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    1. in 8:40, links are used in images to show dynamic threads. I can see this linking for information and expanding on the search of elements

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    1. “Given the high unemployment rate in South Africa as well … you cannot sell it as a climate change intervention,” says Deborah Ramalope, head of climate policy analysis at the policy institute Climate Analytics in Berlin. “You really need to sell it as a socioeconomic intervention.”
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        • Given the high unemployment rate in South Africa as well … you cannot sell it as a climate change intervention, you really need to sell it as a socioeconomic intervention.
      • author: Deborah Ramalop
      • date: Aug. 15, 2023
      • source: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/just-energy-transition-partnerships-south-africa-cop
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        • A Trojan horse strategy
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    1. At the eighth Festival after this they admitted the pancratium for men and the horse-race.

      Location of the horse tracks

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    1. an abnormal noise from the upper airway might be audible during galloping, which usually is a sign that there is something amiss with the upper airway
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    1. This song:




      is a file that I have. I believe that prefering your own race is very natural, but hating other races is a personal problem; that is more psychological than natural. This song makes no stance on any this at all though (FYI).

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    1. Ponies with gastric cannulas fed 45 mL corn oil PO once daily by dose syringe had significantly lower gastric acid output and increased prostaglandin concentration in their gastric juice compared to the non oil dosed animals

      This suggests that vegetable oils can act as a stomach membrane protector.

    2. Feeding of sweet feed should be avoided as a large quantity of VFAs could be produced if greater than 1 to 2 kg of sweet feed is fed per meal. Grains like barley and oats can be substituted to decrease fermentation to VFAs. The diet should not exceed 2 g/kg bodyweight of starch intake per day or more than 1 g/kg bodyweight of starch per meal.24 Concentrate meals should not be fed less than 6 hours apart.

      This recommends reducing grain intake in horses with ulcers.

    3. feed supplement consisting of salts of organic acids in combination with B‐vitamins might be beneficial in the management of ESGD98 and a preparation containing sea buckthorn berries appeared to have protective effects against the development of EGGD in a fasting model of disease

      Here's a "natural" preventative ulcer treatment.

    4. 23% of horses experiencing worsening of their EGGD grade in a series of recent studies, despite omeprazole treatment at doses ranging from 1–4 mg/kg PO once daily.

      In 23% of cases the ulcers got worse with a treatment of omeprazole.

    5. a recent study reported a 67.5% healing rate for EGGD of the pyloric antrum using omeprazole (GastroGard1) at 4 mg/kg PO once daily and sucralfate at 12 mg/kg PO twice daily.91 Further studies investigating the role of sucralfate and the potential for interactions between it and omeprazole, as reported in human medicine, are required.

      A treatment of sucralfate and omeprazole has shown to heal 67% of ulcer cases in horses but there may be interactions between the two drugs.

    6. although such bacteria are present in ESGD their role appears to be secondary as the response to acid suppression alone is good

      In some cases bacteria is present in horses with ulcers but it is considered a secondary cause and acid suppression treatment such as omeprazole (commonly known as Prilosec ) is effective.

    7. The factors that contribute to breakdown of this protective layer are yet to be elucidated in the horse, but in humans Helicobacter pylori and NSAIDs are the predominant causes of gastric ulceration.

      In summary, the cause of ulcers in humans is the presence of the H pylori bacteria however, the cause in horses is still unknown.

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    1. The greatest racehorse of the 18th century was allegedly born during the 1764 solar eclipse, which tracked from Iberia to Scandinavia, at noon on April Fool’s Day. He was named, appropriately, Eclipse, and had a brief racing career of just 17 months. At that point he had to be retired, not for any physical reason, but because he won so consistently that no one bet on any other horse.

      There should be a movie about him!

  15. Apr 2017
    1. Ye say that the interest of the master is a sufficient protection to the slave. In the fury of man’s mad will, he will wittingly and with open eyes sell his own soul to the Devil to get his ends; and will he be more careful of his neighbor’s body?

      Having a master's favor could mean a much better life, and since Legree hated Tom it meant that he wanted to kill him even though it likened him to sin.