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  1. Feb 2022
    1. The linear process promoted by most study guides, which insanelystarts with the decision on the hypothesis or the topic to write about,is a sure-fire way to let confirmation bias run rampant.

      Many study and writing guides suggest to start ones' writing or research work with a topic or hypothesis. This is a recipe for disaster to succumb to confirmation bias as one is more likely to search out for confirming evidence rather than counter arguments. Better to start with interesting topic and collect ideas from there which can be pitted against each other.

  2. May 2021
    1. The results indicate strong support for the first two hypotheses and qualified support for the third one

      confirmed the first two hypotheses

    2. Hypothesis 1: When the vote share of an ethno-liberal party in an election held at time t − 1 increases, then the radical right party’s vote share in elec-tions at t should also increase.Hypothesis 2: The inclusion of an ethno-liberal party in a governing coalition at time t − 1 increases the radical right party’s vote share in elec-tions at t.Hypothesis 3: The inclusion of an ideologically extreme ethno-liberal party in a coalition in election t − 1 increases the radical right party’s vote share in elections at t
  3. May 2020
  4. Mar 2019
    1. Constructivism

      Constructivism is my favorite learning theory. It states that in order to learn, learners must experience something, then reconcile that experience with their previous experiences. The learner will create and test hypotheses based on all experiences, and prove those hypotheses right or wrong based on future experiences. They will then use what they learned from those hypotheses to create new ones. I frequently use this in my instructional design. 6/10