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  1. Jan 2024
  2. Sep 2022
    1. https://mleddy.blogspot.com/2005/05/tools-for-serious-readers.html

      Interesting (now discontinued) reading list product from Levenger that in previous generations may have been covered by a commonplace book but was quickly replaced by digital social products (bookmark applications or things like Goodreads.com or LibraryThing.com).

      Presently I keep a lot of this sort of data digitally myself using either/both: Calibre or Zotero.

  3. Jul 2022
  4. May 2022
  5. Feb 2022
  6. Jan 2022
    1. [GUI Plugin] QuarantineAndScrub: A Calibre Add-on

      Con este plugin para Calibre podría por fin limpiar mi bibioteca.

  7. Dec 2021
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  9. Aug 2021
    1. Step 3: Set up reading storage and a reading environment.

      Calibre isn't a bad tool/application for doing this for a variety of document types and managing meta data

  10. Jul 2021
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  12. Jul 2018
    1. 理论上 Calibre-web 会自动新建一个数据库。如果不能新建或者报错,你需要在桌面版的 Calibre 里,在电脑上新建一个空白书库,然后把该目录下的 metadata.db 数据库文件,复制一份到 /books/calibre 目录下,这样应该不会出现问题