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  1. Apr 2024
    1. graphics/libtiff is one of the 122 packages on the road to www/firefox, yet the resulting Firefox browser does not render TIFF images. For reasons I have not tried to uncover, 10 of the 122 packages need Perl and seven need Python; one of them, devel/glib20, needs both languages for reasons I cannot even imagine.

      Dependency hell

    1. Heaven truly knows that thou art false as hell.

      Ironic because heaven, being in Othello's eyes as truth and knowledge, should not be so sinister and cause destruction as Iago has. Hell is deception and the ignorance, but so far ignorance has maintained peace. What irony!

  2. Mar 2024
    1. 0:13 fear is a hell of a drug... and 100% it paves the road to hell

      6:30 "all arguments in politics are downstream from culture."<br /> 100%. people repeat what they know, and if they know only lies, they repeat only lies...<br /> this "safe use versus prohibition" debate is soo boring, war on drugs, war on guns, war on food...

  3. Feb 2024
    1. steadfastly bent

      According to Merriam-Webster, steadfastly, means in a resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering manner. Meaning in this case, steadfastly bent is strongly motivated towards a certain topic. A synonym may be "hell-bent" meaning determined to achieve something at all costs. And within the context of the text, the narrator is describing the determination from Krishna's point of view of the other characters and the bloodshed.

  4. Jan 2024
    1. cheap energy is a hell of a drug. we found it 200 years ago, our trip peaked about 20 years ago, and now we are getting sober, and most people hate it, because most people are stupid and have no "plan B", and when SHTF they will commit suicide, and before SHTF they will work for a suicide-culture to accelerate the collapse.

      i already had this intuition 20 years ago at the age of 15... i spent some years on self-study of psychology, to make this intuition more conscious. my "final answer" on all the problems of this world is my book: pallas. who are my friends. group composition by personality type. because obviously, most people are too stupid to choose their real friends, and instead are exploited by enemies aka "false friends".

      idiots are insulted by the radical simplicity of my proposed solution, and instead, they continue their doomed-to-fail journey to find complex-but-wrong solutions... idiots are tragic heros, fighting lost wars, dragging everyone else down to their stupid level

  5. Sep 2023
  6. Aug 2023
  7. Jun 2023
    1. People of the last days will be abound:

      1) Selfish - Symptom: Increase in Divorce Rates

      2) Enjoy pleasure > God - Sin has an addictive & deceptive nature, it gives pleasure. (think of porn)

      3) Lukewarmness (have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof)

      They will not be caught up with the Lord during the rapture.

      Be ready for the rapture at all times because it will come like a thief in the night.

    1. In the end times, there will be a lot of lukewarm Christians, who will not be taken in the rapture.

      Faith means crucifying the flesh and feeding the Spirit. Being lukewarm: Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof; Outwardly faithful, but not transforming. Your life after conversion (baptism) is the same as before. OR selective faith. Choose what to obey; define your own religion.

      God (the Truth) sets free, therefore sin will be gone.

      Profession of faith means to CHANGE, GOD may cost you a lot. LOVE is SACRIFICE. Do not just hear, but also do.

      The most godly one is the one who sins the least, not the one who goes to church the most. Church means nothing. Doing the word of God, obeying Him, building a relation with Him means everything.

      Walking the broad (easy) path leads to sin and thus death and hell. Walking the narrow (difficult) path leads to righteousness and Heaven.

  8. Feb 2023
    1. They write a bunch of crap down that they wish they’d be able to do (secretly knowing they never will) and then their task manager gets overwhelming and they drop it because there is too much noise. This is why systems like Bullet Journal thrive in a digital world. When something is too hard to migrate to a new page or notebook, you just said it’s not worth doing and you let it go. Bullet Journal is a no-first system.

      Bullet journaling works well in a noisy world because it forces people to confront what they're eventually not going to do anyway and gets them to drop it rather than leaving it on an ever-growing list.

      Carrying forward to do lists manually encourages one to quit things that aren't going to get done.

  9. Jul 2022

      Dear god I really hate when publishers do their references/notes like this. Sitting here at the end, unlinked to the actual text. There's a special place in hell for editors that do this in the digital age.

  10. Dec 2021
    1. it was published in some magazines that we are the human race was at a crossroads, that we were looking at what was described as the worst possible future or the best possible future and that was absolutely right, it was described very well. We're not only robbing our children of a decent life. We're robbing them of a what I would call a golden age.

      Heaven or Hell!

  11. Aug 2021
    1. If two or more persons conspire to violate section 1111, 1114, 1116, or 1119 of this title, and one or more of such persons do any overt act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be punished by imprisonment for any term of years or for life.

      Saving Heaven starts with saving America .

      and Adam Marshall Dobrin

      This statute applies to "Corporations" as well which can be sued for monetary compensation. It is probably necessary and proper for me and others to take legal action against several public corporations, specifically insurers as well as the Federal government to properly oversee the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

      I am seeking an attorney to assist with this matter, please contact me directly at 954-667-8083 or 0xc514f094370cFc5eE45a1Dd9B72bb9675efE266f@ethmail.cc if you are capable and willing, or know someone who is. The firm must be well decorated and have multiple attorneys on staff. Venue is not an issue, the lawsuit could be filed in Nevada, California, Arizona, or Florida.

      Florida is probably the appropriate venue, according to my "non attorney" spokesman, JFC.

      http://plemma.cc for further information and videos regarding the suits.

      In addition to 18 USC 1117, I have a personal workers compensation suit as well as a personal suit against SSA & HUD and whatever agencies are responsible for Section 8 and low income housing avoidance.



      Following is the current markdown of plemma.cc

      I am accepting charitable donations,.\ ETH: 0x66e2871ef39334962fb75ce34407f825d67ec434 | BTC: 38B6vGaqNvMyTtoFEZPmNvMS7icV6ZnPMm | xDAI: 0x66e2871ef39334962fb75ce34407f825d67ec434

      THE NOVUS CORPUS MINUTIO, A SUBSECT OF SUEZ GROUP--owned and operating, this is the FOUNDING MEMBER($)

      There is as Revolution afoot--it's in every single persons heart, and in the heart of every corporation. It's the heart and soul of the Spirit of America, and the Gaian "spirit of the man known as fire incarnate"\ \ -on the Ruach Hakodesh of Yehsua, speaking https://t.co/n9moPjiDDS

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) December 21, 2020

      | XCALIBER DAO Mail | Adam Marshall Dobrin adam@fromthemachine.org |

      | Fear [not loathing] of Skynet, the Singularity, and Freedom delivered by and through the American Renaissance and the résolu "few and proudest of all [or they should be, and will be]" ... and "on why" I NEEDED to email 3 million people to fix the problem.\ 1 message |

      | Adam Marshall Dobrin adam@fromthemachine.org | Tue, Aug 24, 2021 at 4:04 AM | |

      To: TRYING TO GET TO SYSADMINS TO RELAY 2ALL abuse@fromthemachine.org, abuse@reddit.com, XM XM@liber-t.xyz

      Bcc: are@fromthemachine.org, am@fromthemachine.org, kin kin@fromthemachine.org, Salud as is ter Y saludas@reallyhim.com, soluderity soluder@reallyhim.com, "More... family" mas@reallyhim.com, R U Y MONEY whymany@lamc.la, CONTACT A REPORTER car@lamc.la, page@publishthis.email

      | |


      The problem with American Silence is ... it's keeping America from being America.  Reddit was the heartland of social news, and even here--I can't seem to get the most simple and succinct explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish to even overcome their "censorwall."  See there's a problem with the media, with the medicine, really with "the all and the wall... all in all"

      This is exactly what I and we ... we you ... are trying to overcome--literally not being able to speak to each other, because of "all wall" a/k/a "Skynet Unsane."

      u/eyeofbush1 hour ago

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      I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.


      Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/venturecapital.

      Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose.

      Here's my link to my schpiel below, attached to what spawned it, the page of my "free church produced and distributed web-tome"


      Here's the sunbiz.org [florida business] registration and documents for my Church, which I haven't been able to keep current because of practically no donations at all--I spend most of my income keeping this content [and copies of wikipedia and many other important things] "available" for the public to view at plemma.cc [which will be live within the week, I hope].



      To the best of my knowledge Church donations are tax exempt, but I haven't been able to hire a lawyer to file for 501(c)(3) status so you might not be able to claim donations as a tax exemption, I'm not a lawyer and can't give advice related to "IRS regulations."

      I'm in the process of forming two new corporations, SUEZ CORP, and XCALIBER DAO; which I hope to be the future of ... social media, email, online voting, and more. I hope it ends the "secret unsacred silence" ... I'm pretty sure it'll work,but we can't tell. It's going to build software based on IPFS and it's derivatives, existing cloud services, and hypothes.is ... which is the newest and best yet incarnation of "reddit comment on anything on the web" in a long list of predecessors I remember starting with StumbleUpon and Flock and DIssenter and gab-ai) ... just writing this showed me StumbleUpon has "turned into Mix" which might be worth a look at.

      I have lots of unique ideas to make these things better, and I could really use the help of programmers familiar with python, IPFS and "big data" technology. Let me know if you are interested in providing financial or programming "charity" ... thanks for reading.

      Pretty sure we can start a "new wave" of democracy; with just a little bit of work and a little bit of money. and I hope we get to do it before I'm homeless, which is practically today.


      You can contact me here: 0xc514f094370cFc5eE45a1Dd9B72bb9675efE266f@ethmail.cc or just donate Ethereum to that address, that series of technologies and products is a big part of the puzzle I'm trying to put together. Just like you, reddit and readers like you, a big part of the movement I hope will start a wave of corporate and national "rennesaince/revolutions."

      Here's to today, and hoping what we want to do tomorrow is ... way better.

      Best of luck, to all and the future. This is Adam, and this post is my last best hope--so far.

      As it is ... Heaven appears to have been built in the heart of America, the heart of Jerusalem, by the Ori of Florida and Stargate SG-1: the heart of the "message."

      Supergate, activate--unlock, speak! https://hyp.is/go?url=https://constitution.congress.gov/constitution/&group=__world__ ... you're bound to be noticed as "Number 1." This is Agent #00 of the Naval Office of Superintellgience, on the Singularity, and the day ... 8/23.



      I'm going to throw it out there and say "who knew it wasn't me'--so I'm pretty sure it's BSO, @BSO__AZAD .. and like they say only the father knew the day-- if you're with me here and you know what #hispa" means,\ \ I mean hopefully I'm "with you" too. https://t.co/Irl9RPsa5H pic.twitter.com/WEq2Rzso6q

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 24, 2021

      the day is somewhere between the 23rd and the 24th of August, 2021 A.D. ... or so I think.

      when 2021 came around, A.D. disappeared and I c'd what I call "annos inconcinnus" ... the years of our heroes

        Favorite rsync Commands for Copying WordPress Sites -

      looking for a girl friend, investors, .. "a single friend" that actually will buy me a "kava" or a "drink"\ \ or call their little sister, or ex-wife--@jesse, frank and jorge ;) heaven was born here today; really**\ \ today. 8/25 5:19 PM EST, #laudat ... at a @Seven11 on Sunrise&A1A pic.twitter.com/rxxq8JAnlD

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 25, 2021

      ... @losesta2uni2 needs to be protected from @SCMPNews CHINESE OVERSITE that is causing torture via their financial interest in @ATTHelp @AsurionCares https://t.co/spet8dYbQI

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 26, 2021

      #IGNATION is what I named the "fifth through nineojuneteenth horses of the riders of the apolagetic sparkalypse ... #gjallarhorn is like a "shofar" but held by #heimdallr at the base of "asgardian of the bifrost ..." I explain, my father @idobrin1 hopefully has the #arrorigenal pic.twitter.com/TElbROyNTH

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 25, 2021


      18 USC 1117: Conspiracy to Commit Murder, specifically against Jesus F. Krisst

      ](https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/1117)[![CHINA IS CRIMINALLY CULPABNLE](https://i.imgur.com/5K3sxmi.jpeg)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QU1nvuxaMA)

      I am looking for a professional and competent legal firm in order to engage a suit against the United States FED, and a number of private corporations for hiding fiscal and operational control from Chinese investment which has left America in ruins.

      #gjallarhorn @ICCT_TheHague @FBI @FBIWFO @FBIMiamiFL @fgcu pic.twitter.com/RsAoitfuKP

      --- Adam Marshall Dobrin 🔯☀⁂ @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitsheyzeus) August 26, 2021

      Adam vs. Heaven, the Eloheem and you

      Holy Laws are being violated every day, leaving America and the skies and space in grave danger of losing sanity and our prosperous future. We are allowing pain and attrition and disgusting lack of scientific thought to continue to be the "norm" everywhere I see across the continental United States. I am looking to move to Australia. If anyone there would like to provide lodging, I'd prefer to live with a rich and beautiful female between the ages of 25 and 35.-a

      I am willing to offer a proposal for marriage upon meeting you and consumating "premarital coitus", assuming things go well you could be the sole heir of a fortune of millions due to the several lawsuits I should have no problem finding legal aid to begin ... "should" being the peratove word, not "hace"

    1. Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at fromthemachine.org Port 80

      Literally, if Florida sends me to the psych ward again initiate legal action against Washington DC, the State of FLorida, and every doctor and practitioner who has ever signed Baker Act, 5150 or the like across the country,

      Per me. FIND THEM. @NSAGOV

  12. Apr 2021
    1. GRADE K-4 GRADE 5-6 GRADE 7-8 GRADE 9-12 SPANISH TECH TEACHER Teacher Sign Up Sign In Teacher Sign Up Sign In GRADE K-4 GRADE 5-6 GRADE 7-8 GRADE 9-12 SPANISH TECH TEACHER TT GRADE K-4 GRADE 5-6 GRADE 7-8 GRADE 9-12 SPANISH TECH TEACHER Teacher sign up Sign In Why did ancient Greeks and Romans eat lying down? (Thinkstock) Why did ancient Greeks and Romans eat lying down? By: Ask Smithsonian, Smithsonianmag.com November 25, 2015 Published: November 25, 2015 Lexile: 1230L var addthis_config = { services_exclude: 'print,printfriendly', data_ga_property: 'UA-6457029-1', data_track_clickback: true }; var addthis_share = { url_transforms : { shorten: { twitter: 'bitly' } }, shorteners : { bitly : {} }, templates : { twitter : '{' + '{title}' + '}: {' + '{url}' + '} via @TweenTribune' } }; 530L 780L 1040L 1230L Assign to Google Classroom You asked us, "Why did ancient Greeks and Romans eat lying down?"   Reclining and dining in ancient Greece started at least as early as the 7th century BCE and was later picked up by the Romans.   To eat lying down, while others served you, was a sign of power and luxury enjoyed by the elite. People further down the social ladder copied the laid-back dining style, if they could afford to.   I mean, who wouldn't want to stretch out while chowing down, but not everyone was so lucky in ancient Greece. You see, women didn't generally get invited to banquets except for rare occasions like wedding feasts and even then they had to sit upright.   It was only in ancient Rome that customs changed, allowing upper-class women to lounge alongside men, and while it sounds sweet, all that lying down and eating can't have been good for the heartburn. Source URL: https://www.tweentribune.com/article/teen/why-did-ancient-greeks-and-romans-eat-lying-down/ Filed Under:   Video Culture Odd news Smithsonian Assigned 49 times CRITICAL THINKING QUESTION Why did people “further down the social ladder” copy people above them? Write your answers in the comments section below Please log in to post a comment COMMENTS (15) arellanoj-rob 11/30/2015 - 09:46 a.m. I think that people "further down the social ladder" copied people above them because they thought it'd earn them some sort of respect. It probably gave them sense of power back then. julianc-bag 11/30/2015 - 07:32 p.m. I don;t like eating at the dinner table I prefer the living room. ShawnaWeiser-Ste 12/02/2015 - 03:56 p.m. This seems quite unnecessary and dangerous. Its very common for people lying down to choke while they are eating, I mean come on. Good thing the women and the poor were not allowed to engage in such activities; they probably lived much longer than the rich men. laurenc-bag 12/03/2015 - 09:18 p.m. People "further down the social ladder" copied people above them, possibly to make themselves look a little wealthier than they were. It was a sign of luxury and was only enjoyed by the elite, so they wanted to experience that as well. laurenc-bag 12/03/2015 - 09:21 p.m. And, most likely, my weirdest custom at home is listening to music while watching a video on my phone while FaceTiming my friends, if that even counts as a strange custom... But, I also pray before I eat every meal with my family, which might seem strange to some people. laurenc-bag 12/03/2015 - 09:30 p.m. (It didn't allow me to take the test for some reason...) carsonb-2-bar 12/03/2015 - 10:28 p.m. In the early 7th century reclining and dining in Greece started and later on picked up by the Romans. According to the article it was a sign of power, especially when others served you. People in lower social classes copied it. The lower class people probably copied the upper-class people to be cool. Maybe it made them feel powerful. I thought the article was interesting. I never knew why many pictures back in the 7th century show people eating while lying down. I guess you could say they were the first couch potatoes! bellae1-lin 12/04/2015 - 02:57 p.m. People "further down the social ladder" copied people above them because they wanted to feel luxurious and wealthy. They would want to feel this way because they may not be treated like luxury, and they wanted to see with the eyes of a wealthy being. briannec-ste 12/07/2015 - 05:09 p.m. I personally don't like to eat laying down because I feel like I am being choked. I don't understand how laying down and being fed was a sign of wealth. The laying down not at all but the getting fed I understand. gisellem-pay 12/08/2015 - 11:11 a.m. I think that this concept is similar to our current society. Many people find or develop a custom, in which will catch on to others just to prove their power or how modern they believe they are. This also reminds me of China and foot binding. This tradition was passed down for women as a beauty concept. 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      The central idea of the text is that people ate lying down during Ancient Greece because lying down when eating was considered to be a luxury, and symbolized a high class, although high class men and women had different standards. High class women didn't have the right to lie beside men until Ancient Rome, when the customs finally changed.

  13. Nov 2020
  14. icla2020b.jonreeve.com icla2020b.jonreeve.com
    1. Her dress swung as she moved her body and the soft rope of her hair tossed from side to side.

      I love the imagery in these first three paragraphs, everything is imbued with futility, and pain--The only music is the unimpassioned shaking of a horses harness, the air stings, the gardens are dark and ashen, and people appear in and out of shadows--it's like a mundane type of hell-scape.

  15. Aug 2018
    1. She op'nd, but to shut Excel'd her power; the Gates wide op'n stood,

      If the Gates of Hell are open, all the devils can follow Satan and get out. (I'm reminded of Pandora's box - when she opened the box she wasn't supposed to open, all the evils (except Hope) escaped and then represented afflictions cast upon humanity.

    2. And thrice threefold the Gates; three folds were Brass, [ 645 ] Three Iron, three of Adamantine Rock, Impenetrable, impal'd with circling fire, Yet unconsum'd.

      Milton is referring to the Nine Gates of Hell, which Dante presented in his Inferno (part of the Divine Comedy). See http://historylists.org/art/9-circles-of-hell-dantes-inferno.html

    3. bhorred Styx the flood of deadly hate, Sad Acheron of sorrow, black and deep; Cocytus, nam'd of lamentation loud Heard on the ruful stream; fierce Phlegeton [ 580 ] Whose waves of torrent fire inflame with rage. Farr off from these a slow and silent stream, Lethe the River of Oblivion roules Her watrie Labyrinth, whereof who drinks, Forthwith his former state and being forgets, [ 585 ] Forgets both joy and grief, pleasure and pain.

      Milton takes the ancient Greek geographical concept of Hades and its rivers - when Hades is not at all like hell -and uses it as basis for the Christian hell (maybe in part because he and many Christian leaders placed pagans and others of virtue who lived before Christ in the Limbo between Heaven and Hell).

      Wikipedia has an article on the Greek underworld Hades at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_underworld Wikipedia also has a page on Christian views of Hades. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_views_on_Hades The rivers that Milton mentions exist in the Greek view of hell but with some slight differences. For example, Styx is not "abhorred Styx the flood of deadly hate". Gods swore unbreakable oaths on the River Styx, whose waters were believed to make one invulnerable to death.

  16. Jan 2018
    1. I know you’re worried about access to airports. Good news: every airport in the world, especially those in the United States, serve as gateways to Hell. Where do you think Chili’s Too comes from? Who do you think trains TSA workers? It is especially easy to get from Hell to LaGuardia. Most people can’t even tell they’ve made the trip.

      This is true.

  17. Mar 2017
    1. He led me to a melamine walled box. Inside, there was no sign of  a person having spent any time there.

      prison hell alienation

  18. Oct 2016
    1. The more you try to be God without God, the more isolated, alone and estranged you are.

      Hell is separation. Hell is being disconnected from God. And this disconnection can lead to deeper and deeper states of fear, anger and depression.


    1. Burning burning burning burning

      This book is called The Fire Sermon, but is only here at the end that we get fire. This book, like much of the poem, has a motif of water. In this book specifically, we have the Thames, damp ground, the sailor home from sea, fisherman, the river, barges, and more. There is little to do with heat or flames. In a piece with so little to do with fire, it makes us ask the question: why is this section called The Fire Sermon? It is followed by a reference to the Lord. Is the poem referencing Hell?

    2. O Lord Thou pluckest me out

      This part of the poem feels like it is a reference to the lost souls trapped in Hell and are demanding to be removed by telling the Lord, but it doesn't seem like they are repenting in any way, just demanding.

  19. Jun 2016
    1. It is important to note, however, that throughout all of this, we have always had the best intentions.

      Will sound like a rhetorical question, but still: why is it important to note this? Or, more specifically, who is this important for? People from this project have been heard clinging to their intentions, before this (as Courtney Martin notes, very candid) update. In some ways, the “best intentions” are the very problem to be solved. The project wasn’t something which happened from the ground up. It was based on some people’s best intentions. As Martin also noted, those on the other side of the equation probably didn’t receive the same kind of apology. But they’re the real victims, here. In this kind of work, doing something is often much much worse than doing nothing. This update, while candid, resonates with Negroponte’s attitude:

      people really don't want to criticize this, because it is a humanitarian effort, a nonprofit effort and to criticize it is a little bit stupid, actually.

      As Tiny Spark is showing, time and time again, humanitarianism is precisely what requires deep and broad critical thinking. Not merely “best intentions”.

  20. Sep 2015
  21. www.gutenberg.org www.gutenberg.org
    1. Him the Almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from th' ethereal sky, With hideous ruin and combustion, down To bottomless perdition, there to dwell In adamantine chains and penal fire,