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    1. replying to my annotations

      Since 2022, I've added notes like this to GoutPal pages. Sometimes it's just to let you know that you can customize all GoutPal pages with your own thoughts. Other times it's to provide additional information about gout terms or related information.

      This note is to suggest that it might also be a way to contact me. Because I believe that I get notified by Hypothesis if anyone replies to any of my notes. But, I won't really know until someone like you tries it.

  3. Oct 2023
    1. I’m seeking to work with potential customers, partners, and gain support from investors, and people in general, in order to secure some income to fund development and ensure long-term sustainability of development efforts.
      • for: contact info, contact info - CommGrid
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    1. So what you're trying to do is like in the movie Contact with Jodie Foster, where they built the contraption to go to outer space, and then it was sabotaged by some religious fanatics. Unbeknownst to everyone else, they had something also in Hokkaido, Japan, another version that 00:42:26 no one knew about. You're trying to build this parallel system, do the research and the thinking and the Overton window of this new system simultaneous as the super-organism tries to continue business as usual.

      !- in other words : Arcadian project - Movie contact is a metaphor to Michaux's project, try to build the framework for the new system even as old system continues operating with all its dangers

    1. If a contact ever reaches out and is no longer receiving messages because they accidentally marked one of your campaigns as spam, you can reach out to Product Support. We can remove them from the suppression list for you. 

      why not allow user to do it directly instead of force to contact support? If they'll remove it for you because you said the user asked you to... why not just let you remove the suppression yourself? Mailgun lets you directly delete suppressions via their API.

  7. Oct 2022
    1. S'assurer que la famille connaît les contacts des parents FCPE del'établissement scolaire, ou même du conseil départemental FCPE,afin qu'elle puisse bénéficier de soutien régulier dans ses démarches
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  9. Aug 2022
    1. it may take a few days to respond

      This appears to be an understatement.

      I emailed them on 2022-07-03 with a follow-up on 2022-08-05. Nothing heard as of 2022-08-08.

      EDIT: Nothing heard as of 2022-08-30.

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    1. NIHR HPRU in Behavioural Science and Eval Bristol. (2021, May 27). Event: The CONQUEST study has collected data on the contacts, behaviour & symptoms of staff & students @BristolUni during #COVID19 to inform policy & math modelling. Join us for this webinar on 8 June for an update on the study, its impact & future plans. Https://t.co/DHrmferP0L https://t.co/25cOASdyKJ [Tweet]. @HPRU_BSE. https://twitter.com/HPRU_BSE/status/1397906695775473671

    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘@Professologue @sciam well it also gives references to documented cases. Why do you think uncertainty means we should not clean? And how is this different from debate (until very recently) about “airborne” nature, in your view?’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 15 July 2021, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1415357732446633984

  20. Jun 2021
    1. Christophe Fraser 💙 on Twitter: “Reading Cummings accounts of early creation of Test & Trace, a question I have is when and how it was morphed from aiming to find ~30 contacts per index case, needed to contain spread, into a service that contacts 2-4 contacts per index case, mostly within household.” / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved June 28, 2021, from https://twitter.com/ChristoPhraser/status/1408454903249477632

  21. May 2021
    1. Aleta, A., Martín-Corral, D., Pastore y Piontti, A., Ajelli, M., Litvinova, M., Chinazzi, M., Dean, N. E., Halloran, M. E., Longini Jr, I. M., Merler, S., Pentland, A., Vespignani, A., Moro, E., & Moreno, Y. (2020). Modelling the impact of testing, contact tracing and household quarantine on second waves of COVID-19. Nature Human Behaviour, 1–8. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41562-020-0931-9

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    1. Maryanne Garry 🐑🇳🇿. (2020, December 12). A person with the virus who, say, has lunch with friends is a witness to an event in which the virus was possibly transmitted, and a suspect who might have transmitted it to others. Our new paper in PoPS @lorraine_hope @rachelz @drayeshaverrall and Jamie Robertson https://t.co/FoOlx78HB2 [Tweet]. @drlambchop. https://twitter.com/drlambchop/status/1337676716936896512

    1. contact comfort is a variable of overwhelming importance in the development of affectional response, whereas lactation is a variable of negligible importance.

      Again finding that contact is more important than mother's milk. Using contact along with lactation improved the monkey's development.

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    1. Identify your user agents When deploying software that makes requests to other sites, you should set a custom User-Agent header to identify the software and provide a means to contact its maintainers. Many of the automated requests we receive have generic user-agent headers such as Java/1.6.0 or Python-urllib/2.1 which provide no information on the actual software responsible for making the requests.
    1. Contact informationcontact_phone(512) 974-4800mailcourt@austintexas.gov

      The team made the decision to restrict the contact component to a single point of contact. Though this might not always necessarily be the case, a single point of contact provides an easier resident experience.