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  1. Jan 2023
    1. I hold it towards you.

      It is confusing what the author is offering towards the other person. They never mention an object that the other person can receive; however since this is the last line of the poem, it offers some type of significance as the author seems to be offering life to the other person.

  2. Mar 2022
  3. Jan 2022
    1. We've been having great conversations at [[agora discuss]] lately.

      I agree, it's been great! I'll try to get a [[matrix bot]] running soon to complement and interlink all that activity.

    1. you.

      The audience of the poem is the reader. This is not known until the last word, so it is interesting to reread the poem once more with this idea in mind. The author could have included 'you' earlier in the poem, but purposefully left this until the near end of the poem.

  4. Apr 2021
    1. where hereditary CRC syndromes have been excluded

      molecularly excluded?

      We see these patients and follow up had been one off at 50 but now they get 5 yearly until 50

      standard surveillance - scope every year for 3 years?

    2. We recommend that deficient MMR tumours without hypermethylation/BRAF mutation and without a germline pathogenic variant in MMR genes should undergo somatic tumour testing with a CRC gene panel

      Zosia's point to discuss

      Small number of cases. ? pickup rate

      ? funding source

      ? needed for amsterdam

    3. We recommend screening for H elicobacter pylori in patients with LS and subsequent eradication therapy if indicated. (GRADE of evidence: low; Strength of recommendation: strong)

      explore in audit ? engagement with the GP (subgroup? i.e. males?)

    4. We recommend that gastric, small bowel, or pancreatic surveillance in LS patients is only performed in the context of a clinical trial

      Should we be identifying these trials and offering recruitment locally? maybe others already do?

      now not done, previously had been done over 50.

      something for the audit - to exclude some individuals

    5. We recommend that age of onset of surveillance colonoscopy should be stratified according to the LS-associated gene. We recommend colonoscopy from age 25 years for MLH1 and MSH2 mutation carriers and 35 years for MSH6 and PMS2 mutation carriers

      as per lynch specific CGG guidelines

    6. We recommend that patients with a moderate familial CRC risk should have a one-off colonoscopy at age 55 years. (GRADE of evidence: moderate; Strength of recommendation: strong)

      No longer mod and high-mod just moderate.

  5. Feb 2021
  6. Jan 2021
    1. Now I can only smile.

      This makes me think of the narrator being bedridden in old age or sickness and her partner is no longer alive. Since flowers and hospitals also have a close tie like flowers and relationships, the author might be trying to convey how the narrator's relationship with her partner changed over time with old age but still kept the same in some aspects.

    1. But for the common wages Of their most secret heart

      I am not sure if the poet is saying that he values love over all because the labour not for any other reason but love.

  7. Oct 2020
  8. May 2020
    1. wahren Wer

      Hier vorsichtig sein. Bei dir gibt es diesen wahren Wert nicht. In deinem Methodik-Kapitel sollte auch der Bezug zu deinem Anwendungsfall klar werden. Du kannst zur Einführung der Methode einen anderen Anwendungsfall wählen, musst dann aber später klarstellen wie sich das auf die Hammerform übertragen lässt.

      Das gleiche gilt auch für die Unsicherheit mit der die Parameter behaftet sind und zieht sich auch durch den Rest vom Kapitel.

      Der Unterschied ist, dass die meiste Literatur von "echten" Werten ausgeht die aber nicht genau bekannt sind, während die Hammerform genau bekannt ist aber verändert werden kann.

    2. Dies f ̈uhrt wiederum zurVereinfachung des Modells, da als unwichtig identifizierte Parameter weniger Aufmerk-samkeit beigemessen werden mus

      Stimmt. In deinem Fall geht es aber nicht um die Vereinfachung eines Modells sondern des Hammerdesigns.

    3. Die Sensitivit ̈atsanalys

      Bei diesem Absatz ist unklar ob sich die Quellenangabe am Ende auf den ganzen Absatz oder nur auf den letzten Satz bezieht. Eine Möglichkeit das zu umgehen wäre es am Anfang z.B. zu schreiben:

      In diesem Unterkapitel werden die Grundlagen der Sensitivitätsanalyse, basierend auf den Erläuterungen in (Saltelli A., 2019), eingeführt. Sofern sich vereinzelt Aussagen auf andere Literatur stützt, ist dies durch eine zusätzliche Referenz gekennzeichnet.

    4. nu-merisch ausdr ̈ucken l ̈ass

      schwammige Formulierung - was meinst du damit?



    1. This leads to eigenmodes ofthe form


    2. Figure 12

      Eigenes Werk? Sieht gut aus.

    3. Love wave

      Let's discuss this one.

    4. angle


    5. Rayleigh waves are impossible in fluids

      They are possible at the surface of water (?) If you through a stone in water for example or another example here




  9. Sep 2019
    1. Lycidas is attending the marriage of the lamb:

      Now I wish I'd paid more attention in Sunday school. I'm not certain what the "marriage of the lamb" means.