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  1. Jun 2023
    1. microcredentials need not be an alternative to college, but rather as a way to introduce or augment existing academic programs

      Degrees are NOT dead. This will very possibly increase the value of degrees.

  2. May 2023
  3. Jan 2023
    1. SixDegrees

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SixDegrees.com, http://sixdegrees.com/ which was promising but then went nowhere somehow? It's still around but it looks like only an empty shell. Weird how many 'popular' dotcom sites were bought and then shut down/torn down soon afterwards.

      Apparently not related to the current https://www.sixdegrees.org/, which adds a charitable twist to it and looks independently interesting.

  4. Oct 2022
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  9. Nov 2020
    1. We all know that real business logic does not belong in the presentation layer, but what about simple presentation-oriented things like coloring alternate rows in table or marking the selected option in a <select> dropdown? It seems equally wrong to ask the controller/business logic code to compute these down to simple booleans in order to reduce the logic in the presentation template. This route just lead to polluting the business layer code with presentation-oriented logic.
    2. Templates with logic versus "logic-less" templates is a hotly debated point among template language designer and users. Dust straddles the divide by adopting a "less logic" stance.
  10. Oct 2020
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  12. Aug 2019
    1. Research. As zero-textbook-cost degrees are implemented across the country, research could be conducted to analyze the impact of degree establishment on student access and success, as well as on faculty pedagogical practice. Metrics related to access and success might include credit loads, withdrawal rates, persistence rates, pass rates, and actual cost savings.

      Zero-textbook cost degrees is still a long way off as far as India goes. Our students are now extremely proficient in the use of the internet and open sources. However, compared to open access resources use of standardised textbooks in traditionnal classrooms is definitely better as teachers has a personal connect with the student. This is particularly necessary as students are becoming victims of PUBG and other such addctive games leading to either suicide or other behavioural problems. We do not need a plethora of zombie students in our schools and colleges!

  13. Feb 2017
    1. Conspiracy theorists have connected a lot of dots.

      Campbell: "The second difference I shall remark is, that moral evidence admits degrees, demonstration doth not" (913).

  14. Jan 2017
    1. IF you look at the stresses the shear stresses gets bigger to 45 degrees then gets smaller after 45 degrees. So why doesn't it follow the angle with seemingly the most stress. See Page: Why 30 degrees instead of 45 degrees Fracture Angle with sigma 1 Nature wants the minimum normal stress possible with the maximum shear stress possible and at 45 degrees we aren't in that sweet spot were the normal stress is as relatively small as possible and the shear spot is as relatively high as can been and this is at about 60 degrees this is why the faults will crack in the same orientation in nature.

  15. Jul 2016
  16. Apr 2015
    1. There are probably other characteristics or dimensions of educational media that might also be identified, but three key characteristics or dimensions are particularly important: broadcast vs communicative synchronous (live) vs asynchronous (recorded) single vs rich media
      • degrees of freedom, which people enjoy or lack depending on the technological solutions used for specific tasks (compare a computer game environment and online banking environment)

      see Evgeniy Morozov, To Save Everything Click Here, chapter 6.

  17. Sep 2013
    1. Comparison of "good" things. Of two "good" things, which is the better? This entails a consideration of degree -- the lore of "less or more."

      "good" by degree