This doctrine is the genuine fruit of the alliance between church and State,

      I think it is interesting how this sentence describes that the Rockfish Gap Report is "is the genuine fruit in the alliance between church and State" because explicitly in the report the writers state that they won't offer any divinity classes at the University as it is starting out, and I think that this sentence is a contradiction of that statement. The University was built with a library ( the Rotunda) at the heart of it because they wanted to dissociate away from religion, and put knowledge first. So why then, can the Rockfish Gap Report be the genuine fruit in the alliance between church and State, when the vision when opening this University was to put knowledge at the center, and not church and religion? Therefore, in theory if knowledge was supposed to be at the center, I'm interested as to why there is such a glaring contradictory sentence. I think this contradictory shows that the writers of the Rockfish Gap Report had varying beliefs and that came across in the report. To relate, this back to my course that I'm taking called making the Invisible Visible, I think this sentence makes "visible" the invisible varying beliefs of the writers of the Rockfish Gap Report. -Emily McClung

  14. Jul 2015
    1. Davis, Allison P. "Sheila Heti on Drinking Her Way to a Child's-Eye View" from Department of Corrections in The Cut July 16, 2015 annotation as a correction to existing online resources such as Wikipedia