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  1. Jan 2024
    1. the day

      Jadeline's Christmas day, including a quiet breakfast, inviting guests over for simple Christmas gatherings, a dinner with family, and opening presents.

    2. Christmas day

      Who: The author (Jadeline), her husband, their children, invited guests, family members, and friends.

      What: Celebrating Christmas with a quiet breakfast, opening presents, having simple Christmas gatherings with invited guests, eating dinner with family, and opening more presents at home.

      Where: The author's home and the in-laws' house.

      Why: To celebrate Christmas and spend time with loved ones.

      When: On Christmas Day.

      How: The author and their family started the day slow and had a quiet breakfast at home. They invited guests to their house for Christmas gatherings and had food such as sourdough pizzas, egg tarts, chicken liver dish, chips, and roasted chestnuts. They chatted and enjoyed each other's company. The author's son received a bow and arrow as a present, which was enjoyed by other children too. They later had dinner with family, received presents from grandparents, and ended the day by opening more presents at home.

  2. Sep 2022
    1. Whatever Musk ends up doing, this possibility is what the right is actually celebrating.

      It is quite clear that the right "celebrates" Elon Musks eventual purchase of twitter as his political views as a billionaire would align closer to what the right views than what those on the left would. This would make Elon Musk buying twitter a larger advantage than one would think in the grand scheme. Twitter is heavily used throughout the political atmosphere to spread beliefs, campaigns and other politic related movements. By removing a previous owner who has been known to "censor" what is being tweeted, (which has prominently been on the right side, politically) , right wing ideas will have a greater chance of sticking with larger amounts of people. This is why this move is seen as worth celebrating on the right side of the political spectrum.

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    1. Local- using social media, technology, keeping it horizontal, keeping it simple and humble, celebration is important.
    2. If we are so sick of war, we have to stop thinking of fighting against something. We cant fight the big system, but rather making visible all the small beautiful stuff, so that all the bad things would lose power. So observing our own pattern of seeing. The need for celebrating and sharing is so important. We can pass years without even knowing each other. So learning how to embrace diversities, and other ways of communicating

      Great thought.

  10. Jul 2016