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  1. Apr 2019
    1. Elizabeth Evans Getzel is the Director for Transition Innovations at Virginia Commonwealth University and has a long history of working with students with disabilities in higher education. The article focuses on how the integration of support for students with disabilities is extremely important to their persistence and this includes technology integration and requires buy-in from the faculty.

    1. Dirk Schneckenberg is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation and through this article looks at the use of technology environments as used by European professors.

      Rating: 5/10. The European higher education market is very different than the U.S.

    1. Sean Cavanagh, Associate Editor for Education Week, writes about the use of technology to benefit the career development of students. This article focuses on the K-12 sector, but this implementation at this level is important because it will influence these students when they pursue their career choices, often in Higher Education. This article outlines specific technologies and partnerships that schools are utilizing and shows the investment that students show when given these career opportunities to guide themselves toward.

      Rating: 8/10

    1. Author Melissa A. Venable, Ph.D. has spent her career working in career development, technology and instructional design. The article outlines technology options for career professionals to use with distance learners and how to conduct an assessment to ensure needs are being met.

      Rating: 5/10

    1. D. Christopher Brooks, Director of Research, and Mark McCormack, Senior Director of Analytics & Research, at EDUCAUSE bring together this comprehensive report that outlines Higher Education trends for 2019. This report does feel more technical in nature, but they bring it together in a way that is laid out to be reader friendly. The 20-year technology predictions are valuable and there is a focus on using the report to plan for the future.

      Rating: 10/10

    1. This article is authored by Farouk Dey, formerly of Stanford University and currently the Vice Provost for Integrative Learning and Life Design at Johns Hopkins. Dey offers an overview of the transformation that college career services have gone through over the past 100 years and showcases 10 areas where career services will continue to change in the future, including the scope of how technology will allow for a wider reach.

      Rating: 8/10

    1. This article brings together several higher education professional who all work for Georgia Tech. They are able to touch on different areas of how technology has shaped their work and the reach it has allowed their university.

      Rating: 6/10

    1. This report is a supplemental piece specifically for Higher Education in response to the National Education Technology plan. The report is a lengthy read but offers a combination of data, examples, case studies and additional resources. The report focuses on the changing landscape of higher education and the changing qualities of what a student in college looks like (i.e. not the traditionally known 18 year old, fresh out of high school). The report also acknowledges the history fo traditional learning (i.e. paper and pencil) and how higher educational not only needs to embrace technology for the classroom use but also for the analytics implications that can help with topics such as retention.

      Rating: 10/10. Very in depth article, packed with examples and recommendations.

  2. Nov 2018
  3. www.ijbhtnet.com www.ijbhtnet.com
    1. This article highlights how the constructive teaching model can be used to incorporate technology in learning. To do this learning has to be meaningful to the students and should allow for student discourse to compare ideas and modify if necessary. Rating: 4/5

  4. Apr 2017
    1. connects

      The description of iLife seems to echo the point made by Charles Taylor (as qtd. by Rickert): "Webs and networks can no more exist without me than can I without them."

  5. Jan 2017