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  1. Oct 2023
    1. sRNAs that repress transcription have been engineered to create orthogonal and composable regulators that can be used to construct RNA-only transcriptional networks
  2. Aug 2022
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  5. Mar 2021
    1. Their arguments also don't make sense: they encrypt messages on Android, even though it has disk encryption as standard, but they won't encrypt messages on desktop which doesn't have disk encryption as standard!

      Answered 2 comments above!

    2. Encryption is present on Signal-android because android's FDE is not usable enough, in Moxie's opinion (you can't set separate unlock and FDE pins, so people set really insecure ones). If/when android fixes this, signal-android will stop encrypting its database, too. Just like signal-desktop and signal-iOS.

      Why Android is encrypted, while Desktop is not?

    3. I'm locking this conversation because the conversation has clearly run its course. Any continued discussion can happen on the forums.

      @scottnonnenberg annoyed, locked issue asking plain-text password.

    1. The database key was never intended to be a secret. At-rest encryption is not something that Signal Desktop is currently trying to provide or has ever claimed to provide. Full-disk encryption can be enabled at the OS level on most desktop platforms.

      Reply by Signal-dev why the store plain-password.

    1. I think the difficult thing for everybody to understand is why the database is encrypted in the first place? Are you saying that SQLCipher just offered better features and performance than using SQLite? Can you point to any discussion or documentation of that decision-making process?

      Why sqlcipher if not done right!?

  6. Jan 2021
    1. Journalists should also be wary of publishing raw audio leaked from Zoom meetings, particularly if the source is not sure whether audio watermarking was enabled or not.
    2. At least one Zoom leaker has already been unmasked: a member of the New York State Assembly who apparently filmed his “self-view” while recording a dispute within the Democratic assembly conference over the renomination of the speaker. That may sound careless, but a feature developed by Zoom will allow future leakers to be exposed even without that sort of misstep.
  7. May 2020
    1. With a single source IP address it's possible to quickly determine the type of devices on their network, and the social networks they frequent – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Soichat.com, TikTok, Line (a chat application), among many other domains.
  8. Apr 2020
    1. Bronchoscopy should be performed to evaluate the trachea in patients with a persistent air leak from the chest tube or mediastinal air.
    2. After blunt trauma, a hemothorax is usually due to multiple rib fractures with severed intercostal vessels, but occasionally bleeding is from lacerated lung parenchyma, which is usually associated with an air leak
  9. Oct 2016
    1. A large database of blood donors' personal information from the AU Red Cross was posted on a web server with directory browsing enabled, and discovered by someone scanning randomly. It is unknown whether anyone else downloaded the file before it was removed.