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    1. When someone asks if you have time for a meeting next Tuesday, you may have nothing on your calendar, so you say “sure.” If you hadn’t agreed to the meeting, you would have done something with that time - but what? By getting clear on what the “what” was that I could be doing made me better at saying no. When you say yes that one hour phone call next week, you are saying no to revamping your sales page or going to the gym or getting home an hour earlier. There is not always a right or wrong answer, but if you realize what you are saying no to every time you say yes, then you can make a judgement call: “Is this phone call more important to me than going to the gym today?”

      By blocking in your calendar in advance you make future tradeoffs explicit. You are no longer saying yes to a meeting on Thursday. You are saying yes to swapping out your gym session for that meeting (or not).

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