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  1. Oct 2022
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    1. actors in the motion capture suits, referred to as zhongzhiren in Chinese and naka no hito in Japanese

      “Person in the Middle” name for virtual environment actors

      It refers to the person at the center of the technology fulfilling the physical aspects of the virtual world — the person in the motion capture suit.

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    1. Get the popular south asian classical music

      south asian classical music are a sort of South Asian music, the other being film, different groupings of pop, local society, extreme and aware music. In south asian classical music, the raga and the tala are two fundamental parts. The raga structures the outer layer of a melodic turn of events, and the tala keeps the time cycle. Both raga and tala are open structures for imagination and award an incredibly gigantic number of potential outcomes, regardless, the preparation of a few hundred ragas and talas as key. Raga is really identified with tala or course about "division of time", with every unit called a matra (beat, and term between beats).

      south asian classical music are the classical music of the Indian subcontinent. These customs were not explicit until about the fifteenth century. During the hour of Mughal rule of the Indian subcontinent, the customs disengaged and advanced into explicit developments. Hindustani music underlines extemporization and assessment of all bits of a raga, while Carnatic introductions will generally speaking be short blueprint based. Regardless, south asian classical music and two frameworks keep having more run of the mill highlights than contrasts.

      The foundations of sufiscore south asian classical music of India are found in the Vedic piece of Hinduism and the old Natyashastra, the laudable Sanskrit text on execution explanations by Bharata Muni.

      south asian classical music have two essential parts, raga and tala. The raga, considering a changed collection of swara (notes including microtones), structures the outer layer of an essentially bewildering melodic arrangement, while the tala evaluates the time cycle. The raga gives an expert a scope to assemble the song from sounds, while the tala gives them an innovative structure for musical extemporization utilizing time. In sufiscore south asian classical music the space between the notes is in many cases more tremendous than the genuine notes, and it all things considered avoids Western classical contemplations like congruity, separation, harmonies, or change.

      south asian classical music

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    1. Roy Perlis. (2021, May 21). Finally: We looked at rates of vaccination among depressed/non-depressed people. 13-point gap, but not because of resistance. Underappreciated opportunity to reach people who need more help accessing vaccines? @celinegounder @CDCDirector @ASlavitt @MDaware https://t.co/EHa80z1YCH [Tweet]. @royperlis. https://twitter.com/royperlis/status/1395744126813937666

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    1. The company has humble beginnings. Lim started off with little more than a fishing boat supplying diesel to other vessels. More comfortable speaking his native dialect of Hokkien than English or Mandarin, he was one of the first traders outside China to start doing business with the mainland, shipping fuel to southern Chinese provinces since the 1980s.Hin Leong grew in parallel with Asia’s recovery after the 1997-98 economic crisis. As Indonesia, Malaysia and others rebounded, so did demand for diesel and fuel oil, the staples in which Hin Leong traded. When China’s growth accelerated over the following decades, more ships stopped in Singapore to take on fuel, and Hin Leong became a giant of the industry, an empire with stakes in an oil terminal and tanks capable of holding millions of barrels of oil.Its domination of the market gave rise to the quip that anyone wanting to start a ship fuel business in Singapore had better get an “OK” from OK Lim’s company. His trading plays, often bullish, and more often than not targeting either fuel oil or diesel became the stuff of legend in the city. While others stumbled, Lim appeared to always persevere.
  13. Apr 2019
    1. the phrase alludes to influences by Confucianism[2](p10) – in particular, filial piety or loyalty towards the family, corporation, and nation; the forgoing of personal freedom for the sake of society's stability and prosperity; the pursuit of academic and technological excellence; and, a strong work ethic together with thrift

      I think these values might be useful in teaching in school. I wonder if many colleges and Western schools ever taught this to their children?

    2. Proponents of so-called "Asian values", who tend to support Asian-style authoritarian governments,[2](p13) claim these values are more appropriate for the region than Western democracy with its emphasis on individual freedoms.[3] "Asian values" were codified and promoted in the Bangkok Declaration of 1993, which re-emphasized the principles of sovereignty, self-determination, and non-interference in civil and political rights. They included: Preference for social harmony; Concern with socio-economic prosperity and the collective well-being of the community; Loyalty and respect towards figures of authority; Preference for collectivism and communitarianism.

      Now that I think about the times when people in the MTA Evergreen collaboration program are telling me that I am using male-dominated language, I found that this is the source of my values and yet I just find it sad that Evergreen students just never understand it at all.

  14. Jun 2018
    1. Asian American white-collar professionals are the least likely group to be promoted from individual contributor roles into management — less likely than any other race, including blacks and Hispanics. And our analysis found that white professionals are about twice as likely to be promoted into management as their Asian American counterparts.
    2. Asian Americans are well-represented in law — they’re more than 10% of the graduates of the top 30 law schools — yet “have the highest attrition rates and lowest ratio of partners to associates among all [racial] groups.” A similar finding with New York banks was reported in Bloomberg Businessweek last year. As one example, Goldman Sachs reported that 27% of its U.S. professional workforce was Asian American, but only 11% of its U.S. executives and senior managers, and none of its executive officers, were. The list of industries goes on. The Ascend Foundation, a pan-Asian organization that published our 2017 paper, was established by a group of pan-Asian accounting partners. They had found that while over 20% of the associates in many of the larger accounting firms were Asian American, very few were being promoted to the partner level. And this is not just a problem in private industry: While Asian Americans were 9.8% of the federal professional workforce in 2016, they are only 4.4% of the workforce at the highest federal level.
    1. Uống xong vài ly rượu chát, Tiến mới trầm giọng, tâm tình: “Ở bển (bên ấy) em là kỹ sư điện tử. Lương mỗi tháng ông chủ trả hơn 3.000 đô la. Em lấy vợ và ở nhà cổ (cô ấy) luôn nên tiền bạc đều do vợ nắm giữ. Không biết những người sống ở Mỹ về Việt Namhọ nói với các anh thế nào. Riêng em cùng đám bạn Việt Nam ở bển, kể cả đứa ở nhà vợ hay mướn nhà ở riêng cũng giống nhau vậy thôi. Chuyện hò hẹn bè bạn ở nhà hàng có lẽ là điều không tưởng. Ở bển, vợ quản lý chặt lắm. Đụng một tý là mấy bả (bà ấy) dọa gọi cảnh sát. Mà luật pháp ở bển lại bênh vực phụ nữ. Cứ như vậy, rượu vào lời ra. Minh Tiến không còn nhút nhát hay sợ sệt vợ con quá mức nữa. Bản chất Nam Bộ trong con người Tiến trỗi dậy. Mặt Tiến mỗi lúc thêm đỏ phừng phừng. Lần đầu tiên anh chàng cao giọng: “Các anh nói đúng. Đường đường mình cũng là kỹ sư chứ có phải lao công cho mẹ con nó đâu (ý Tiến muốn nói mẹ con Quỳnh Anh – TG) các anh cũng đều có vợ con, gia đình, song chẳng ai chịu cảnh lép vế như em cả. Lần này về bển, học tập các anh “lành làm gáo, vỡ làm muôi”, em không phải sợ ai hết…”. Trời! Minh Tiến cao giọng, nghe “đã” làm sao! Có lẽ từ ngày có vợ đến hôm nay, Tiến mới được tự do hùng hồn thế.
  15. Feb 2017
    1. Draft Biological Opinion for the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge AsianTapeworm Eradication

      Would that it was ever undertaken...alas, it was not.