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  1. Aug 2022
  2. Jul 2022
    1. the task of biology consists in expanding in two directions the results of cancer investigations by considering the part played by our body and especially by our sense organs 00:04:47 and central nervous system you can see the basic parameters of what we now call cognitive science are coming into being here and by studying the relation of other subjects to objects 00:04:59 it's the subject that kant wants to take seriously that notion is still very undefined and notice here the term animal other subjects so the 00:05:10 animal is a subject here he's trying to take a stance that is not that doesn't traffic in human exceptionalism that takes the embodied being seriously and for him that means something that's 00:05:23 straightforwardly an animal a dog a cat a scientist a limpet and he's going to consider them all with much the same theoretical vocabulary he's pitching in here in 1926

      Uexkull expands Kant's agenda and takes it in the direction of the body, and especially the animal body as playing a major role in knowing about the world. He downplays human exceptionalism by referring to the animal body, not the human body.

    2. you are probably somewhat unfamiliar with the term biosemiotics is not in widespread use um and but it represents a very very 00:00:17 important reference point when we come to theories of embodied cognition the founder of biosemiotics is typically held to be jacob von xcool 00:00:29 biosemiotics is a field within the broader domain of semiotics which considers the manner in which meaning arises through various forms of mediation such as signs indices indexes 00:00:42 symbols and the like

      Title: Introduction to Umwelt theory and Biosemiotics Author

  3. Jan 2021
    1. Die Arbeit von zwei US-Mikrobiologen könnte helfen, Antibiotika zu vermeiden. Denn sie haben entdeckt, wie Bakterien miteinander kommunizieren. Dafür erhalten sie den Paul-Ehrlich- und Ludwig-Darmstaedter-Preis.

      Hinweis auf Forschungen zur Kommunikation von Bakterien, heue 828.1.2021) auf der ersten Seite von tagesschau.de

  4. Jul 2018
    1. This will mean opening thought beyond its articulation in language towards “the movement of thought,” 4engaging it at the immanent limit where it is still fully in the act.

      Reminds me of recent work in biosemiotics.