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  1. Dec 2022
    1. I came here after reading a couple articles (one on Super User & one on MS's help forums) recommending X-Mouse Button Control as a general way to disable back buttons on mice.

      Note: this doesn't seem to work on Windows 11 for Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Optical.

  2. Sep 2022
  3. Aug 2022
    1. The template for what personal computing could become was really obvious by the end of the 1970s. If you look at Engelbart, it was obvious in 1968. But it did take quite a while for the computer chips to be powerful enough and inexpensive enough to make the kinds of things that billions of people use today.

      Ideas ahead of their time in the mainstream (not in the niches). Compare to Lernout and Hauspie wrt early natural language processing 1987-1998 and GPT-3 now.

  4. Jul 2022
  5. Jun 2022
  6. Feb 2022
    1. If you put a bunch of research into designing a really great product and it succeeds but gets effectively copied by low-cost clones, you’ll be sad. I am not sure how to defend this, and I think it is probably the weakest point of this business model;

      By getting to economies of scale faster than other people can?

    1. For Nvidia, the speed of the 3080 package makes for a solid sales pitch: This cloud PC is probably faster than your home system, so cloud gaming is worth it. Cloud gaming will always present a latency tradeoff, but that latency is easier to accept if you're getting otherwise-unattainable graphics quality along with it.

      Smart strategy by Nvidia.

  7. Jan 2022
  8. Nov 2021
    1. I have an iPad Pro, a 2018 model that I bought earlier this year because I felt that it was important to have an understanding of the iOS ecosystem even if I was using Android with my smartphone.

      This is a great idea imo.

  9. Oct 2021
  10. Aug 2021
    1. il faut envisager ici l’échelle de la machine en adéquation avec celles des énergies terrestres et concevoir des structures qui, dans le temps, épouseront les cycles de l’ère géologique que nous habitons

      Ce type de problème de conception est inhérent a la propre finitude de l’être humain : on ne peut pas penser a tout. Cependant, si un système est bien conçu, ce type d’erreur peut souvent être résolu par une mise a jour logicielle (plus ou moins bas niveau). Il est donc possible que la correction de ce bug ne coûte aucune matière additionnelle : pas besoin de remplacer le matériel, mais besoin de beaucoup se creuser le cerveau pour mettre a jour le logiciel.

  11. Jun 2021
    1. the logical and physical page addresses are decoupled. A mapping table, which is stored on the SSD, translates logical (software) addresses to physical (flash) locations. This component is also called Flash Translation Layer (FTL).

      Flash Translation Layer (FTL)

    2. NAND flash pages cannot be overwritten. Page writes can only be performed sequentially within blocks that have been erased beforehand.

      Overwriting data on SSDs

    3. For example, if one looks at write latency, one may measure results as low as 10us – 10 times faster than a read. However, latency only appears so low because SSDs are caching writes on volatile RAM. The actual write latency of NAND flash is about 1ms – 10 times slower than a read.

      SSDs writes aren't as fast as they seem to be

    4. Another important difference between disks and SSDs is that disks have one disk head and perform well only for sequential accesses. SSDs, in contrast, consist of dozens or even hundreds of flash chips ("parallel units"), which can be accessed concurrently.

      2nd difference between SSDs and HDDs

    5. SSDs are often referred to as disks, but this is misleading as they store data on semiconductors instead of a mechanical disk.

      1st difference between SSDs and HDDs

  12. Jan 2021
    1. Volkswagen, the world’s largest car maker, has outspent all rivals in a global bid by auto incumbents to beat Tesla. For years, industry leaders and analysts pointed to the German company as evidence that, once unleashed, the old guard’s raw financial power paired with decades of engineering excellence would make short work of Elon Musk’s scrappy startup. What they didn’t consider: Electric vehicles are more about software than hardware. And producing exquisitely engineered gas-powered cars doesn’t translate into coding savvy.

      Many thought Volkswagen would crush Tesla as soon as they put their weight behind an electric car initiative. What they didn't consider was that an electric car is more about software than it is about hardware.

  13. Dec 2020
  14. Sep 2020
    1. For example, the one- pass (hardware) translator generated a symbol table and reverse Polish code as in conven- tional software interpretive languages. The translator hardware (compiler) operated at disk transfer speeds and was so fast there was no need to keep and store object code, since it could be quickly regenerated on-the-fly. The hardware-implemented job controller per- formed conventional operating system func- tions. The memory controller provided

      Hardware assisted compiler is a fantastic idea. TPUs from Google are essentially this. They're hardware assistance for matrix multiplication operations for machine learning workloads created by tools like TensorFlow.

  15. Aug 2020
  16. Apr 2020
    1. Unfortunately no - it cannot be done without Trusted security devices. There are several reasons for this. All of the below is working on the assumption you have no TPM or other trusted security device in place and are working in a "password only" environment.

      Devices without a TPM module will be always asked for a password (e.g. by BitLocker) on every boot

    1. Ainsi, par le recours aux outils informatiques, la pratique architecturale se voit coupée en deux (opérant par là le renversement d’un paradigme accepté par la discipline depuis Alberti) : une partie hard dont l’architecture est responsable, et une partie soft rendue aux habitants

      dualité du régime de vie du projet architectural: la partie hard, la structure, celle dessinée par les architectes, et la partie soft – dynamique, imprévisible, dont s’empare les citoyens.

  17. Mar 2020
    1. Połączona sieć komputerów działających w ramach inicjatywy Folding@Home przewyższyła swoją mocą obliczeniową najwydajniejsze siedem superkomputerów na świecie. Dobrze przeczytaliście: połączone w ramach F@H urządzenia dysponują mocą obliczeniową na poziomie 470 PetaFLOPS - wyższą od siedmiu najwydajniejszych superkomputerów na świecie razem wziętych! To trzy razy większa wydajność od tej, którą dysponuje najwydajniejszy obecnie superkomputer SUMMIT (149 PFLOPS).

      Internauts build a supercomputer network stronger than 7 most efficient local supercomputers interconnected. The reason is to fight against COVID-19.

      You can also join them by using Folding@home software

  18. Dec 2019
    1. Use a USB-condom. This is a device that plugs in between your normal cable and the computer and blocks the data lines
    2. Use a USB cable with a "data switch". This cable is normally power-only, which is what you want 90% of the time. However there is a button ("Data Transfer Protection On/Off Switch") you can press that will enable data. An LED indicates the mode. This kind of cable is much safer and secure, plus more convenient for the users. It follows the security principle that if you make the defaults what you want users to do, they're more likely to follow your security policy.
  19. Oct 2019
    1. espite the potential of emerging technologies to assist persons with cognitive disabilities,significant practical impediments remain to be overcome in commercialization, consumerabandonment, and in the design and development of useful products. Barriers also exist in terms of the financial and organizational feasibility of specific envisionedproducts, and their limited potential to reach the consumer market. Innovative engineeringapproaches, effective needs analysis, user-centered design, and rapid evolutionary developmentare essential to ensure that technically feasible products meet the real needs of persons withcognitive disabilities. Efforts must be made by advocates, designers and manufacturers to promote betterintegration of future software and hardware systems so that forthcoming iterations of personalsupport technologies and assisted care systems technologies do not quickly become obsolete.They will need to operate seamlessly across multiple real-world environments in the home,school, community, and workplace

      This journal clearly explains the use of technologies with special aid people how a certain group can leverage it, while also touch basing on what are the challenges which special aid people face financially.

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  25. Sep 2017
    1. whenever I want to use my tablet it's rarely charged there always wants lots of updates

    1. tried to test some AA batteries. is 1.3 good? the lights didn't light up. Are the batteries on the meter low?

  26. Jul 2017
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  28. Mar 2017
    1. The biggest benefit may be from substantially increasing the amount of physical memory in a server: 2 socket Xeon systems can hold up to 3TB of RAM, but 24TB of Optane, and 4 socket systems support up to 12TB RAM, but 48TB Optane. This could be a huge boost for applications that need truly enormous quantities of memory.
    2. Unlike flash, which physically wears out due to the stress placed by erases, 3D XPoint writes are non-destructive. This gives the drives much greater endurance than NAND of a comparable density, with Intel saying that Optane SSDs can safely be written 30 times per day, compared to a typical 0.5-10 whole drive writes per day.
    3. 3D XPoint is a new kind of persistent solid state memory devised by Intel and Micron. Details on how the memory actually works remain scarce—it's generally believed to use some kind of change in resistance to record data—but its performance characteristics and technical capabilities make it appealing for a wide range of applications
  29. Jun 2016
    1. Two 140mm fan (front)

      Why are the front fans not designed to be center aligned...

  30. Jan 2016
  31. Dec 2015
    1. In addition to the improved performance, Big Sur is far more versatile and efficient than the off-the-shelf solutions in our previous generation. While many high-performance computing systems require special cooling and other unique infrastructure to operate, we have optimized these new servers for thermal and power efficiency, allowing us to operate them even in our own free-air cooled, Open Compute standard data centers.

      Facebook's Open Compute Project releases open-source hardware designs created with energy efficiency and ease of maintenance as priorities.

  32. May 2015
    1. Developing code for an FPGA is actually describing how the above pieces are configured and interconnected.

      Great way to describe this!

  33. Mar 2015
    1. lowRISC is producing fully open hardware systems. From the processor core to the development board, our goal is to create a completely open computing eco-system. Our open-source SoC (System-on-a-Chip) designs will be based on the 64-bit RISC-V instruction set architecture. Volume silicon manufacture is planned as is a low-cost development board. There are more details on our plans in these slides from a recent talk lowRISC is a not-for-profit organisation working closely with the University of Cambridge and the open-source community.
  34. ronja.twibright.com ronja.twibright.com
    1. Ronja is a free technology project for reliable optical data links with a current range of 1.4km and a communication speed of 10Mbps full duplex. Applications of this wireless networking device include backbone of free, public, and community networks, individual and corporate Internet connectivity, and also home and building security. High reliability and availability linking is possible in combination with WiFi devices. The Twibright Ronja datalink can network neighbouring houses with cross-street ethernet access, solve the last mile problem for ISP’s, or provide a link layer for fast neighbourhood mesh networks.
    1. RISC-V: free and open instruction set architecture (ISA). including "rocket chip" cpu reference implementation.