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  1. Jun 2022
    1. The evidence is in: working from home is a failed experiment

      Nowhere in this article is any attention paid to how "hybrid work" would be implemented, the variable implementations that might be offered by different organizations, and the influence of corporate culture on the success of a hybrid work implementation.

    2. That’s because there’s this illusion of more independence, flexibility and control over one’s life which is probably why 70% of the workers who participated in the Microsoft survey, despite all their concerns, still desire some type of flexible work options in the future.

      The use of the word "illusion" is a bald assertion. None of the studies I've seen have examined "independence, flexibility and control" to see (a) what workers mean by these terms, and (b) how they measured those terms, and (c) whether there's any factual basis in calling it an "illusion".

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    1. The references were probably worth more than reading the article. I can't say that there is anything new here to take away - who would reference wikipedia or the encyclopedia britannica these days? - as there is plenty of literature on Stoicism. Pigliucci is a central figure in modern Stoicism, but his tweets are not very scholarly, to be honest.

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