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    1. we cannot solve the climate crisis unless 00:22:59 we address the freshwater crisis and we have to look Beyond carbon and I do believe that there are many solutions out there and we play the role of facilitators to allow those Innovations 00:23:12 scale at speed

      !- Roshni Nadar Malhotra : Director HDL tecnologies, India

    2. civilizations have risen and Fallen based on their ability to manage their 00:08:45 scarce Water Resources we are no different

      !- water boundary : technological assistance -low cost ocean water purification

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    1. A water potable water supply that is say for three or four suburbs in a city together, and there'll be a standalone system. So if that system needs maintenance and goes down for a bit, the systems around it keep going. Whereas at the moment, if you have one problem in a water plant, the whole city goes down.

      !- Futures Thinking : Maslow's Hierarchy framing for Water - decentralized water plant that supplies a few suberbs is far more resilient

    2. So it's not just water. We need water that's not polluted. And so that there are drinking water standards that need to be adhered to. So traditionally we just get that out of a stream or a pond. But now we've got so much population in areas which the climate doesn't lend itself to supplying such a lot of water for so many people. So we need to seriously think about how do we actually provide clean drinking water. 00:52:16 And if we don't, and this is the problem with the next one, which is sanitation. If we don't have proper drinking water, we start having disease rippling through our society, which will cripple us, our ability to do certain things. And so we have to have the ability to filter water. And so we might move into a society where water will have to be filtered through, you can make a filter with things like charcoal and rock and gravel. 00:52:42 And water might have to go through that to remove its bacteria load. See at the moment, our water is purified in water purification plants, but they're done centrally and their water's pushed out along all these pipes all over the city. So what if that is no longer practical? For example, we can't maintain such a large network of pipes anymore easily. So we might have to go to a more localized way of managing water.

      !- Futures Thinking : Maslow's Hierarchy framing for Water - future may see us going to decentralized water systems due to energy intensity of operating current system of long networks of pipelines and pumps - sanitation and water closely linked, poor potable water leads to poor sanitation, and to increased disease burden

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    1. Phenomena can be so familiar that wereally do not see them at all, a matter that has been much discussed by literarytheorists and philosophers. For example, Viktor Shklovskij in the early 1920sdeveloped the idea that the function of poetic art is that of “making strange”the object depicted. “People living at the seashore grow so accustomed to themurmur of the waves that they never hear it. By the same token, we scarcelyever hear the words which we utter . . . We look at each other, but we do not seeeach other any more. Our perception of the world has withered away; what hasremained is mere recognition.”

      Fish in water effect

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    1. Another Angry Woman. (2022, January 1). A reminder that sometimes “living with it” means taking some mitigations, forever, e.g. How in order to live with cholera we make sure our water doesn’t have shit in it by building infrastructure to make sure our water doesn’t have shit in it. [Tweet]. @stavvers. https://twitter.com/stavvers/status/1477362596097536018

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    1. But crucially, he believes the pool at the center of the complex may have also served as a surface to observe and map the stars. The water surface would have mirrored the sky, as water does – none other than Leonardo da Vinci pointed out the attributes of inert standing water when studying the night sky. For one thing, the stars were adored by the Phoenicians, whether as gods or deceased ancestors; and the position of the constellations was of keen interest to the sailors among them for navigation purposes, Nigro points out.

      Lorenzo Nigro indicates that the "kothon" of Motya in southern Sicily was a pool of Baal whose surface may have been used to observe and map the stars. He also indicates that the Phoenicians adored the stars potentially as gods or deceased ancestors. This is an example of a potentially false assumption often seen in archaeology of Western practitioners misconstruing Indigenous practices based on modern ideas of religion and culture.

      I might posit that this sort of practice is more akin to that of the science of Indigenous peoples who used oral and mnemonic methods in combination with remembering their histories and ancestors.

      Cross reference this with coming reading in The First Astronomers (to come) which may treat this in more depth.

      Leonardo da Vinci documented the attributes of standing water for studying the night sky.

      Where was this and what did it actually entail?

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  9. www.janeausten.pludhlab.org www.janeausten.pludhlab.org
    1. Every morning now brought its regular duties—shops were to be visited; some new part of the town to be looked at; and the pump-room to be attended, where they paraded up and down for an hour, looking at everybody and speaking to no one.

      Jane Austen’s contemporaries, including everyone from the laboring poor to the royals, shared a belief in the restorative power of spring water and in the consumption of natural remedies. In the years when Austen was writing Northanger Abbey, the warm springs offered at Bath’s Pump rooms were a popular treatmentfor those suffering from loss of appetite, nerves (Mrs. Bennett!), gout, and ailments affecting the stomach, head, and vital parts.

      In 1813, a guide to the resort claimed that the waters contained carbon dioxide, azotic gas, sulphates, muriate of soda, selenite, carbonate of lime siliceous earth, and a very small portion of oxide of iron (Guide 32). These properties probably gave the water a sulfuric aroma. As the opening of this chapter suggests, though, whether ill or healthy, the resort provided for all. For the healthy visitor, the prime activity was to consume in ways that are familiar to us: purchasing clothes or textiles, as Catherine learns to do from Mrs. Allen, window-shopping, and people-watching.

      These lines express Austen’s awareness of the period’s rapidly growing consumer market, resulting from an unprecedented growth in the middle class, which in turn increased demand for domestic and foreign goods. Purchasing power allowed Bath visitors to pay about one guinea a month for access to the warm spring waters served in the newly renovated Pump Room, and to provide a handsome gratuity to the pumper serving water from the King’s Springs .jpg) (Guide 38). But they would likely also be paying to imbibe other popular drinks, including tea, coffee, and chocolate, which albeit pricey were increasingly affordable to the growing middle-class (Selwyn 215). As any Austen fan knows, the Pump Room continues to serve tourists today. Although bathing is no longer allowed, tea, chocolate, coffee, and warm spring waters can still be imbibed.

      Walking the streets of Bath with Catherine as we read through Northanger Abbey’s first volume, we might keep in mind who teaches Catherine her consumer habits, and how the novel’s development may be commenting on these practices. We might also consider how the novel records a turning point in the consumption of natural remedies and other goods extracted from apparently distant communities and environments. How much do our current consumer habits differ from Catherine’s?

      Works Cited.

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    1. upslope movement of habita-tion and agriculture should have changed the water budget

      permasalahan yang selalu terjadi, dimana perubahan tata guna lahan akan berpengaruh terhadap air tanah, akibat pengelolaan yang kurang baik

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    1. A simplified freezing point depression (FPD) equation was derived for calculating water activity (aw) of food systems. The aw values as calculated by FPD data agreed with literature data for a variety of foods to within ± 0.01 aw units. The FPD equation was found particularly useful for calculating aw values of frozen foods at temperatures between 273.1.5–233.15 °K (0 to −40°C).

      ± 0.01 aw? That's crazy accurate. Temperature is extremely easy to measure at home, which makes this a perfect technique for home food preservation. In particular, it can be used with sugar-free, salt-free, and other obscure recipes for which water activity is hard to estimate.

      Additionally, this accuracy could be run in reverse. Knowing the water activity of ice-cream can tell you the freezing point. Moreover, a mini fridge could keep select food items chilled below 0°C for better preservation. In particular, I plan to dissolve erythritol into unsweetened plant milks and lower my fridge temp accordingly.

    1. Jamstack

      The legacy version of the Run for Water site designed by Stephen Bau. Featured on Behance.

      This version is built with Jamstack, using Harp and DatoCMS.

      A similar approach could be used for the Co-Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.

      A Modest Proposal

      Since the Buckminster Fuller Institute is using Airtable, it would be possible to follow the CSS-Tricks article on Going Jamstack with React, Serverless, and Airtable.

    1. Website by Stephen Bau

      I used a UIkit theme (Trek) for the redesign of the Run for Water site. I transitioned away from Jamstack, because the organization is centred around volunteers, and it was important to empower them to easily make changes to the marketing front end of their organization.

      The WordPress theme has a beautiful interface for managing content. However, it goes against the philosophy of COPE, recommended by Karen McGrane in her presentations on Content in a Zombie Apocalypse.

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    1. Not all the ancients are ancestors.

      I'll definitely grant this and admit that there may be independent invention or re-discovery of ideas.

      However, I'll also mention that it's far, far less likely that any of these people truly invented very much novel along the way, particularly since Western culture has been swimming in the proverbial waters of writing, rhetoric, and the commonplace book tradition for so long that we too often forget that we're actually swimming in water.

      It's incredibly easy to reinvent the wheel when everything around you is made of circles, hubs, and axles.

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    1. methods of purifying water

      As we all know that how pure water makes us healthy and how impure water makes us ill and causes many diseases like typhoid and cholera.

      Also read about typhoid in detail.

      So we will sum up some methods of purifying water that will help you to purify water.

      If it is said that nothing is possible in life without water, then it will not be wrong.

      Apart from quenching thirst, all the work like cooking is not possible without water.

      In the eyes of many people, purity of water is not necessary.

      But this thinking of yours can prove dangerous for you and your family.

      Accuracy from bath water to drinking water matters.

    1. is alkaline water good for you/is alkaline in water good for you

      is alkaline water good for you/is alkaline in water good for you.It also helps to slow down the aging process, regulates the body’s pH level and prevents many chronic diseases.

      This water also regulates the level of acid in the body.

    1. Water borne diseases list

      water borne diseases list causes of typhoid in hindi:

      Baciliary dysentery or shigellosis. Cholera. Hepatitis A. Typhoid fever. Malaria. Dengue fever. Ascariasis or Round worm infection. Campylobacteriosis. Giardiasis.

    1. I particularly enjoyed the California water commons, with its quiet nod to Elinor Ostrom’s original post-graduate research on emergent cooperation between county water-boards.

      A quiet nod here in it's own right. Now I want to dig into Elinor Ostrom's research and work.

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    1. These losses of water and delays in traveltime can be significant, depending on antecedent ground-water and streamflow conditions as well as on other factors such as the condition of the channel and the presence of aquatic and riparian vegetation.

      antecedent = preceding in time or order; previous or preexisting.

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    1. Tackling basic sanitation is the first step in building a healthier city. “That means appropriate water and sanitation systems and good quality houses
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    1. the number of ionized water molecules is so low (1.0 X 10-7 mol in 1000 mL water)

      Ss this value derived, measured or is it a covention?

  23. Jan 2020
    1. Since water is denser than air, and the reflection is diffuse. A lot of light is internally reflected, thereof, increasing the probability of absorption at surface.

      The light is reflected back inside the water, because of the total internal reflection:

      • water is denser than air
      • angle of incidence is greater than the so-called critical angle

    2. This is because the light now has a layer of water to go through. And due to the reflectance of water, not all light at the air-liquid-interface (border between air and water) goes through the water. Some of it is reflected.

      Wet things become darker, because of the water consistency, reflectance that doesn't let all the light to transmit through it.

      The probability of light getting transmitted is: 1 - R1 (reflectance at the air-liquid interface)

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    1. is a waterborne bacterial disease, caused by the leptospiro bacteria. It rarely spreads from person to person and can be treated with common antib

      The bacteria is found in the urine of rodents.

    1. A nano-porous carbon composite membrane has been found to display high water flux due to exceptionally high surface diffusion, together with an excellent salt rejection [2616, 2958].

      With an excellent ability to reject salt, how often does membrane fouling become an issue when desalinating seawater? to a point where it causes water flux decline and lowers the quality of the water produced.

      ~ Anthony Y.

  28. Feb 2019
    1. Different types of pressure booster pumps available in the market, select the best water pressure booster pump which is easy to install, affordable. ATE provides booster pumps of different sizes and functionality. They have been specially designed for specific purposes, thus making it easier for you to choose one that suits your needs. For more details read article.

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    1. This could help explain where so much of our body’s fluid goes. While our cells contain most of the fluid, and the circulatory system carries a whole load more, over a third went unaccounted for and was simply said to be “interstitial”, or just floating around between organs and cells. The researchers claim, in a paper published in Scientific Advances, that the “interstitium” should be defined as an organ in its own right.

      The interstitium, a new organ, accounts for the body's "black matter" (unaccounted for fluids).

    1. one essential EU measure is the urban wastewater directive of 1991, without which we would not have built the Thames super-sewer? I am less reticent than the noble Lord because, on a weekly basis, untreated raw sewage flows into the Thames right outside this House. We are already nearly two decades overdue in implementing that directive, and without EU law we would not be doing so at all.

      interesting example of failure to implement without EU pressure

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    1. Water pressure booster pumps from A.T.E. helps to improve water pressure in commercial and residential complexes. It helps to reduce power consumption and aid in extending the life of the system by reducing wear and tear. It is designed to reduce or eliminate water hammer effects.

  35. Jan 2018
    1. Cable Tie Craw
      1. Do-It Wacky Jig Hook. Size 2 or 6
      2. Cyclops beads 5/32 Black Nicklel (EYC5100)
      3. .02 Lead Free Wire
      4. 140 denier light olive
      5. Pine squiral zonker brown olive
      6. 4 inch long cable tie -black
      7. krysal flash -amber
      8. Fly rattle -micro size
      9. Whiting farms full soft hackle coq de leon/ Chichaboue speckled golden Olive
      1. Hook: Dai-Riki #270 Size 8, Natural Bend 3x long
      2. 140 Denier Yellow Thread
      3. Red chenille
      4. Yellow, Blue, and Red Craft foam
      5. Yellow rubber legs
    1. Dumb Bunny Streamer
      1. Do- it Wacky Jig Hook Size 6 or 2 (6216)
      2. 140 Denier ultra thread chartreuse
      3. Rabbit Zonker -Dark Olive (RH901)
      4. Rabbit Zonker - FL Chartruese (RH 509)
      5. X-small 1/60 oz. lead eyes
      6. Hard as nails -white
      7. Hard as nails -black
      8. Hard as nails -clear
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    1. There are between 1,000 and 3,000 of these trucks, according to varying estimates, hauling tens of millions of gallons per day through Bangalore. By many accounts, the tanker barons of Bangalore—the men who own and direct these trucks—now control the supply of water so thoroughly that they can form cartels, bend prices, and otherwise abuse their power.

      This reads eerily like the plot of The Water Knife.

  37. Jan 2017
    1. Waters of the U.S. rule

      Here is the full definition and report on the "Waters of the United States" https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-06/documents/epa-hq-ow-2011-0880-20862.pdf And here are more concise fact-sheets that outline the importance of Clean Water and Waters of the United States for stakeholders.

  38. Dec 2016
    1. California has 1,400 dams
    2. 75 percent of California’s available water is in the northern third of the state (north of Sacramento), while 80 percent of the urban and agricultural water demands are in the southern two-thirds of the state
    3. parts of Northern California receive 100 inches or more of precipitation per year
    1. Why make freshwater when we could collect the water that falls from the sky? Even on the driest year in recorded history in 2013, it still rained 3.6 inches in Los Angeles. An inch of rainfall in L.A. generates 3.8 billion gallons of runoff, so you’re talking about more than 12 billion gallons of water that could be captured, but that flows within hours down our concrete streets and into the ocean. There’s enough rainwater to be harvested to produce 30-50% of the entire city’s water needs.

      The freshwater that falls on LA is lost.

  39. Nov 2016
    1. The 1620 agreement (first called the Mayflower Compact in 1793) was a legal instrument that bound the Pilgrims together when they arrived in New England. The core members of the Pilgrims' immigrant group were Separatists, members of a Puritan sect that had split from the Church of England, the only legal church in England at that time. Others in the group, however, had remained part of the Church of England, so not all of the Pilgrims shared the same religion.

      The Mayflower compact was a signature sheet that would be used for the signers to go to America for religious freedom.

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  41. teaching.lfhanley.net teaching.lfhanley.net
    1. mountains of rock without water

      This line ties together the rock and mountain of Chapter I and the water of III and IV and gives us continuity.

    2. He passed the stages of his age and youth

      The drowned Phlebas saw eternity in the sea.


    3. April is the cruellest month

      I always saw April as one of the more beautiful months. But sometimes beauty is the greatest cause of pain for those who can't relate to it.

    4. Burning burning burning burning

      This book is called The Fire Sermon, but is only here at the end that we get fire. This book, like much of the poem, has a motif of water. In this book specifically, we have the Thames, damp ground, the sailor home from sea, fisherman, the river, barges, and more. There is little to do with heat or flames. In a piece with so little to do with fire, it makes us ask the question: why is this section called The Fire Sermon? It is followed by a reference to the Lord. Is the poem referencing Hell?

    5. Phlebas


    6. Here is no water but only rock

      This obsession with "rock" and "water" can be tied to images of nature and a state of constant flow to dry and cracked. If this section or book lacks water, then it lacks flow and a substance it needs for survival in a natural sense. Again, we are faced with imagery of death in a metaphor.

    7. deep sea swell

      This is an interesting juxtaposition to me. Water swells at the surface, not in the deep..To have a swell without a surface reference point is essentially impossible. It even reminds me of, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, did it even make a sound?"

      Swell Defintion

    8. Thames

      The repeated reference to famed European bodies of water is interesting, following Chapter I Starnbergersee with the Thames.

    9. Phlebas the Phoenician, a fortnight dead,

      I believe this is our drown Phoenician that was referenced in the tarot reading from the first book. The cards in a tarot reading will usually indicate your current position in life and future paths, and I feel like this whole book is a sort of warning that the recipient of the tarot reading was supposed to get. When we look to the last line of the book, it's ominous and warns caution.

    10. And no rock    If there were rock    And also water    And water    A spring

      Rock -Solid, hold shape. Water - Liquid, formless

    11. Jug Jug

      The sound you make when your drinking water.

    12. There is not even solitude in the mountains But red sullen faces sneer and snarl From doors of mudcracked houses                                       If there were water

      This continues to remind me of the film Taxi Driver, where De Niro's characters calls for the rain to waste away and cleanse the city of its all it's vices and sins. He drives late into the night, disgusted with his environment and fueled with anger and rage. Moreover, the mountains which is the anthesis of the city is also affected by the absence of rain.

    13. But sound of water over a rock

      Water seems to be a recurring theme in all of the books. He talks about the lack of water or tainted water, "the river sweats oil and tar..."; water that cannot sustain.

  42. Apr 2016
    1. Beavers are great for water conservation: they create ponds by damming creeks, and they also dig to make them deeper.

      We could be collecting the rain water that flows off our roofs (and also elsewhere), but very few people do -- at least not in the US.

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  44. Oct 2015
    1. Picked his bones in whispers. As he rose and fell He passed the stages of his age and youth Entering the whirlpool.
  45. Sep 2015
    1. Excited to see hypothesis on Appropedia! We have over 300 thousand edits on thousands of pages. So terrible. For instance, this front page is fairly ugly.

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    1. some farmers will get water, and others will not, simply based on when their land was first irrigated.

      This is not fair because farmers weren't told before hand, and so some farmers are lucky while others are not. The situation in which the farmers are in is very perilous, and people with the most water will be able to make the most profit. That will mean that there will be a shortage of fruits and vegetables in the states and it is bad.

    2. Taking that water and dividing it up some other way, he says, would be like taking everyone's paycheck, putting it into a pool, and saying: "We're going to divide that up evenly. Even though you went to school as a doctor for eight or 10 years, and you're making a lot more money than the guy who's driving a school bus, let's take all the money and divide it up evenly."

      People with greater education will not be different compared to others when it comes to salary. If one farmer has lots of water because he is responsible and resourceful, while some other farmer has little water because he is lazy, ultimately both will have the same amount of water. It is unfair for resourceful farmers, and thus shows that you do not have to work hard to gather water because everyone will eventually have the same amount of water.

  48. Apr 2015
    1. A better way to think about a food’s value might be to think about how a gallon of water could translate into calories that most efficiently feed us humans.

      Calories was exactly my first thought when I saw the chart where it was originally published.

  49. Mar 2015
    1. river ran red with blood

      death in water: river ran red with blood: cf. Aeschylus Persae

    2. he eddying stream of Xantho
    3. in confusion

      vortex of confusion

    4. filled with the uproar of men and horses

      noise and confusion of death

    5. loud cries

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander

    6. amid the whirling eddies

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander

    7. the banks rang again

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander

    8. The waters resounded

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander

    9. a great uproar

      noise of bodies falling in Xanthos/Scamander

    10. full-flowing


  50. Nov 2013
    1. Here one may certainly admire man as a mighty genius of construction, who succeeds in piling an infinitely complicated dome of concepts upon an unstable foundation, and, as it were, on running water.

      and call it "civilization"