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  1. Jun 2022
  2. Dec 2019
    1. it is certainly more creditable to cultivate the earth for the sustenance of man, than to be the confidant, and sometimes the accomplice, of his vices; which is v1_117the profession of a lawyer

      (Deleted in 1831). Percy Shelley had suffered negative rulings by the English court system and Mary seems to share his moral judgment on the legal profession. This skepticism will soon be reinforced in the novel by the court's harsh treatment of Justine Moritz.

  3. Nov 2019
    1. The study examines uses of mobile technology, namely cloud computing and self assessment, to improve nursing instruction. The authors evaluate mlearning environments and the potential barriers to their success.


  4. Sep 2019
    1. Impact of staffing cap

      The impact of staffing caps has been highlighted by numerous commentators and almost certainly plays a significant role in putting pressure on the planning workforce.

    2. Staffing cap recommendation

      That government review NDIA data to determine if there are staffing issues limiting the number of planners relative to the demand for plans. If this is the case, we argue that government should relax staffing caps.

  5. Apr 2019
  6. Oct 2017
    1. ciety attached different degrees of respectability to these occupations. Prostitutes, entertainers, and servants fell into the category of lowly and denigrated professions. O
    2. mong other things, guild regulations set up different rates of taxation and quotas for the distribution of raw materials and jobs among members.5
  7. Sep 2013
    1. But now what shall we call him—what is the art in which he is skilled

      Concerned about labeling and defining skill sets