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  1. Sep 2023
    1. For example, productivity and satisfaction are correlated, and it is possible that satisfaction could serve as a leading indicator for productivity; a decline in satisfaction and engagement could signal upcoming burnout and reduced productivity.

      Certainly not necessarily true - the correlation is mostly heuristic. I can be highly productive but dissatisfied that the productive work doesn't have value.

    2. • Design and coding. Volume or count of design documents and specs, work items, pull requests, commits, and code reviews. • Continuous integration and deployment. Count of build, test, deployment/release, and infrastructure utilization. • Operational activity. Count or volume of incidents/issues and distribution based on their severities, on-call participation, and incident mitigation.

      Honestly, a well-oiled team with strong collaboration completely outweighs any measured outputs like this. I would never want my engineers faced with performance observability like this.

    3. The SPACE framework provides a way to logically and systematically think about productivity in a much bigger space and to carefully choose balanced metrics linked to goals—and how they may be limited if used alone or in the wrong context.

      Not sure I would classify this as logical but systematic makes sense - definitely trying to put heuristic dimensions on typically unquantifiable and varied human behaviors. Clearly, this is biased to process experts and program managerial personality types that like trying to frame things into organized buckets.

  2. Mar 2023
  3. Sep 2022
    1. Multidiscpl teams are different from heterogenous ones when it comes to learning. Dense networks useful for incremental steps, but hinder innovative steps (Vgl [[Lurking Weak Strong Ties 20040204063311]]) Provide team design principles.

      Full paper in Zotero

  4. Jan 2022
    1. Cómo añadir imágenes de fondo personalizadas en Microsoft Teams para Windows Solo hay que abrir el explorador de Windows y en la barra superior, introducir esta dirección: %AppData%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads En esa carpeta que se abre, no hay más que añadir todas las imágenes en formato JPG que quieras y listo. Si se escoge la opción de “Mostrar efectos de fondo” explicada en el punto anterior, ya aparecerá y se podrá utilizar. En principio y por pruebas que he hecho, acepta casi cualquier tamaño de fichero, pero conviene que no sea excesivo (de muchos megabytes). Esta configuración no se replica entre ordenadores, por lo que habría que hacerlo en cada uno de los que usemos.
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  7. Aug 2021
    1. The authors of Team Topologies suggest that we flip this law on its head. If we can make teams that map to the structure that we want our software system to be like, then we’ll succeed when Conway’s Law kicks in.
  8. May 2021
  9. Apr 2021
    1. Self-Managing over Self-Organizing


      Consider reading this article from Steven Denning and see how different states of a team contribute to performance. Self-managing is topped by Self-Organising, where teams organise their own context, including team members (self-selection).


      Scrum is built upon by the collective intelligence of the people using it. Rather than provide people with detailed instructions, the rules of Scrum guide their relationships and interactions.


    1. This new meeting control is ideal for teachers, and it should definitely help them penalize students who are consistently late for their online classes.

      This is really terrible framing for this issue. We should not be promoting a penal culture for education.

    1. With Stack Overflow for Teams being a flexible platform, we’ve seen customers use it for a wide variety of use cases: A platform to help onboard new employees A self-serve help center to reduce support tickets Collaboration and documentation to drive innersource initiatives Breaking down silos and driving org wide transformation like cloud migration efforts A direct customer support platform Enable people who are working towards a common goal, whether a startup or a side project, to develop a collective knowledge base
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  13. Nov 2019
    1. Although “group” and “team” are often used interchangeably, the process of interaction between the two is different. Beebe & Mottet (2010) suggest that we think of groups and teams as existing on a continuum. On one end, a small group consists of three to fifteen people who share a common purpose, feel a sense of belonging to the group, and exert influence on each other (Beebe & Masterson, 2009). On the other end, a team is a coordinated group of people organized to work together to achieve a specific, common goal (Beebe & Masterson, 2009).

      A team has members with specific roles to play--quarterback in football, software design engineer in a business setting, whereas groups don't necessarily have people with specialities.

  14. Mar 2019
    1. This is better than the problem-based learning page I already posted so I will post this one too. it is easy to read and gives the instructional designer or teacher a quick and better-than-average explanation about problem based learning, which is a method of teaching in which learners form teams and learn through solving real problems. rating 4/5

  15. Nov 2018
    1. “The day is upon us where we need to strongly consider nurse practitioners and physician assistants as equal in the field,” he says. “We’re going to find a much better continuity of care for all our patients at various institutions with hospital medicine and … a nurse practitioner who is at the top of their license.”

      Hospitalists as QB should play leadership role in integrating all members of care team

    2. Recent State of Hospital Medicine surveys showed that 83% of hospitalist groups are utilizing NPs and PAs, and SHM earlier this year added Tracy Cardin, ACNP-BC, SFHM, as its first non-physician voting board member
  16. Jun 2017
    1. A key factor in keeping your team on the right track is transparency.

      What are people working on? Bogging, collaborative documentation, wikis, Slack, status updates

    2. Team members have a clear understanding of where they can best serve the team’s needs, and everyone is highly motivated to get to the same goal.

      Importance of leadership. This is where good leaders shine - always have their eye on the prize, and can communicate that eye on the prize to team members..

    3. people feel comfortable to exchange ideas and challenge the status quo without fear of misplaced judgement or rejection.

      THIS! Need to have healthy space for discussions, even when it is uncomfortable discussions.

    4. Trust, group identity, and a sense of group efficacy.

      Beyond efficacy, I would also include a clear sense of group purpose and goals.

    5. Teams that perform are constantly working out things like communication preferences, recognition of achievements, and workflows.

      Teamwork is always a work in progress. However, if the original clear goals and objectives are not there, then this is often just wheel spinning.

    6. The key value to emphasize in the team is positive intent. This is to say that, even when things aren’t going smoothly, each person should assume that their “challenger” is coming from a good place and is trying to act in the best interest of the team.

      Assume good and no ill will. Don't take conflicts personally.

    7. Fair warning to team members (and leaders) who don’t like conflict — things will get awkward. But if teams can’t identify the issues, communicate constructively, and work to resolve them, they will get stuck at this stage.

      Expect conflict. Respectful conflict is healthy and should be encouraged.

    8. The other part is building emotional connections.

      Start with small talk, then move to productivity

  17. Mar 2017
    1. This means that, for example, there's no additional account sign up or onboarding process. You just sign in with your existing O365 credentials. Similarly, Teams knows who's in your organization, and it understands all your existing groups

      I think this is what may be a killer feature for Teams compared to Slack.

  18. Feb 2017
    1. They are not alone in that view. Some of the world's biggest soccer clubs, such as Manchester City, Santos, Schalke 04, Ajax and Paris St Germain, have signed up soccer players to represent them in esports in recent years.
  19. Jul 2016
    1. Your football coach wants you and your teammates to spend your offseason loading the barbell like powerlifters and filling cafeteria trays like sumo wrestlers. The local AAU coach wants you to play basketball on his team through the spring and summer, making you more accessible to college recruiters. And the hitting instructor your father hired wants you to play baseball year-round: high school in the spring, travel teams in the summer, and showcases in the fall and winter.

      In this paragraph this coach want these kids to be occupied during the off season,the football coach want them to load the barbells, The basketball want them to play so that they can get recruited in college, The baseball coach them to in spring.

      This matter because it depend was gonna improve on your skill during the off season.

      This is different from me because I don't play on teams so much.

  20. Jan 2014
    1. Creating an atlas is more encompassing than image acquisition and analysis. It requires a clear understanding of the biological questions to be addressed. Then appropriate labeling, sample preparation, imaging, image analysis, visualization, and data management methods must be selected (Figure 2). An interdisciplinary team is required that collectively possess the needed expertise. Generating useful atlases is still in its infancy. Which methods to use at each step along the pipeline will depend greatly on what analysis is required. There is currently no ‘magic toolbox’ that scientists can use to apply to their specific task. Each step has to be tailored to suit the experiment.

      Atlases are more than just image acquisition and analysis.

      An interdisciplinary team is required that collectively possesses the needed expertise.

      There is no "magic toolbox"