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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Critics say this amounts to users having to pay for their privacy.

      "If you aren't paying for it, you're the product."

      "If you pay for it, you're paying for fundamental rights."

  2. Jan 2024
  3. Oct 2023
    1. incentive-misalignment problem

      This is provably wrong. 1. Less power-hungry chips are in high demand thanks to mobile computing. 2. Manufacturers keep touting how much less power they consume. 3. Greater power costs greater money. So the incentives are aligned.

    1. but not hate speech that meet the standards of ECHR Article 10; which is to say that the views espoused in by this person were also deemed “worthy of respect in a democratic society”

      This is incorrect. This is the opposite of what was held in Lilliendahl.

      The ECtHR held in that case that the appellant was not entitled to relief, and that the €800 fine imposed on him was necessary and proportionate to his hate speech.

      What was held was that the hate speech didn't fall within the scope of Article 17 (not Article 10, as Breslow claims in this blog).

  4. Sep 2023
    1. “There are no safeguards on what information it can ask for.”

      This is wrong. Section 36 of the Act says:

      The Central Government may, for the purposes of this Act, require the Board and any Data Fiduciary or intermediary to furnish such information as it may call for.

    1. Article 3

      Explicit balancing of interests.

    2. the use of generative AI technologies

      Only for generative AI. Not to other uses of AI.

    3. These Measures do not apply where industry associations, enterprises, education and research institutions, public cultural bodies, and related professional bodies, etc., research, develop, and use generative AI technology, but have not provided generative AI services to the (mainland) public.

      These regulations only apply to public services, not to internal uses of AI.

  5. Aug 2023
    1. Mundas have DNA from both ANI and ASI, but are equidistant from both. They share longer IBDs with Southeast Asian populations.

    1. According to Section 18(2)(a) of the Bill, the Central Government can issue a notification exempting any “instrumentality of the State” from the provisions of this Bill in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, maintenance of public order; or preventing incitement to any cognizable offence relating to any of the above.

      Uses language from Art. 12 (which has been read to include all "instrumentalities of the State" as "State"), and from Art. 19(1)(a).

    1. With IPv6, India may be able to set up its own root servers, paving way for its own jurisdiction over a root server with decreased dependency on other countries.

      This is not how the Internet's DNS "root servers" work.

  6. May 2023
    1. must have an alignment property

      It is unclear what form the "alignment property" would take, and most importantly how such a property would be evaluated especially if there's an arbitrary divide between "dangerous" and "pre-dangerous" levels of capabilities and alignment of the "dangerous" levels cannot actually be measured.

    1. This exclusionary argument has serious connotations for our times, where Indian cultural identity has been projected as Hindu from ancient times despite overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary, and hence cannot pass without criticism.

      She offers no alternative to "Indian cultural identity" being "projected as Hindu from ancient times".

  7. Mar 2022
    1. Of two editions that I have been involved with, Volume One of The Collected Works of John Ford now costs £222.50, while Volume One of The Oxford Francis Bacon sells at £322.50. These prices have increased since publication in 2012 at rates exceeding any measure of inflation, and have reached a level that no individual, and ever fewer libraries, can afford. They are so expensive that fewer copies are being sent out for review, which means that fewer readers will hear about them. The claim that “Oxford University Press advances knowledge and learning” is undermined by its policy on pricing. Editors who devote years of their lives to producing accurate and helpful texts are disappointed that their chances of reaching a scholarly audience are diminishing.
    1. It emancipated law from the influence of tradition and religious belief.

      Highly questionable.

    2. When, in the Odyssey, Homer wants to sum up what makes the Cyclopes barbarous, he writes that they “have no laws”.
    1. Results showed that men prefer working with things and women prefer working with people, producing a large effect size (d = 0.93) on the Things-People dimension.
  8. Jan 2022
    1. biryani-eater has become an all-purpose smear for anyone who takes a dim view of the Hindu-nationalist government

      Is there evidence to back this up?

  9. Dec 2021
    1. majorly married within their gotra

      This makes little sense, because in most parts of India, people seek to avoid marrying within their gotra (seeing that as marrying within their own family).

    1. “We don’t think it’s appropriate,” said spokesman Mogomotsi Mogodiri, “because Nelson Mandela never had a rabbit in his ear.”

      Quite hilarious a response!

  10. Oct 2021
    1. India voted in favour of a resolution condemning Internet shutdowns when it orders the largest number of Internet shutdowns.

    1. In a chapter of Me and White Supremacy devoted to “cultural appropriation,” a concept that constitutes a major ideological tenet of critical race theory, Saad directly argues that the idea of “cultural sharing” as a “way to solve racism” is “flawed.”

      "Cultural sharing" is the dominant mode of cultural transmission in human history.

    2. “We believe that so long as the white race exists, all movements against what is called ‘racism’ will fail. Therefore, our aim is to abolish the white race.”

      But at the same time, white people must be made conscious of their race at all times. "Whiteness" must be created.

      These are thus contradictory aims.