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  1. Jan 2023
    1. we've just developed a way to measure that 100 times cheaper than it was before 00:02:44 and i'm going to bring this test to the public so that's people can test their biological at home or something or it should be a cheek swab that's what we're developing so you don't have to prick or take blood or anything you do a cheek sweat exactly and then you would ship it 00:02:57 in or something yeah you'll post it in and then you get hopefully just a week later or less here's your credit score for your body well that's cool and then even better here's how you how do you slow it down and reverse it based on 00:03:09 everything we know about you wow that's cool take you on that journey so do this eat this swallow this that is cool i got to take that test yeah well you can get on the wait list if you want 00:03:21 okay there's a website because we are uh taking names right now we may do some studies with early adopters too that's cool what's up where is it it's called tally t-a-l-l-y 00:03:33 tallyhealth.com and uh the reason i'm excited about it is it's very hard to focus on what works because we have no idea you exercise you hope that it's good yeah is it too much too little if i eat this does it help me we need a dashboard for our bodies and 00:03:46 that's what that's what these give you

      !- company to order DNA methylation test : Tallyhealth.com

    2. there's a new type of test that my colleagues and in my lab we've developed it's called the dna methylation test 00:02:20 it's also known as the horovath test named after my friend stephen horvath

      !- New health / aging metrics test : DNA Methylation / Horvath Test

  2. May 2022
  3. Nov 2018
  4. Sep 2018
  5. Jul 2018
    1. repeat expansion at IIL1 leads to increased accumulation of 24-nt siRNAs in a temperature-dependent manner that correlates with the iil phenotype. We show that DCL3 and other components of the RNA-dependent DNA methylation (RdDM) pathway are essential for this siRNA-directed epigenetic gene silencing
  6. Apr 2018
  7. Jan 2018
    1. A resource for the allele-specific analysis of DNA methylation at multiple genomically imprinted loci in mice
  8. Dec 2017
  9. Jul 2017
    1. global dye-bias equalization step to control for the different average intensities in the red and green channels. This procedure scales the background-corrected intensities, dividing by the average intensity of the positive control probes in the same channel, red or green, and multiplying by the average intensity of all positive controls in a reference array.