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  1. Jan 2024
    1. Die taz beschäftigt sich mit den Vorschlägen Emmanuel Macrons zur Klimafinanzierung für den globalen Süden. Dabei geht es u.a. um neue Regeln für Weltbank und IWF, um eine Beteiligung vor allem Chinas an der Finanzierung ärmerer Länder und um Kreditvergaben zu deutlich niedrigeren als den jetzigen Zinsen. Für den Erfolg dieser Pläne wird entscheidend sein, ob beim G20-Gipfel im November 24 und bei der COP30 entsprechende Beschlüsse gefasst werden.https://taz.de/Geld-fuer-den-Klimaschutz/!5984779/

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  7. Apr 2022
    1. This book is not an attempt to convince people that Jesus would prefer his followers not to use lethal force, even for a good cause. Instead, in many of the chapters that follow, I aim to give Christians a taste of what they’re buying when they affirm the legitimacy of even a little bit of lethal force, even in the most reasonable of cases. They want a Christ that allows them to kill, so I’m giving them especially that, especially when they think they’re affirming something else. 
  8. Nov 2021
    1. “Culture catechizes,” Alan Jacobs, a distinguished professor of humanities in the honors program at Baylor University, told me. Culture teaches us what matters and what views we should take about what matters. Our current political culture, Jacobs argued, has multiple technologies and platforms for catechizing—television, radio, Facebook, Twitter, and podcasts among them. People who want to be connected to their political tribe—the people they think are like them, the people they think are on their side—subject themselves to its catechesis all day long, every single day, hour after hour after hour.
  9. Oct 2020
    1. The criticism of Celtis turns against the entire tradition of 15th century art of memory, but particularly against the teachings of Jacobus Publicius,11 whose Oratoriae artis epito-mata he had excerpted both in his summary of the Ciceronian rhetoric and the treatise on letter writing.