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  1. Dec 2023
    1. between middle of March 2020 and the middle of April 2020. 00:44:53 uh four billion people about half the world's population locked down between the middle of March 2020 and middle of April 2020 the concept of social and physical distancing went viral and around the planet and changed 00:45:06 people's behavior all over the planet never has such a large fraction of the human species changed Its Behavior so fast and that was entirely because of the connectivity within the system
      • for: rapid behaviour change

      • example - rapid behaviour change: COVID lockdown

        • When government policy around the world converged rapidly due to the perception of an imminent threat, civilization responded rapidly
      • question: could we ever imagine the climate crisis or polycrisis having the same impact?

  2. Mar 2022
  3. Feb 2022
    1. Deepti Gurdasani. (2022, February 8). Exactly this 👇 We never talk about the huge benefits mitigations have had in reducing other respiratory illnesses... Which means deaths from other causes have reduced. Excess deaths are not a good indicator of COVID-19 deaths—Which we should be doing a lot more to prevent! [Tweet]. @dgurdasani1. https://twitter.com/dgurdasani1/status/1491123632349024256

  4. Oct 2021
    1. UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. (2021, October 12). The CBC Conference 2021 programme has just been released and is packed with thought-provoking talks, international keynote speakers, symposia, and plenty of networking opportunities and social exchanges for delegates. Register now! Http://tinyurl.com/5xwa7c27 #cbcconf2021 https://t.co/9iZqPjEEY6 [Tweet]. @UCLBehaveChange. https://twitter.com/UCLBehaveChange/status/1447860878511157252

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