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  1. Feb 2024
    1. An appanage, or apanage (/ˈæpənɪdʒ/; French: apanage [a.pa.naʒ]), is the grant of an estate, title, office or other thing of value to a younger child of a monarch, who would otherwise have no inheritance under the system of primogeniture (where only the eldest inherits)

      Granting resources or other properties under royal family and supporters

  2. Jul 2023
    1. The attack did nothing to dimRussell’s reputation; he returned home, acquired more fame, amodest income, a mistress, and later an Italian countess for a wife,won a knighthood and was invited initially into a social circle thatincluded the Prince of Wales, though he fell out with them aftercomplaining privately about the depravity of some of the circle’smembers.

      Even in William Howard Russell's day, the Prince of Wales kept some dodgy company.

  3. Oct 2020
    1. Do groups make wiser decisions than single individuals?

      Old od Havan in 10/2020, Brasil. Bolsonaro, Trump and others have been elected, so...I don't think grup have some type of wisdom.

  4. Apr 2019
    1. In all cases, the surviving monarchies of Southeast Asia have power and influence that potentially or in reality exceed that described in constitutional terms. This has come about chiefly because of the continuity of the archaic sacred and cultural symbolism of monarchy, which the monarchs themselves have cleverly perpetuated—as well as the patronage derived from their considerable wealth.

      This is another argument that led me to the skepticism of the argument that the constitutional monarchy is a dead governmental system and that the monarchy is nothing more than figureheads to the world when in reality, this is not the case with Southeast Asia. I find it fascinating that Japan does have an emperor that rules silently and he still is more authoritative than the UK monarchs.

  5. Aug 2018
    1. Who can in reason then or right assume Monarchie over such as live by right

      Milton was opposed to the monarchy and in fact went into hiding for a time because of his opposition. Given his opposition to monarchy, I would have thought that he might in some ways identify with Satan!

  6. Sep 2017
    1. This is the story of 16th century Europe, and the political earthquake that was protestantism. The overarching historical narrative unfolds around the lives of fictional characters who might have lived in this historic period.

      Follett's literary reenactment explores the intricacies of the Protestant Reformation through a cast of strategically diverse characters, whose stories span across multiple continents, nations, and cities. Each character is an important harbinger of larger historical trends. Within the masterfully established geo-political reality, each of their decisions serve to gradually reveal their distinct personalities and temperaments, belief systems and ideologies, and cultural identities.

  7. Oct 2013
    1. Monarchy, as the word implies, is the constitution in which one man has authority over all.
    2. The forms of government are four -- democracy, oligarchy, aristocracy, monarchy. The supreme right to judge and decide always rests, therefore, with either a part or the whole of one or other of these governing powers.

      Four forms of government. Judgement lies with government.