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  1. Aug 2022
  2. Jun 2022
    1. need for transformative changes in consumption patterns is particularly pertinent for wealthier nations and the rising global middle-class, given higher per capita levels of material consumption and aspirational effects on others. In contrast, for the most disadvantaged people in the world, material consumption must increase to meet multiple SDGs including eradicating poverty and hunger (McMichael et al., 2007); this may also help reduce unsustainably high rates of population growth in many regions if coupled with education and empowerment of women

      This already suggests a strategy. An education program that helps citizens to recognize the greater satisfaction from helping their fellow citizens can shift and reduce consumption patterns to be within planetary boundaries.

  3. Apr 2022
    1. Redistribution can easily become a bottleneck due to the bandwidthof cross-device links usually being magnitudes smaller than that of the on-device memory bus.

      redistribution arrays 可能会遇到什么问题?

    2. Modern large-scale deep learning workloads highlight the need for parallel execution across many devicesin order to fit model data into hardware accelerator memories. In these settings, array redistribution maybe required during a computation, but can also become a bottleneck if not done efficiently

      为什么需要 array redistribution?

  4. Aug 2020
  5. Jun 2020
  6. Sep 2015
    1. 上一届:已经结束任职年的那些人 应届毕业生:今年毕业的学生 届 jiè(屆) ①动 到(预定的时候)。 届时 | 届期 ②量 用于定期的会议或毕业生等,略相当于“次” “期”。 第一届 | 本届 | 历届 | 应届

    2. 曾(经)

    3. 结构


    4. 艰巨


    5. 应对

      faire face à (une situation connue)

    6. 重(视)

    7. 提速

      提(高)速(度)vs. 减速

    8. =也

    9. 卸任

      =离任/离职 finir son mandat

    10. 促(进)

    11. 转(变)

    12. 调(整)

    13. 路透


    14. 首当其冲

      首当其冲 shǒudāngqíchōng


    15. 十三五
    16. 寄望


    17. 分析:“十三五”中国寄望内需拉经济 收入分配改革首当其冲

      tutorat S1

  7. Dec 2014
    1. Creating a Workforce Housing Equity Fund: Tech companies taking advantage of tax breaks should pay into a Workforce Housing Equity Fund for building affordable housing as part of their Community Benefits Agreements.

      Now we're talking. Welcome the new wealth, tax the hell out of it, and re-invest that in equitable developments.

  8. Feb 2014
    1. There is no benevolent historical force, however, that will inexo- rably lead the technological-economic moment to develop towards an open, diverse, liberal equilibrium. If the transformation occurs, it will lead to substantial redistribution of power and money from the twen- tieth-century, industrial producers of information, culture, and com- munications—like Hollywood, the recording industry, and the tele- communications giants—to a widely diffuse population around the globe. None of the industrial giants of yore are going to take this re- distribution lying down. Technology will not overcome their resis- tance through some insurmountable progressive impulse. The reor- ganization of production, and the advances it can bring in democracy, autonomy, and social justice will emerge, if it emerges, only as a result of social and political action.