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  1. Apr 2024
    1. A los anarquistasles gusta destacar por su práctica y por cómo se organizanpara llevarla a cabo y, de hecho, han consagrado la mayorparte de su tiempo a pensar y discutir precisamente eso.

      El anarquismo no solo es una teoría política, sino también una práctica activa que busca transformar la realidad a través de la acción directa y la reflexión constante.

      Además, dedican gran parte de su tiempo a reflexionar y debatir precisamente sobre este tema.

      Esta observación resalta dos aspectos importantes del anarquismo:

      Énfasis en la Práctica: A diferencia de algunas corrientes teóricas que se centran principalmente en la discusión y la elaboración de ideas, los anarquistas ponen un fuerte énfasis en la acción directa. Para ellos, la práctica es fundamental para lograr cambios reales en la sociedad. Esto puede manifestarse en la participación en movimientos sociales, la creación de comunidades autogestionadas o la resistencia activa contra las estructuras de poder.

      Organización Horizontal: Los anarquistas tienden a organizarse de manera horizontal. Esto significa que evitan jerarquías y buscan tomar decisiones de manera colectiva. La autogestión y la cooperación voluntaria son valores fundamentales en su enfoque organizativo.

  2. Jun 2023
    1. Computational studies that analyzed HGT events among bacterial genomes revealed that HGT frequency positively and strongly correlates with the similarity of tRNA pools between donors and acceptors
  3. Sep 2022
  4. Jan 2022
  5. Feb 2021
    1. invests some agencies of the state with the power and responsibility to monitor the conduct of their counterparts

      horizontal accountability definition

  6. Nov 2019
    1. HGT typically adds new catabolic routes to microbial metabolic networks. This increases the chance of new metabolic interactions between bacteria
  7. Oct 2019
    1. We tested a broad range of Enterobacteriaceae conjugative plasmids for their sensitivity to the growth stage of the donors and identified three distinct regulation types.
    1. In soil, bacteria tend to live in a state of dormancy due to prevailing oligotrophic conditions, which would not be particularly favorable for the development of competence

      It can also be argued that the transformed DNA is a good resource of phosphates, nitrogen etc., so might be favoured in oligotrophic conditions?

  8. Jul 2019
    1. often saw a potential need to access those materials again in subsequent courses, which justified their economic investment.

      I wonder if these students ended up using the materials in other courses. I'm also curious as to whether instructors within a major or department share which texts they're using in order to shape course readings across a major or minor.

  9. May 2019
  10. Oct 2018
  11. Sep 2017
    1. While it intervenes to protect legitimate state interests, the state must nevertheless put into place a robust regime that ensures the fulfilment of a three-fold requirement. These three requirements apply to all restraints on privacy (not just informational privacy). They emanate from the procedural and content-based mandate of Article 21. The first requirement that there must be a law in existence to justify an encroachmenton privacy is an express requirement of Article 21. For, no person can be deprived of his life or personal liberty except in accordance with the procedure established by law. The existence of law is an essential requirement. Second, the requirement of aneed, in terms of a legitimate state aim, ensures that the nature and content of the law which imposes the restriction falls within the zone of reasonableness mandated by Article 14, which is a guarantee against arbitrary state action. The pursuit of a legitimate state aim ensures that the law does not suffer from

      21 obligates the state to take steps to protect privacy (even in horizontal relationships?)

    2. reasonable expectation that it will be utilised

      Does the constitutional right to privacy envisage the purpose limitation principle? Does it only apply to state/private parties acting on behalf of state or for purely horizontal relationships as well?

  12. Feb 2016
    1. horizontal collaboration

      Terminology note: For Brown, 'horizontal' seems to reference the sometimes-at-tension network and protocol theories, where network theorists sometimes neglect to consider how protocols assemble nodes into hierarchies, (i.e.,compose edges/structures). In short, power and social relations are not distributed "horizontally" / cast in pure lines.

  13. Dec 2014
    1. This can not occur in the natural world.

      Genes from unrelated species may be incorporated in the wild by the process known as horizontal gene transfer.

      For example, approximately 8% of the human genome originated in viruses.

      Up to a quarter of the cow genome apparently originated in snakes, and was probably spread by ticks around the animal kingdom.