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  1. Jan 2023
    1. Recommandation 35Développer des espaces de WIFI gratuit etconduire une consultation sur un « droità la connexion » ou un « droit d’accèsau numérique », en y associant aussibien les fournisseurs d’accès à internetque les personnes précaires. Mener desexpérimentations pour déterminer le meilleurmodèle qui rendrait internet accessible à tous.
  2. Dec 2022
    1. The EAP-SIM mechanism specifies enhancements to GSM authentication and key agreement whereby multiple authentication triplets can be combined to create authentication responses and session keys of greater strength than the individual GSM triplets. The mechanism also includes network authentication, user anonymity support, result indications, and a fast re-authentication procedure.
  3. Oct 2022
  4. Sep 2022
  5. Aug 2022
    1. Citation: Kirkpatrick, Keith. The Road to 6G. Communications of the ACM, September 2022, Vol. 65 No. 9, Pages 14-16 10.1145/3546959

      Although it is early in the commercial rollout of 5G mobile networks, countries, companies and standards bodies are gearing up for what will be in the next version—so called “6G” mobile network. There are already experimental allocation of high frequency radio bands and testing that has occurred at about 100m distances. The high frequency will mean higher bandwidth, but over shorter distances. There are experiments to make passive graphene reflectors on common surfaces to help with propagation. What may come is a convergence of 6G with WiFi 6 to support connectivity from body-area networks to low earth orbit satellites.

  6. Jul 2022
    1. WiFi QR code is simply a text QR code with a special format as follows:WIFI:S:<SSID>;T:<WEP|WPA|blank>;P:<PASSWORD>;H:<true|false|blank>;;The S sets the SSID of the network, T defines the security in use, P is the password and H whether the network is hidden or not.

      WiFi QR code format

  7. Feb 2022
    1. Reposant sur le protocole d'authentification EAP-SIM, FreeWiFi_Secure est entièrement sécurisé, chaque abonné se connectant automatiquement au réseau WiFi communautaire par une adresse IP dédiée et dont les communications sont chiffrées (WPA). L'avantage majeur d'EAP-SIM réside dans le fait qu'aucune saisie d'identifiant n'est nécessaire, l'authentification s'effectue automatiquement, avec la carte SIM. Tous les téléphones vendus par Free sont compatibles avec FreeWiFi_Secure - EAP-SIM. 
  8. Jan 2022
  9. Dec 2021
    1. What is P2P (peer-to-peer) and what can you do with it? https://www.itpedia.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/fingerworld.jpg.webp In a sense, Peer to Peer (P2P) networks are the social networks of the Internet. Every peer is equal to the others, and every peer has the same rights and duties as the others. Peers are clients and servers at the same time.

    1. Fiber optic WiFi vs. ADSL: which is better?

      Fiber optic WiFi vs. ADSL: which is better? https://en.itpedia.nl/2021/10/08/glasvezel-wifi-versus-adsl-wat-is-beter/ An unreliable or slow Internet can lead to slow transaction processing, such as bill failures, video conferences that often lag or buffer, or business orders that take too long to process. There are several options for fast internet. Two of these options are fiber optic WiFi and ADSL. Which of these two can better meet our need for fast internet?

  10. Nov 2021
  11. Oct 2021
    1. Supporting 4×4 MIMO takes a lot more power, and for battery powered devices, runtime is FAR more important.

      Reason why client devices still use 2x2 MIMO, not 4x4 MIMO

    2. How did your router even get a 'rating' of 5300 Mbps in the first place? Router manufacturers combine/add the maximum physical network speeds for ALL wifi bands (usually 2 or 3 bands) in the router to produce a single aggregate (grossly inflated) Mbps number. But your client device only connects to ONE band (not all bands) on the router at once. So, '5300 Mbps' is all marketing hype.

      Why routers get such a high rating

    3. The only thing that really matters to you is the maximum speed of a single 5 GHz band (using all MIMO antennas).

      What to focus on when choosing a router

    4. You have 1 Gbps Internet, and just bought a very expensive AX11000 class router with advertised speeds of up to 11 Gbps, but when you run a speed test from your iPhone XS Max (at a distance of around 32 feet), you only get around 450 Mbps (±45 Mbps). Same for iPad Pro. Same for Samsung Galaxy S8. Same for a laptop computer. Same for most wireless clients. Why? Because that is the speed expected from these (2×2 MIMO) devices!

      Reason why you may be getting slow internet speed on your client device (2x2 MIMO one)

  12. Oct 2020
    1. 8devices has now entered the fray with Qualcomm IPQ6000/IPQ6010 powered Mango WiFi 6 system-in-module available in commercial or industrial temperature range, as well as as a development kit based on the module.

      8device is awesome and has made really good modules at a great price for a while now i love this company & their support is definitely on par.

      i can't wait for a less frigging ancient core but wow still a powerful offering. good wifi! huzzah: that's what this module offers. on package. wow. the chip has some good ok stuff. 2x 5Gbe. usb3. a lane of pcie3. not bad. seemingly the lane of pcie is after the dual onboard 802.11ax 2x2? cause that's what this is really about. some wifi io.

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