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  1. Mar 2024
  2. Dec 2023
    1. The second way to take notes on videos is by using the media extended Obsidian plugin.

      Obsidian plugin: Media Extended

    1. 朱騏  · Snrostoepd910h8ia5i45fg464m4m633i8uh1f5483ml92031667ui4hc19a  · Shared with Public【這款 Obsidian 擴充功能真的太猛,可以在 Obsidian 中同時使用 ChatGPT 跟 Notion 了!】​從 2017 開始我使用了超過 10 款筆記軟體後,Obsidian 是我最喜歡的筆記軟體。​Obsidian 中可以安裝各種擴充功能,大幅提升使用體驗。​(可以想成是 Google Chrome 的擴充插件、或是 App Store/Google Play 商店的 App。)​在這麼多的擴充功能中,我最喜歡的就是-Obsidian Surfing。​這款工具讓我們可以在 Obsidian 上網!​我有 4 個很方便的使用情境。​▋場景 1. 和 ChatGPT 對話​把 ChatGPT 的網頁釘選在 Obsidian 中,邊寫筆記可以邊和 ChatGPT 對答。​我的使用情境是搭配卡片盒筆記法來使用。​在整理卡片時,我會將卡片內容餵給 ​ ChatGPT 直接寫出一篇短文。​經過修改後,就可以發表成一篇 Facebook 文章。​這樣能夠加快產出的速度。​▋場景 2. Notion​開啟 Notion 網頁版,就可以在Obsidian 中同時使用 Notion。​我使用 Notion 的 Database-Timeline View 來管理專案。​當我在使用 Obsidian 時突然想到一個任務,就可以馬上加入到 Notion 中。​這樣做,就可以結合不同筆記軟體之間的優點。​▋場景 3. 閱讀文章​想閱讀的網路文章並放在右側,左側是自己的筆記區域。​這樣讀文章的好處是:​看到文章中的好句子時,可以直接複製句子、貼上到 Obsidian 的筆記中。​不用來回切換視窗,就能維持閱讀心流。​▋場景 4. 做 YouTube 筆記​想看的 YouTube 影片並放在右側,左側是自己的筆記區域。​可以搭配另一款 Obsidian 的擴充功能– Timestamp notes。​就能透過快捷鍵即時取得影片播放的時間戳,並且直接在筆記區域中作筆記。​學習影片內容變得很方便。​Obsidian 是威力強大又完全免費的筆記軟體,你一定要試試看。​P.S. 下方附上 Obsidian 完整教學目錄





  3. May 2023
    1. What Obs Canvas provides is a whiteboard where you can add notes, embed anything, create new notes, and export of the result.

      Six example categories of using Canvas in Obsidian. - Dashboard - Create flow charts - Mindmaps - Mapping out ideas as Graph View replacement - Writing, structure an article ([[Ik noem mijn MOCs Olifantenpaadjes 20210313094501]]) - Brainstorming (also a Graph View replacement)

      I have used [[Tinderbox]] as canvas / outliner (as it allows view-switch between them) for dashboards mostly, as well as for braindumping and then mapping it for ideas and patterns.

      Canvas w Excalibur may help escape the linearity of a note writing window (atomic notes are fine as linear texts)

  4. Nov 2022
    1. Kevin Flowers Nov 7th at 12:50 PM# Question about repliesForgive me a bit if this is the wrong place to ask, but is the feature of having Hypothes.is list replies somewhere on the roadmap?  I checked the github issues with "label:enhancement" but nothing matches what I'm wondering aboutI could be missing something obvious, but when I search my username in https://hypothes.is/users, none of the replies I've made on other people's public annotations show up# Use casesSometimes people have insightful observations and references they provide, so I tend to reply to those annotations with tags that I use to sort through (eg, tags like "to read", "how to", "tutorial", and so forth)I also tend to make comments on what the OP's annotation made me think of at the time of reading it which is exemplified in the attached screenshotimage.png 9 repliesMichael DiRoberts  7 days ago@Kevin Flowers You’re right, the Activity Page (https://hypothes.is) doesn’t show replies. The Notebook, which will be built out more with time, does.https://web.hypothes.is/help/how-to-preview-the-hypothesis-notebook/HypothesisHow to Preview the Hypothesis Notebook : HypothesisHypothesis has released an early preview of Notebook, which enables you to view, search for, and filter annotations. While this tool is available in both the LMS and web apps, it is designed to bring much-needed functionality to our LMS users. This initial release contains some basic features we have planned to include in the […]Est. reading time2 minutes1Michael DiRoberts  7 days agoI hope Notebook solves the issue for you! For now it’s going to work on private groups and not the Public group (due to it having a limit of 5,000 annotations), though that may change in the future.Michael DiRoberts  7 days agoIf you’re comfortable using APIs then you might check out our API as well: https://h.readthedocs.io/en/latest/api-reference/v1/.You can find replies by looking at rows that contain references.Kevin Flowers  7 days agoOh, the Notebook seems like a neat tool, I'll have to share that with some friendsKevin Flowers  7 days agoThe issue for my own PKM (personal knowledge management) stack is that I couple Hypothes.is with an Obsidian [1] plugin that imports my annotations into my local file system.  Atm, I think the plugin only references the Activity Page to import annotations, so it looks like I'll have to play around with the API you mentioned if I want to grab my replies (along with their parent replies & annotations)[1] Obsidian is a notetaking software similar to Roam & Logseq; it just adds a pretty GUI on top of .md files which are stored locallyMichael DiRoberts  7 days agoNote that the Obsidian plugin wasn’t made by us, so I’m not familiar with how it works. It’s a little weird to me that it would work over the activity page and not use our API, however.Brian Cordan Young  7 days ago@Kevin Flowers Do you have, or have you considered, blogging about your use of Hypothesis as a part of a PKM?I’m still not a regular user of Hypothesis because it doesn’t fit in to my current info consumption well enough. That said I love learning how others do fit it in.(Obsidian is really great too) (edited) Kevin Flowers  7 days ago@Michael DiRoberts ah, you're right, thanks for mentioning that.   Looks like it requires one to generate an API token in order to pull highlights, so it must be using the Hypothes.is API in some way.  Sadly, I'm not familiar enough with general software development design (or JavaScript/TypeScript), and the source code for obsidian-hypothesis-plugin doesn't have enough high level comments for me to parse what any given file does.  It'll probably be cumbersome and somewhat painful, but I'll probably learn more by just building something from scratch@Brian Cordan Young Huh, I hadn't considered that until you mentioned it.   Recently developed some interest in building something with JavaScript (probably with the Next.js framework), so a blog might be just the project I've been looking forGitHubobsidian-hypothesis-plugin/src at master · weichenw/obsidian-hypothesis-pluginAn Obsidian.md plugin that syncs highlights from Hypothesis. - obsidian-hypothesis-plugin/src at master · weichenw/obsidian-hypothesis-plugin (150 kB)https://github.com/weichenw/obsidian-hypothesis-plugin/tree/master/srcMichael DiRoberts  7 days agoJust in case, or for others in the future, you can generate a Hypothesis API token here: https://hypothes.is/account/developer1

      This is a post I made on the Slack public channel asking about whether or not Hypothes.is indexes replies. A tech support membered confirmed this is true.

      However, Obsidian's Hypothes.is plugin does pull replies. It should be noted that default settings don't capture updates to the annotations or tags.

  5. Aug 2022
    1. For the sake of simplicity, go to Graph Analysis Settings and disable everything but Co-Citations, Jaccard, Adamic Adar, and Label Propogation. I won't spend my time explaining each because you can find those in the net, but these are essentially algorithms that find connections for you. Co-Citations, for example, uses second order links or links of links, which could generate ideas or help you create indexes. It essentially automates looking through the backlinks and local graphs as it generates possible relations for you.
  6. Mar 2022
    1. I came up with a couple of criteria to help identify practical uses for the Dataview tool, over say, a embedded search query. Here are a few of those criteria: Use to access or summarize frequently-accessed data.Use in situations where the data is dynamic, and can change over time.Use to help automating a process

      When will I need Dataview plugin

  7. Feb 2022
    1. Try not to have white spaces in your folder and file names

      This would be a useful plugin for freely publishing Obsidian content via Git, except for this problem. I depend on whitespace in filenames. Pity.

  8. Jan 2022
    1. it's a global algorithm it the results don't change based on which node you're currently focused on and so the hits algorithm 00:11:54 is telling us the hub score and the authority score of every note in the vault

      HITS Centrality algorithm

      • the currently focused note is in bold format in the list.
      • I think it lists the main overlinked (overcited) note in the vault
    2. it's giving us an idea of which notes are like most central if you sort of bring the most highly linked notes to the center of the graph these are going to tell you

      Centrality algorithms

    3. the exact values aren't um like really what you should be considering most of the time the relation between 00:03:23 those values to other nodes in your vault is what gives you the most information

      Graph analysis

    4. the structure of your graph the the links between your notes and not the content in those notes the similarity algorithm is telling you how similar the current note is to every other node

      Similarity algorithm

    1. let's start with tag notes so i'm going to create a new note called tag note and a tag note takes
      • My tagnote structure for my tag doesnt work on repeated trying 1248hrs
  9. Dec 2021
    1. > possibly useful quote that supports my argument - keyword:: #representation_of_race #western #masculinity - film:: [[The Searchers]] - project:: #CLASS101 - comments:: this is really great, should use it in section B!

      Quote Dataview

  10. Sep 2021
    1. A potentially interesting task management plugin for obsidian. I'm a little worried about long-term support. I'm going to wait and see what happens.

  11. Jul 2021
    1. Task related plugin for Obsidian.

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Eleanor Konik</span> in 2021-07-17: Obsidian Mobile, Community Events & Graph Tips (<time class='dt-published'>07/29/2021 11:06:38</time>)</cite></small>