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    1. A technology-enhanced transformative learning environment in support of de-veloping reflective practitioners can be a situated learning environment just by dint of integrating it into clinical learning settings where students are developing the skilled know-how and practices of the profession. The tasks, discussions and other learning activities afforded by the technology learning system will be in support of the hands-on learning taking place in the health setting and should be incorporated into the clinical training to create the perception of a single learning environment. A situated learning environment will afford students the ability to practice and ap-ply knowledge and skilled know-how and also participate in social learning such as discussions, group activities and individualized work that will encourage the reflection that leads to transformative learning.

      The education for the professions and clinic education requires a unique perspective and approach, this chapter presents the critical elements of transformative learning environment design: context, critical discourse, and critical reflection, and the health science education need to have a context supportive of critical discourse and reflection for transformative learning by using a technology-enabled learning environment.

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