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  1. Jul 2023
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    1. the Prison Notebooks, contain Gramsci's tracing of Italian history and nationalism, as well as some ideas in Marxist theory, critical theory and educational theory associated with his name, such as: Cultural hegemony as a means of maintaining and legitimising the capitalist state The need for popular workers' education to encourage development of intellectuals from the working-class An analysis of the modern capitalist state that distinguishes between political society, which dominates directly and coercively, and civil society, where leadership is constituted through consent Absolute historicism A critique of economic determinism that opposes fatalistic interpretations of Marxism A critique of philosophical materialism
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    1. We can use the readlink command to resolve relative paths, including symlinks. It uses the -f flag to print the full path:
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    1. let me make a few comments if i may about time from nagarjuna's perspective there is no 01:25:52 time i don't think i can be more brief and how does he support that he says well when you're in the present moment there's no past and there's no future 01:26:06 if you dissect the present moment even to a more granular present moment some of that's going to be passed some of that's going to be yet to come and then you have even a finer more 01:26:18 granular present moment if you keep going on with that granularity you end up having no time you have no past no future and no presence so that's kind of in a nutshell some of the arguments or 01:26:32 logic that knock arjuna nagarjuna uses to establish no time now of course what he means is there's no absolute time there's no time on a some there's no essence of time um there is you know 01:26:46 time from the perspective of of of conventionality um cause and effect is reciprocal so when we have a cause we have an effect or we know there's 01:26:59 going to be an effect but also from the point of view of the effect the result we know that there must have been a cause so this reciprocality is something unique to the highest 01:27:10 school of prasannika majamaka uh within the fourth highest school of majamaca i just wanted to mention that to to round out one of our previous discussions

      Barry points out Nagarjuna's analysis of time leads to the conclusion that there is no absolute present, past or future.

      It is difficult to fathom the full import of what this means. If time exists conventionally but not absolutely, what are the implications of this?

      Also, there are Buddhist arguments that hold that there is no causality because A and B are different, how could A ever cause B? This has not been discussed here yet.

    1. I have always liked the weaving loom as a metaphor for weaving the absolute and relative together into one cloth. The absolute can be the warp, the relative can be the woof, and the shuttle or the jade works , can spin them all together into one cloth. It’s not that we have to make them into one cloth, they are always manifesting together in simultaneous realization . The jade works is the activity of life itself, the total dynamic functioning of the activity of the universe. Sometimes translated as: The Whole Works. Always right here. All-at-oneness.

      Weaving loom analogy! In life, weave the absolute and the relative into one clothes. The absolute is the warp The relative is the woof the Jade Works is the shuttle spinning appearances into one beautiful tapestry. one beautiful simultaneous realization The Whole Works!


      The absolute and relative are two sides of the same coin

    2. This is the paradoxical practice of Zen. How can we take care of the ordinary things and people in our daily life with care and attentiveness and still understand and know their impermanence? In practicing these two views simultaneously, we can come to understand freedom and to completely inhabit our one precious and unique human life. They mutually support each other and yet retain their distinctive qualities. We don’t call something that is white, black and yet we understand that white and black share the same essence. This understanding defines a good Zen practice. We take care of cause and effect from the basis of operation of boundless, timeless, open awareness.

      We straddle the absolute and relative with each step, each action in the simultaneous relative and absolute world. As Dasietz Suzuki said, "The elbow does not bend backwards". The world limits us, but freedom is all around.

    3. The absolute in the relative and the relative in the absolute

      Title: The absolute in the relative and the relative in the absolute Author: Judith Ragir Date: ?

  5. Apr 2020
    1. war inevitably breeds more war

      This is basically "war on war". Absolutist black-or-white thinking ultimately undermines itself...

  6. Jan 2020
    1. The concentration of GFP in the sample had been measured using a nanodrop and was ~120μM

      How was the protein quantified? I assume UV absorption or Bradford assay was used.