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  1. Feb 2024
    1. French hospital medicine came to be based on three pillars, none entirely new, but which together constituted a new way of looking at disease. The three pillars were physical diagnosis, pathologico-clinical correlation, and the use of large numbers of cases to elucidate diagnostic categories and to evaluate therapy

      3 pillars to french hospital medicine;

      -physical diagnosis -pathologico-clinical correlation -use of large numbers of cases to elucidate diagnostic categories + evaluate therapy

  2. Sep 2023
    1. This kind of narrative structure need not be limited to such simplistic content or to an explicitly mazelike interface.

      I think the concept of non-traditional mazes is really interesting - as long as the setting is confusing and complicated enough so that the player/hero has to jump through hoops to do what they want, I feel like it is sufficient enough to call if a "maze". However, there is a fine line between an interesting, convoluted, yet nice to navigate maze and a straight up boring, monotonous maze. I feel like for a maze to be successful, it must introduce new concepts that not only refresh and keep readers/players from being bored, but also be enough of a challenge to invoke backtracking, strategy, and overall move the story forward. For example, in PJ Book 4, our main characters frequently leave the maze to do some crucial quest that both stops the story from becoming a monotonous cycle of obstacle after obstacle, and moves the story forward so that new obstacles within the maze feel refreshing and exciting in a different way.

  3. Jul 2023
  4. Mar 2023
    1. The lineage of domination from childhood in schools and at home to adulthood in the workplace is clear. Its purpose is to habituate us to hierarchy and psychological enslavement. Our aptitude for autonomy is atrophied and our vitality is suppressed so that we are reconciled with regimentation and can replicate and reproduce it throughout our interpersonal lives, politics, and cultures. That is Why Revolution Needs Therapy.

      It's incredible how our work ideology is shaped by a hierarchical way of thinking that you can see in many places of our society.

    1. More specificity is always preferable. It demonstrates to the college that you have given the programme careful consideration and are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.
  5. Feb 2023
    1. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardised test that can assist international students analyse their strengths, improve their chances of admission, and add credibility to their applications for advanced degrees like a Master’s, a PhD, or an MBA.
  6. Dec 2022
    1. “The invention of the ship,” as Paul Virilio wrote, “was also the invention of the shipwreck.”

      Every innovation drags a host of new concepts into existence with it. Ways it can succeed, fail. All clouding around its reputation and providing handles for people to wield it.

  7. Jun 2022
    1. I have not been doing deep dive writing about the topics that I have long centered this blog around — teaching, writing, music, art, collaborations, etc.

      Maybe it is time to put on the journalist hat and write some long form essays that take a whole summer to write. Perhaps a research paper on teacher 'burnout"? I would love to read that.

  8. May 2022
    1. "I didn't fully understand it at the time, but throughout my time as a freshman at Boston College I've realized that I have the power to alter myself for the better and broaden my perspective on life. For most of my high school experience, I was holding to antiquated thoughts that had an impact on the majority of my daily interactions. Throughout my life, growing up as a single child has affected the way am in social interactions. This was evident in high school class discussions, as I did not yet have the confidence to be talkative and participate even up until the spring term of my senior year."

    2. "Specifically, when one of my classmates stated how he was struggling with the concept and another one of my classmates took the initiative to clarify it, I realized that that individual possibilities vary greatly among students."

    3. "The need to engage with people in terms of evaluating them for the aim of acquiring a different point of view was one occasion this semester where the knowledge I received in class positively changed the way I approached an issue. I was patient enough to explore other perspectives, some of which disagreed with mine, so that I might learn about their opinions without bias or prejudice."

  9. Jan 2022
    1. Literature Essay Outline

      An essay is a paper in prose, small in length, and free in composition. It expresses the individual impressions and thoughts of the author on a particular topic or issue. The structure of writing an essay is determined by the requirements of the genre: the thoughts of the author of the text are set out as brief theses, each thesis must be substantiated, supported by evidence.

      A person who does not often have to write various texts may find it difficult to grasp all the nuances and requirements of an essay. The work on the chosen topic will be written by professionals https://studyessay.org/, they will reveal the problem, select convincing arguments and examples, as well as properly format the text.

      Consequently, the structure of the essay is circular:

      1. introduction;
      2. theses and arguments;
      3. conclusion.

      The number of theses and arguments depends on the topic, the written plan of the essay, and the direction of thought development. Also, the introduction and conclusion should focus on the chosen issue. The scheme of the essay assumes the presence of paragraphs, red lines, which help in achieving the integrity of the work. Contact us here https://studyessay.org/research-proposal-writing-service/, If you need more information and help with writing your assignments. enter image description here

      How to write an essay: outline

      The scheme of writing an essay is looser than that of other written works. That is why the author must independently think about the structure of the future text. The structure depends on the goals, form, volume of the work. The scheme will be most conveniently perceived if you fix it on paper. The plan of writing an essay is a kind of "skeleton", on which the author builds up thoughts and ideas. Work on the essay begins with a writing plan. To make the text connected, it is convenient to act according to the following scheme:

      1. choose a topic;
      2. fix theses and thoughts on the issue;
      3. justify the stated ideas, pick up arguments;
      4. build the theses in a logical sequence, the thoughts should follow one another.

      Essay writing tips

      1. The main recommendation for writing an essay is to outline the text. This will help to keep the thought in one line, remember the topic and purpose.
      2. The essay is a genre that does not involve writing long texts. Thoughts should be expressed briefly, but understandable to the reader.
      3. It is helpful to reread your essay to make sure that the text is connected logically, the topic is not lost and all theses and arguments are mentioned.

      Despite the fact that the essay does not have any strict rules of writing, there are still a number of recommendations and peculiarities of the genre, which are worth adhering to.

  10. Dec 2021
    1. Not pain, exactly. Recognition; awakening, even. There were places in me no one had touched.

      This rides the line between beauty and suffering, combining medical vivisection with spiritual discovery. Love this so much. There's an eerie intimacy to procedures like this.

  11. Oct 2021
    1. “Desultory Thoughts upon the Utility of Encouraging a Degree of Self-Complacency, especially in Female Bosoms,”

      Reference to Sargent Murray's use of metaphor in this essay: http://metaphors.iath.virginia.edu/metaphors/18808

  12. Sep 2021
  13. Aug 2021
    1. An essay is good if it has sprung from necessity

      If someone has a personal need to write about something then their passion for the topic will hopefully shine through and make it a great essay. Saying "an essay is good if it has sprung from necessity".. is just not true in my opinion. I might need to write about pollen in Australia for a class. If i am not passionate about pollen my essay probably won't be that great.

  14. May 2021
  15. Mar 2021
    1. The opioid crisis really began with prescription pills, then moved into heroin, and now synthetic fentanyl, which presents a particularly high risk of overdose.


    2. The Suboxone helps. I don’t have cravings.


    3. And I think that repealing the X-waiver isn’t entirely going to open the floodgates for prescribers who want to prescribe buprenorphine. There’s still some education and some stigma that needs to be addressed before more people are going to be willing to prescribe.


    4. So first of all, in order to write a prescription for buprenorphine, you have to get something called an X-waiver, which means that you have to take an eight-hour training program and you have to apply to the D.E.A. to get a special waiver.

      A lot more barriers for suppliers to jump through

    5. And one unintended consequence of the crisis is that many people who have legitimate need for pain management and who have never abused those drugs now find it much harder to get the medicine they need

      unintended consequences

    1. it might actually kind of remind people that they could sell this medication.

      Consequence: finding a different market from a safe one to where you can male a higher profit

    2. So bring it right back here to your community health center and we’ll give you a $10 gift card.”

      Insentive to decrease the supply

    3. So when the prescription market contracted by regulation and policies, you had a big opportunity for these other people to come in with higher quality and lower-priced product..


    4. Oxycontin was a time-released version of oxycodone that Purdue aggressively marketed to the medical community, saying it “might” be less addictive than other opioids.

      trying to make money by saying that this 'might' be a soultion but not actually caring if it was or not

    5. economic cost of prescription-opioid abuse. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently put that number at nearly $80 billion a year,

      physical money cost on society

  16. Sep 2020
  17. Jun 2020
    1. догматических определений

      Выразимость чистоты веры в догматических определениях ставит содержение веры в зависимость от избранного понятийного языка и лингвистических формулировок, оперирующих ими. При общности понятийного языка оказывается действительно возможным сравнить общность опыта, стоящего за одной и другой формулировками. Но общность философского языка современных богословов-теологов ещё не означает общности опыта их как богословов-молитвенников. Апофатическое богословие лишь очерчивает рамки опыта, не говоря по существу ничего из того, о чём нет насущной внешней необходимости говорить (насущная внутренняя необходимость говорить об опыте богообщения обычно вылиывается либо в поэзию, либо в проповедь, либо в размышление — но никак не в создание объективной картины.

    1. Remember that a thesis statement does not summarize an issue but rather dissects it.

      Good tip!

    2. all support in an essay must work together to convey a central point

      good tip for essay writing

    1. Explication tells the reader how the quote or paraphrase supports the thesis of your paper.

      what explication does

    2. Create source bricks, which are essentially chunks of text you place before and after a quotation or a paraphrase. Here is how you do it:

      source bricks, good tip in preparing to write.

    1. When you quote, you use the exact wording from the source When you paraphrase, you put a passage or part of a text in your own words, being careful not to copy the sentence structure of the original source When you summarize, you give a very broad overview of a passage or a text--writing your summary in a 10th of the size of the original text

      quoting written sources

    1. The content of each paragraph in the essay is shaped by purpose, audience, and tone. The four common academic purposes are to summarize, to analyze, to synthesize, and to evaluate. Identifying the audience's demographics, education, prior knowledge, and expectations will affect how and what you write. Devices such as sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and formal or informal language communicate tone and create a relationship between the writer and his or her audience. Content may consist of examples, statistics, facts, anecdotes, testimonies, and observations. All content must be appropriate and interesting for the audience, purpose and tone.

      good to review when writing essays

    1. to summarize to analyze to synthesize to evaluate

      4 main purposes for academic writing!

    1. jot down ideas in a scratch outline and work from that. Writing your thoughts down may even help you grasp them for the first time.

      good idea!

    1. Purpose: The reason the writer composes the essay. Audience: The individual or group whom the writer intends to address. Tone: The attitude the writer conveys about the essay's subject

      The 3 MAIN elements that shape the content of an essay

  18. Feb 2020
    1. my Mind


      • That item is simply a portrait of John Locke. The relation is that the word "mind" is very relevant to all the work accomplished by Locke, as he spent most of his life as a renowned philosopher.

      Mowat, Diane, and Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe. Oxford University Press Canada, 2008.

    2. came now fresh into my Mind, and my Conscience,

      The words conscience and mind bring about ideas that can be noted in John Locke’s text: *An essay concerning Human Understanding.* In book two, Locke explains how thoughts come to be. He believes that “All ideas come from sensation or reflections”. In this specific case, the ideas being expressed in this excerpt are rooted in reflection, as Crusoe is thinking on how and why he dared to actually leave his parents the way that he did. Much of this is seen throughout the whole narrative as it is written in the view of Crusoe. Nonetheless, it demonstrates how this story is evolving from simple story telling in the perspective of an outsider to the actual recount of the person living it in their own words.

      John Locke, The Works of John Locke in Nine Volumes, (London: Rivington, 1824 12th ed.). Vol. 1. 2/12/2020. https://oll.libertyfund.org/titles/761 Mowat, Diane, and Daniel Defoe. Robinson Crusoe. Oxford University Press Canada, 2008.

  19. Oct 2019
    1. How to Be a Better Person

      Many philosophers throughout the centuries have preached the same thing that life is a journey and becoming better every day is a goal. As a general rule of thumb, most of us wish to become a better person. Unfortunately, many people become stuck and fixate on the mistakes they’ve made in life, preventing them from becoming a better version of themselves. Meanwhile, many others aren’t aware of how to go about bringing self-improvement. The good news is that it is possible for every human being on the planet to become a better person. Learning to love oneself is a skill, and much like any other skill, it can be learned. Take the example of an online essay writing service. No service becomes the best essay writing service without dedication and consistent practice. In a similar vein, no person can learn to be a better person without consistent and conscious efforts. Thankfully, thanks to thousands of years of human existence, we have other people’s experience to guide us towards the path to being a better person. Here are some tips that can help anyone become better versions of themselves. Compliment Yourself In our world full of comparisons and competition, it can be very easy to drown with self-pity and lack of self-esteem. This is further bolstered by the presence of social media in today’s society, where it seems like everyone is achieving success and living the best life. This is why it’s so important to be aware of one’s own good quality. Finding out the positives in yourself and complimenting yourself for it will allow you to break free from the mental shackles and adopt more positive habits. It also makes one happy and happiness, as we all know, is contagious. Don’t Make Excuses Making excuses or blaming someone else for mishaps or shortcomings is very easy. However, this leads nowhere. By accepting responsibility, owning mistakes and learning from them, one can grow in both personal and professional life. It breeds a sense of control over life, and ultimately makes one happier, which in turn makes one a better person. Let Go of Anger All of us go through different experiences in life. No one’s life is perfect, and there are bound to be negative experiences in everyone’s life. Human beings aren’t perfect; hence they tend to hurt others intentionally or intentionally. However, being angry at someone and not letting go of it only affects you. It casts a cloud over one’s judgement and decision-making ability. That is why it’s so important to let go of anger. Understanding that everything happens for a reason allows one to be content and focus efforts on other more important things. Practice Forgiveness This tip goes along with the last point. Forgiving others, as well as the self, is an incredibly elating experience. Forgiveness is one of the greatest forms of sacrifice. It requires sacrificing one’s ego, the greatest enemy to personal betterment and growth. Things like meditation and self-reflection can help a lot in this department.

  20. Jul 2019
  21. Nov 2018
    1. This is a very useful information for those people who wanted to achieve some desirable output on how are they going to use that kind of language in programming that will be going to be a perfect thing for their projects. At least, through this kind of idea, they can make this tool as a better tool than another tool out there.

  22. Oct 2018
    1. reiterated so frequently and sopersistently that the general validityof this assertion is now almost un-challenged.

      Many studies have been conducted both on animals and humans and have shown and overwhelming agreement in results, this making it very probable that the findings have some basis in reality. This also makes it difficult to disprove the results as they both make sense and have been repeated.

  23. Aug 2018
    1. It soon became apparent that, while they protected the sovereignty of the states, the Articles had created a central government too weak to function effectively.
    2. The central government had authority to act in only a few areas, such as national defense, in which the states were assumed to have a common interest (and would, indeed, have to supply militias). This arrangement was meant to prevent the national government from becoming too powerful or abusing the rights of individual citizens. In the careful balance between power for the national government and liberty for the states, the Articles of Confederation favored the states.
    3. Fearful of replacing one oppressive national government with another, however, the framers of the Articles of Confederation created an alliance of sovereign states held together by a weak central government.


  24. Mar 2018
    1. Earning Dollars From Content Writing Content Writing Takes a Special Set of Skills   A growing number of entrepreneurs hope to make money with Web sites. But these sites need content, which is where freelance content writers come in. Writers who scour the Web will discover a host of sites covering everything from retro martini glasses to high-tech window tinting. These sites all have one thing in common: They constantly need fresh content to boost their rankings among search engines.

      Without this content, these sites won't claim visitors. And without visitors, the owners of these sites won't get any of the ad revenue they crave.

      That's why so many Web site owners are hiring freelance writers today. They need professionals to fill their Web sites with content.

      This is an opportunity for freelance essay writers. But it's also an area of writing that writers should approach cautiously: Content writers who aren't careful may end up spending long hours writing tedious stories for little money.

      The Content Writing Business Content-writing jobs aren't always the most fulfilling. Writers may be called upon to write a package of five 350-word stories on food compressors or juicers. They may be hired to write 10 articles on golf laser rangefinders.

      The good news for writers is that they can complete these assignments without having to conduct interviews or do much research. The bad news is that the people hiring content writers often want to pay them notoriously low wages.

      Freelance writers who visit job-bidding sites may be surprised to find Web site owners hoping to pay writers $1 for every 400-word story they can churn out. This kind of work can quickly wear writers out.

      Good Content Writing Jobs are Available This doesn't mean that writers can't earn solid extra money by writing content stories. In fact, there are plenty of good content-writing opportunities to be found. Writers just have to exercise the same caution they'd show when applying for any type of freelance-writing job.

      The key to making decent money as a content writer is for freelancers to only accept assignments on topics about which they already know. This allows writers to hash out a story quickly. In content writing, the more writers can write, and the faster in which they can do it, the more dollars they'll earn.

      It's also important to set a baseline. Writers should determine the lowest possible per-word amount for which they are willing to write. They should then refrain from taking on assignments that fall below that threshold.

      To find content-writing jobs, writers can search the Web's most popular job boards, places like Freelance Writing Gigs and About Freelance Writing. These sites routinely list content and SEO writing jobs. Writers can also find content jobs at craigslist.org.

      Be Realistic The secret to succeeding at online content writing is for writers to have realistic expectations. They shouldn't expect to make a fortune writing short articles about classic cars or weightlifting.

      Writers also shouldn't expect to make a full-time writing income from their content work. Many writers actually rely on content writing to provide a boost to their traditional freelance-writing income.

  25. Jul 2017
  26. Jun 2017
  27. Mar 2017
    1. While naloxone will not solve the underlying problems of the opioid epidemic, we are speeding to review new formulations that will ultimately save lives that might otherwise be lost to drug addiction and overdose.”  

      Developing this life saving drug will help more than harm

  28. Mar 2016
    1. ou're shaky on your Baldwin brothers, he's the vaguely troglodytic one who used to comb his bangs straight down and wear dusters. H

      Within the epiphany and the tears and the hunger and the death, Sullivan doesn't lose his snarky edge.

    2. It's that I love Jesus Christ.


    3. Bless those who've been brainwashed by cults and sent off for deprogramming. That makes it simple You put it behind you. But this group was no cult. They persuaded; they never pressured, much less threatened. Nor did they punish.

      Christianity in practice, at its best--no judgment, no demands, a relationship

    4. tatistically speaking, my bout with Evangelicalism was probably unremarkable. For white Americans with my socioeconomic background (middle to uppermiddle class), it's an experience commonly linked to one's teens and moved beyond before one reaches 20. These kids around me at Creation—a lot of them were like that. How many even knew who Darwin was They'd learn. At least once a year since college, I'll be getting to know someone, and it comes out that we have in common a high school "Jesus phase."

      Let's say it's a phase. What's important about it? What's the allure?

    5. Once you do, your belief starts modifying the data (in ways that are themselves defensible, see), until eventually the data begin to reinforce belief. The precise moment of illogic can never be isolated and may not exist.

      "may not exist"!? Don't forget to draw students to the definition of faith at Hebrews 11:1: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (KJV)

    6. But also powerfully stirred on a level that didn't depend on my naïveté.

      His religious experience is mature, thoughtful, intellectual.

    7. The guys had put together what I did for a living—though, to their credit, they didn't seem to take this as a reasonable explanation for my being there—and they gradually got the sense that I found them exotic (though it was more than that).

      Okay, so here, Sullivan's newness is officially otherness. He transmits their faith via his writing--so they define and show their passion

    8. of resigned approval of the way groups like U2 or Switchfoot (who played Creation while I was there and had a monster secularradio hit at the time with "Meant to Live" but whose management wouldn't allow them to be photographed onstage) take quiet pains to distance themselves from any unambiguous Jesusloving

      How true is this of faith generally? Should it be quiet and subtle, like that of U2, or should it be bold, like that of Jars of Clay?

    9. It just opens up opportunities for witnessing

      When/do they become aware of Sullivan's intentions/faith experience/skepticism?

    10. who was from Ohio

      Note the attempt to connect, somehow, even the tiniest thing in common.

    11. "JACK THE WILL TO THE ROT" while applying the brakes. Some branch of my motor cortex obeyed

      The dialect, the all caps, the quick decision. We have to hear the voice--Sullivan doesn't translate.

    12. Evangelical strata

      So from very early on, he acknowledges (almost as if by accident) that believers are not of a single type. The point about race?

    13. What should I tell you about my voyage to Creation

      Kind of a glimpse at his process--this happened, I noted it, it's not important, the getting-there doesn't matter.

  29. Feb 2014
    1. Alternatively, Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng who are the founders of Coursera, a Stanford MOOC startup, have decided to use peer evaluation to assess writing. Koller and Ng (2012) specifically used the term “calibrated peer review” to refer to a method of peer review distinct from an application developed by UCLA with National Science Foundation funding called Calibrated Peer Review™ (CPR). For Koller and Ng, “calibrated peer review” is a specific form of peer review in which students are trained on a particular scoring rubric for an assignment using practice essays before they begin the peer review process.