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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Ill-structured problems are often poorly defined and usually do not include all of the information required to solve them. There may be multiple ways of solving them, and even multiple possible “correct” outcomes/answers.

      Mentally, I understood that this was true, but this sentence just really made me have a new appreciation for this. We're always doing problems which are similar to real world solutions, but they aren't real. Like how correlation doesn't equal causation. I still had a bias that A is affected by B so C. In the real world though, that's just not true. Like the old meme, I added below. People just think differently, and neither is exactly wrong.

  2. Jan 2024
    1. i want to now uh introduce the key concept in in whitehead's mature metaphysics concrescence

      for - key insight - concrescence - definition - concrescence - Whitehead - definition - The many become the one - Whitehead - definition - Res Potentia - Tim Eastman - definition - superject - Whitehead - definition - moment of satisfaction - Whitehead - definition - dipolar - Whitehead - definition - ingression - Whitehead definition - CONCRESCENCE - is the description of the phases of the iterative process by which reality advances from the past into the present then into the future - this definition is metaphysical and applies to all aspects of reality

      • Concrescence is the process by which

          • The "many" here refers to the past
          • the perished objects in the past environment
      • There's another domain that whitehead makes reference to

        • He's a platonist in this sense, though he's a reformed platonist
        • He makes reference to this realm of eternal objects which for him are pure possibilities
        • i was mentioning Tim Eastman earlier
          • He calls this domain "RES POTENTIA", the realm of possibilities which have not yet been actualized
      • And so for Whitehead
        • the realm of possibility is infinite
        • the realm of actuality is finite
      • In the realm of actuality, there's a limited amount of certain types of experience which have been realized
        • but the realm of actuality draws upon this plenum of possibility and
        • it's because there is this plenum of possibility in relationship to the realm of actuality that
        • novelty is possible
        • new things can still happen we're not just constantly repeating the past
      • Whitehead describes the process of concrescence or each drop of experience as DIPOLAR, having two poles:

        • a physical pole and
        • a mental pole
      • Each concrescence or drop of experience begins with the physical pole

        • where the perished objects of the past environment are apprehended or felt and
        • these feelings of the past grow together into this newly emerging drop of experience
        • and then in the process of their growing together
          • the actualized perished objects of the past environment
          • are brought into comparison with eternal objects or pure potentials possibilities and
          • these possibilities INGRESS so there's
            • INGRESSION of eternal objects and
          • PREHENSION of past actualities
          • INGRESSION of potentials PREHENSIONS of past actualities
      • and what the ingression of eternal objects do is provide each occasion of experience, each concrescence with

        • the opportunity to interpret the past differently
      • to say maybe it's not like that maybe it's like this
      • and so these ingressions come into the mental pole
      • If the physical pole is what initiates the experience of each concrescing occasion

        • the mental pole is is a subsequent process that compares
          • what's been felt in the past with
          • what is possible alternatives that could be experienced that are not given yet in the past
      • The subjective form is how the occasion fills the past

      • The subjective aim is what draws the many feelings of the past towards the unification and the mental pole
        • where
          • the ingression of eternal objects and
          • the feelings of past actualities
        • are brought together into what Whitehead calls this MOMENT OF SATISFACTION
      • it's the culmination of the process of concrescence
        • where a new perspective on the universe is achieved - This is the many have become one
      • They are increased by one when the satisfaction is achieved
      • It's a new perspective on the whole
      • As soon as this new perspective is achieved
        • it becomes a SUPERJECT which is not a subject enjoying its own experience anymore
        • it's a perished subject
      • The superject is the achieved perspective that has been experienced
        • but then perishes itself int a superject-hood to become
        • one among the many that will be inherited by the next moment of experience, the next concrescence and
      • This superject has objective immortality in the sense that
        • every subsequent concrescence will inherit the satisfaction achieved by the prior concrescences
      • And so this is the most general account in Whitehead's view that we can offer

        • of the nature of reality
        • the nature of the passage of nature
        • the movement
          • out of the past
          • through the present and
          • into the future
      • Experience is always in the present and the satisfaction that is achieved by each moment of concrescence is enjoyed in the present

        • but as soon as we achieve that
        • it perishes and the next moment of concrescence arises to inherit what was achieved
        • and this is an iterative process
        • it's repeating constantly and it's cumulative
      • It's a process of growth
        • building on what's been achieved in the past
  3. Oct 2023
    1. if you allow me I I would like to give one Light Of Hope on this whole thing please I I call it the Belfast moment the moment when we all the Israeli people in the Palestinian people wake up and say no more we don't want to kill each other anymore we're tired of dying we want to sit down together and learn to live together and this is not relevant to our governments because our governments are are wrong and bad and need to be replaced our government and the Palestinian governments this needs to come from the people
      • for: Belfast moment, Hama's Israel war 2023

      • comment

        • 10,000 cities for peace, SRG to peace via a Belfast moment
        • Thought leaders and citizens from both sides, each speaking to their own side
  4. Feb 2023
    1. There's this old idea in photography called the decisive moment - that the world is filled with these far-off realities. But every so often, a photograph can capture a moment that, boom, takes you there. This is one of those photos. In the picture, you see all these men and women standing in kind of a loose semicircle. Some of them still have their blue surgical gloves on. They look totally spent. They're all looking in different directions. And they all look like they're not even there, like they're totally lost in their own thoughts.

      Defining "Decisive Moment"

  5. Jan 2023
    1. if we do nothing if we do the minimum at 00:12:23 this pivotal moment in our history then we and our children even if we are rich will live in the danger zone but if we if we business people if we 00:12:35 governments citizens cities if we take action today then we and our children will have a future worth looking forward to thank you thank you very much

      !- pivotal moment : the whole civilization must act

  6. Nov 2022
    1. the moments of a function are quantitative measures related to the shape of the function's graph

      Vaguely recall these "uniquely determined" some (but not all) functions. Later on, the article says all moments from \(0\) to \(\infty\) do uniquely determine bounded functions. Guess you can't judge a book (or graph) by it's cover; you have to wait moment by moment for it to reveal itself

  7. Sep 2022
  8. May 2022
    1. Any software developer will recognize it, The Eureka Moment. This is when you suddenly see how to solve a particular problem. We have them in all shapes and sizes and at the strangest moments. How does that work in SCRUM and DevOps teams?

      The Eureka Moment in Agile Teams

      Any software developer will recognize it, The Eureka Moment. This is when you suddenly see how to solve a particular problem. We have them in all shapes and sizes and at the strangest moments. How does that work in SCRUM and DevOps teams?

  9. Jan 2021
    1. IANA Time Zone Database Main time zone database. This is where Moment TimeZone sources its data from.

      every place has a history of different Time Zones because of the geographical, economical, political, religious reasons .These rules are present in IANA Time Zone database. Also it contains rules for Daylight Saving Time (DST) . Checkout the map on this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time

  10. Nov 2020
    1. Similarly problematic is the “cancel culture,” where people attempt to expunge anyone with whom they do not perfectly agree, rather than remain focused on those who profit from discrimination and injustice.

      This is very important and easy to understand

  11. Sep 2020
  12. Nov 2017
    1. Publishers can compete with free textbooks by making their more-restrictive-than-all-right-reserved offerings 70% more affordable.

      Sounds a bit like what Clay Shirky was trying to say about the Napster moment coming to Higher Education, five years ago. Skimmed the critique of Shirky’s piece and was mostly nodding in agreement with it. But there might be a discussion about industries having learnt from the Napster moment. After all, the recording industry has been able to withstand this pressure for close to twenty years. Also sounds like this could be a corollary to Chris Anderson’s (in)famous promotion of the “free” (as in profit) model for businesses, almost ten years ago. In other words, we might live another reshaping of “free” in the next 9-10 years.

  13. Jul 2017
  14. Mar 2017
    1. in an obvious circle,

      So who do we think was in the audience when this was delivered? We know it was delivered at Notre Dame, so I assume the audience was primarily faculty, right? All historical moments are political, but this was a historical moment in which it was particularly political just to be a college student or faculty member, so I can only imagine the room at this point in his lecture. I wish we had more information about the immediate reception of this ideas, here.

  15. Jun 2016
    1. Twixters put off life choices because they can choose from a huge array of career options, some of which, like jobs in social media, didn’t exist 10 years ago. What idiot would try to work her way up at a company when she’s going to have an average of seven jobs before age 26?
    2. The Internet has democratized opportunity for many young people, giving them access and information that once belonged mostly to the wealthy.