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    1. n. Women countered some of the denigrating attitudes expressed toward them by males and asserted positive self-images. The local folklore, to which females as well as males contributed, stresses the importance of women, their indispensable role, and their ability to get their way.76
    2. The community did not harbor xenophobic prejudices against all immigrants. Indeed, some climbed to the highest social circle
    3. immigrants who settled in the city during the eighteenth century included a good number of Arab, Kurdish, and Turkman tribesmen whose language, dress, customs, and life-style set them apart from the urban population and from ur
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    1. Diaz, who was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to New Jersey at the age of six, went to Washington on Thursday with the Haitian American author Edwidge Danticat, there to urge the US government to take action to curb what they said was the persecution of large numbers of immigrants, mainly Haitians, in the Dominican Republic.

      Article about author Junot Diaz being called unpatriotic and "anti-Dominican" by the Dominican government for his protest.