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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Verdict of EU CJ, IAB Europe is een joint-controller voor de AVG. En daarmee ook aan te pakken. Ook de volgende iteratie van IABEurope om onder de AVG uit te komen faalt dus.

      1 TC String is personal data under the GDPR: "a string composed of a combination of letters and characters, such as the TC String, containing the preferences of a user of the internet or of an application relating to that user’s consent to the processing of personal data concerning him or her by website or application providers as well as by brokers of such data and by advertising platforms constitutes personal data within the meaning of that provision in so far as, where those data may, by reasonable means, be associated with an identifier, such as, inter alia, the IP address of that user’s device, they allow the data subject to be identified. In such circumstances, the fact that, without an external contribution, a sectoral organisation holding that string can neither access the data that are processed by its members under the rules which that organisation has established nor combine that string with other factors does not preclude that string from constituting personal data within the meaning of that provision."

      2 IABEurope is a joint controller: "first, a sectoral organisation, in so far as it proposes to its members a framework of rules that it has established relating to consent to the processing of personal data, which contains not only binding technical rules but also rules setting out in detail the arrangements for storing and disseminating personal data relating to such consent, must be classified as a ‘joint controller’ for the purpose of those provisions where, in the light of the particular circumstances of the individual case, it exerts influence over the personal data processing at issue, for its own purposes, and determines, as a result, jointly with its members, the purposes and means of such processing. The fact that such a sectoral organisation does not itself have direct access to the personal data processed by its members under those rules does not preclude it from holding the status of joint controller for the purpose of those provisions";

    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20240325144725/https://www.golem.de/news/tracking-und-cookies-dieses-urteil-koennte-die-online-werbung-veraendern-2403-183186.html

      Oordeel over IAB latest trick mbt real time bidding. IAB is again determined to be a processor. I think this is their 3rd of even 4th iteration. High time a judge concludes they aren't good faith actors (and never were). The Transparency and Consent string is judged to be personal information as it contains both a url and personal user preferences. IAB and not only their individual members can now centrally be prosecuted for GDPR violation.

  2. Jan 2024
    1. The prevalence of Denial of Future Attacks (DoFAs) in our information landscape is primarily attributed to the combination of media dynamics and their underlying business models. The way journalists are incentivized plays a crucial role; their focus often lies more on garnering attention than driving actual change. A telling example is the nature of what's considered 'breaking news' today, especially in the context of the constant stream of notifications on our smartphones. This attention-driven approach

      DoFA is enabled / driven by outrage-induction / attention hijacking in service of adtech. Vgl [[Aandacht als geletterdheid 20201117203910]]

  3. Nov 2023
  4. Oct 2023
    1. Meta reported to switch payments for tracking in EU, as a way around GDPR issues w tracking. Based on EUCJ verdict in which it was mentioned as an aside. NOYB says this has been previously allowed at media-sites. Imo it was backward then, because it retains the fiction that advertising is only possible with tracking, which is false.

  5. Jul 2023
    1. I work in marketing, for my sins. This is mostly why I’m so entirely down on the marketing industry and many of the people who work in it. I also happen to have an MSc in psychology – actual psychology! – with a focus on behaviour change. On day 1 of your class about behaviour change in a science course, you learn that behaviour change is not a simple matter of information in, behaviour out. Human behaviour, and changing it, is big and complex. Meanwhile, on your marketing courses, which I have had the misfortune to attend, the model of changing behaviour is pretty much this: information in, behaviour out.

      Marketing assumes information in means behaviour out, and conveys that in marketing courses. Psychology teaches that behavioural change is not just info in behaviour out, but a complex thing. Marketing has clay feet.

  6. May 2022
    1. We don’t know how many media outlets have been run out of existence because of brand safety technology, nor how many media outlets will never be able to monetize critical news coverage because the issues important to their communities are marked as “unsafe.”
    1. Text file You can provide a simple text file that contains one URL per line. The text file must follow these guidelines: The text file must have one URL per line. The URLs cannot contain embedded new lines. You must fully specify URLs, including the http. Each text file can contain a maximum of 50,000 URLs and must be no larger than 50MB (52,428,800 bytes). If you site includes more than 50,000 URLs, you can separate the list into multiple text files and add each one separately. The text file must use UTF-8 encoding. You can specify this when you save the file (for instance, in Notepad, this is listed in the Encoding menu of the Save As dialog box). The text file should contain no information other than the list of URLs. The text file should contain no header or footer information. If you would like, you may compress your Sitemap text file using gzip to reduce your bandwidth requirement. You can name the text file anything you wish. Please check to make sure that your URLs follow the RFC-3986 standard for URIs, the RFC-3987 standard for IRIs You should upload the text file to the highest-level directory you want search engines to crawl and make sure that you don't list URLs in the text file that are located in a higher-level directory. Sample text file entries are shown below. http://www.example.com/catalog?item=1 http://www.example.com/catalog?item=11

      There's been a plaintext sitemap standard this whole time??? Lmao I'm an idiot.

  7. Oct 2021
    1. Table 2 - Energy efficiencies of mobile networks

      These figures are quite a bit higher than the ones from Ericsson, and even from the IEA's analysis - they assume between 0.1 and 0.2 , and this is 0.35 for 4G

    2. Therefore, we take the 17% of app traffic associated with ATS found by Vallina-Rodriguez et al., (2016) as an upper boundary, also because in some video apps lots of advertisements are shown, and as a lower boundary we assume 10%, to use a conservative range for the carbon footprint of unwanted data-use.

      So, they assume between 1/6th and 1/10th of total transfer is unwanted ad-traffic.

    3. We assumed that the electricity use is distributed all over Europe. In the calculation we used the actual European electricity grid mix from 2019.

      OK this is good. The average grid mix might be a tad high if it isn't a weighted average, as I don't think internet usage and penetration is uniform across Europe. America, then the UK, and then Germany are the largest English speaking markets online, IIRC, so it might be worth looking at how this might affect the carbon intensity used per kilowatt hour of electricity

    4. To compensate for 3 to 8 Mt CO2 emissions, 160 to 410 million trees need to grow for one year or between 60 and 150 million PV panels need to be installed to replace the average European electricity production.

      There are other stats that show the mortality from excess emissions, often used to show that airliners end up causing numbers of deaths that if taken into account, would ground them based on their own safety standards

    5. In this study we define the unwanted data-use by smartphone apps as the network data (both cellular and Wi-Fi) used to transfer the data collected by third-party advertisement and tracking services (ATS) in smartphone apps to the third-party servers. As approximately 60% of the consumers indicate that they would turn off third-party tracking, 60% of the network data used by ATS is qualified as unwanted.

      So this is where the 60% figure comes from, for later reference

    6. Smartphone apps collect more user data (also called tracking) than most consumers prefer. Besides privacy risks, the collection of user data also results in a carbon footprint as sending this user data to third parties and showing personalised advertisements consumes network data. When the user tracking is unwanted, also the consumption of network data for tracking is unwanted.

      Another way of framing this might be shifting the cost of the web onto everyone else affected by our changing climate.



    1. This is the result of using high and outdated energy-use assumptions for various access modes – for example, 0.9 kWh/GB for “mobile” compared to more recent peer-reviewed estimates of 0.1-0.2 kWh/GB for 4G mobile in 2019.

      These numbers are less than half the Delft University ones

  8. Jun 2021
    1. Last year, Page told a convention of scientists that Google is “really trying to build artificial intelligence and to do it on a large scale.”

      What if they're not? What if they're building an advertising machine to manipulate us into giving them all our money?

      From an investor perspective, the artificial answer certainly seems sexy while using some clever legerdemain to keep the public from seeing what's really going on behind the curtain?

  9. May 2021
  10. Apr 2021
    1. Over the years, the machinery of targeted advertising has frequently been used for exploitation, discrimination, and harm. The ability to target people based on ethnicity, religion, gender, age, or ability allows discriminatory ads for jobs, housing, and credit. Targeting based on credit history—or characteristics systematically associated with it— enables predatory ads for high-interest loans. Targeting based on demographics, location, and political affiliation helps purveyors of politically motivated disinformation and voter suppression. All kinds of behavioral targeting increase the risk of convincing scams.

      a succinct summary of the harms of tracking and adtech

    2. The power to target is the power to discriminate. By definition, targeted ads allow advertisers to reach some kinds of people while excluding others. A targeting system may be used to decide who gets to see job postings or loan offers just as easily as it is to advertise shoes. 
    3. You should have a right to present different aspects of your identity in different contexts. If you visit a site for medical information, you might trust it with information about your health, but there’s no reason it needs to know what your politics are. Likewise, if you visit a retail website, it shouldn’t need to know whether you’ve recently read up on treatment for depression. FLoC erodes this separation of contexts, and instead presents the same behavioral summary to everyone you interact with.
    1. We also believe that in order to democratize audio and achieve Spotify’s mission of enabling a million creators to live off of their art, we must work to enable greater choice for creators. This choice becomes increasingly important as audio becomes even easier to create and share.

      Dear Anchor/Spotify, please remember that democratize DOES NOT equal surveillance capitalism. In fact, Facebook and others have shown that doing what you're probably currently planning for the podcasting space will most likely work against democracy.

    1. I asked Seyal if Pinterest had ever considered a feature that let users mark a life event complete. Canceled. Finished. Done. “We would have to have a system that thinks about things on an event level, so we could deliver on the promise,” Seyal said. “Right now we just use relevance as a measure.” But had Pinterest considered that, in the long run, people might be more inclined to use the app if it could become a clean space for them when they needed it to be, a corner of the internet uncluttered with grief?

      This would be a great feature for IndieWeb creators to consider.

    2. So on a blindingly sunny day in October 2019, I met with Omar Seyal, who runs Pinterest’s core product. I said, in a polite way, that Pinterest had become the bane of my online existence.“We call this the miscarriage problem,” Seyal said, almost as soon as I sat down and cracked open my laptop. I may have flinched. Seyal’s role at Pinterest doesn’t encompass ads, but he attempted to explain why the internet kept showing me wedding content. “I view this as a version of the bias-of-the-majority problem. Most people who start wedding planning are buying expensive things, so there are a lot of expensive ad bids coming in for them. And most people who start wedding planning finish it,” he said. Similarly, most Pinterest users who use the app to search for nursery decor end up using the nursery. When you have a negative experience, you’re part of the minority, Seyal said.

      What a gruesome name for an all-too-frequent internet problem: miscarriage problem

  11. Jan 2021
    1. But brand safety requires us to do two things: 1.) keep our ads away from hate speech and 2.) fund our news ecosystem. When you know your vendors are failing at both, can you afford to look away?