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    1. Livin' like a lover with a radar phone

      Pour Some Sugar on Me<br /> Def Leppard<br /> Track 5 on Hysteria<br /> https://genius.com/Def-leppard-pour-some-sugar-on-me-lyrics

      I regularly hear "radar phone" as "red iPhone" which wouldn't exist until long after the release of this song on 1987-09-08.

      Radar phone makes an appearance in the 1970s song Radar Love by Golden Earring

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    1. The confession-book, I suppose, has disappeared. It is twenty years since I have seen one. As a boy I told some inquisitive owner what was my favourite food (porridge, I fancy), my favourite hero in real life and in fiction, my favourite virtue in woman, and so forth.

      The form of some of these questions in confession albums is similar to modern day security questions asked by banks and personal accounts as a sort of personal password or shibboleth.

    2. By the end of the decade, the printed and bound confession book had been introduced. The earliest currently known example with a printed publication date is Mental Photographs, an album published in New York in 1869, which contained place for a photograph as well as the set of questions (a combination already found in Jenny Marx's album).[9]

      This seems like something that could be profitably published into children's school yearbooks for being filled out by friends. They've already got names and photographs, and usually are autographed with quotes or notes already.

      These could be tied into personal websites as well.

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