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  1. Aug 2018
    1. But, he added, “if you have anyone who can do a better job, please let me know. They can have the job. Is there someone who can do the job better? They can have the reins right now.”

      He later went on to say that they are searching for upper level management, but not a COO.

  2. Jun 2017
  3. May 2017
    1. Stephanie Busari: How fake news does real harm

      I can totally relate with this woman's message. I feel ashamed I was not one of the ones who listened, like she did.

      I ignored "the hoax" and did nothing. I didn't share. i didn't care. i wrote it off. As a Mom it makes me a bit sick to think I turned my back on another woman's child.

    1. y you decided to stop by!

      Hey there. I really like this site... because I am the one building it!

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  4. Nov 2016
    1. ave time by using Howdy to collect informatio


    1. Citi funds the Dakota Access Pipeline... careful if you are a shareholder protests are increasing.

    1. I learned that CITI is funding the Dakota Access Pipeline via the RAN study. Seems like they are leading the 'charge'. However protests are increasing daily. I hope their shareholders recognize this risk and they back out of the deal...

  5. Jul 2016
    1. To be clear. Vote Yes on 4 in August and NO on 1 in November. This amendment here is a trick.

    2. Please watch this video to understand the difference between this amendment and the amendment tat is more likely to actually bring you solar at little to no upfront costs. https://www.facebook.com/Renewabledrive/videos/970883766353482/

    3. I am seeking opinions as to the nature of this amendment. Is this good for homeowners or good for only big business? Is this Yes on 1? Or is this the REAL amendment?

    1. This is a bit heartbreaking. Their facebook page is heavily monitored as well. I know folks that have been blocked from commenting there at Yes on 1. Thank goodness for hypothes.is.

    1. Yes On 1 For The Sun

      This FB page and amendment has said to be a sneaky back door legislation that will actually ensure power to the big dogs and make it harder for us to get solar. Please correct me if wrong.

    2. This bill is on alert as it may actually make buying solar HARDER and not EASIER. Please help me out on this one. Trying to annotate a better link but this will have to do for now. I am trying to comment on yes on 1 video..

    1. Heading into the convention, Sanders has 1,894 delegates to Clinton’s 2,807 when including superdelegates, or party officials who can support the candidate of their choice. It takes 2,383 to win, a threshold Clinton crossed in early June to become the presumptive nominee.

      I have been told this count is wrong.

    2. Clinton crossed in early June to become the presumptive nominee.

      How many delegates were sworn to her before the primaries?

    3. Horrible pic of Sanders... But very exciting news!

    4. The presidential candidate won’t let the revolution bern out.

      "The revolution will be annotated." -DW

    1. So its really 1894 to 2100- correct -without the Supers. She didnt cross the threshold, the author needs to be corrected.

      I can even annotate folks comments WITHIN threads.. hmm Yet it will all pop up here.. as opposed to being linked to the actual post.. hmmm

    1. When you ask why such "bad" cops are  armed and allowed to patrol the streets, one begins to see that lurking beneath this violence is a fiscal menace.

      It is not fair to our cops to be under so much pressure! I am so relieved this article has pointed out the need to address the root of the problem, rather than simply get caught up in the tired "all lives matter" and so on take. This is very refreshing. I hope we all work to address this locally. Reduce fines. Reduce crime. Reduce the danger to our beloved force AND people. Do not expect them to become cash cows with their lives on the line. IMHO

    1. Either way, _please_ start using purple numbers. Or, propose and build your own system for bootstrapping granular addressability onto your publishing system, so that the rest of us can take advantage of that addressability.    (05)

      You might as well be talking about purple elephants. This is way over my head. Perhaps I stumbled in to deep... Trying to annotate a page without annotations yet... Taking three steps back.

    1. Here’s a presentation at the 2013 Personal Democracy Forum that provides a little more context for our project.

      Where is the Facebook shareable link for this video? I would like to hit share, for it to look pretty and for you -hypothes.is- to earn and retain new subscribers?

      (If I share this via youtube, the funnel flows to youtube. Do you have a dedicated "landing page" with simply this vid? I'll reply here if I find a "pretty" way.. Thanks Guys!)

    2. YES!!!!

  6. Sep 2014
    1. Could hidden food sensitivities or intolerances be the culprit of your struggles and silently destroying your health?

      Yes! Testing on Safari.