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    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/166462302430

      This Yawman & Erbe multi-drawer piece sold for $250 by auction on eBay o/a 2023-12-03. A variety of filing drawers, but doesn't appear to have been specifically for index cards.

      Cost per drawer: $8.93

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/314945102079

      It's been listed a while, but first saw 2023-12-02 for $3,699.00. Local pick up from Green Bay, WI and flat rate shipping for $399.00

      35 drawer modular Gaylord Bros. card catalog. 2 sections of 15 and one section of 5 along with a sectional two writing drawers and a table base with thin legs.

      Modest wear, some minor water damage on one section, has all the rods, some sticker damage to finish in label areas.

      cost per drawer: 105.68

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/155791697888

      Offered for $1,292.00 for auction on 2023-09-24 with free local pick up from Bayonne, NJ. Modular, unlabeled Card catalog with standalone (non-interlocking) 5x3 set of drawers and a section with two pull out writing drawers.

      Cost per drawer: $86.13

      This has been listed separately in the past year, but taken off eBay for several months before this relisting. (versus being continually relisted...)

      2023-10-11: Relisted at https://www.ebay.com/itm/155822159839 for $1292.00

      2023-12-02: Relisted at https://www.ebay.com/itm/155923155812 for 1292.00

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/386335942459

      Yawman & Erbe metal filing cabinet for 3x5" index cards with 10 drawers, each with two sections (equivalently 20 drawers). Approximate capacity 27" / 0.0072"/card = 75,000 cards.

      Listed on 2023-12-02 for 800.00 with local pick up only from Putney, VT.

      Looks like some heavy wear; enough that I'd likely refinish it for office use.

      Marking as I don't think I've ever seen a Y&E cabinet made in metal before.

      Cost per drawer: $40.00

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/166417242257

      72 drawer library card catalog listed for sale on 2023-11-05 for $850.00 with local pick up only in Asheboro, NC. Mid century modern in Maple with plastic drawers. Heavily used and some damage visible, but functional shape. Two sections separated by 3 writing drawers. Likely from 70s.

      Cost per drawer: $11.80.

      2023-11-29 relisting: https://www.ebay.com/itm/126210967207

  2. Nov 2023
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    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/285562642873

      2023-11-17 Gaylord Bros. modular 15 drawer card catalog with table/stand listed for $2995.00. Almost exactly like the one I paid $250 for (mine had an additional section of drawers.) Looks like it's slightly rougher condition than mine even.

      Cost per drawer: $199.00

      This may be one of the highest I've seen per drawer.

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/115971327839

      I remember this came on the market in Fall 2023 in September or October for $975.00. it's a modular portion of a card catalog with what looks like an added top. 5 x 4 set of 20 drawers; appears to be in rough shape. Drawers are wood, so maybe late 60s early 70s? No rods.

      2023-11-13, seller sent me an offer to purchase for $400.

      Local pick up from Senatobia, MS.

      Cost per drawer: $48.75 Cost per drawer revised at 400: $20.00

      Even at the lower price, it's a total pass....

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/155882824820

      9 drawer desktop all-wood and metal index card cabinet for sale o/a 2023-11-12. Local pick up from Fargo, ND. Excellent looking condition, all rods, nice detailing and woodwork. Early XX C. Listed for sale at $500.00

      Cost per drawer: $55.55

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/404504721511

      Relisted at https://www.ebay.com/itm/404522331579

      This antique stacking file cabinet set is a beautiful addition to any home or office. Made of oak and manufactured by Globe Wernicke in the United States, these cabinets are both original and handmade. With a height of 78.5 inches, length of 25 inches deep, and width of 33 inches, they provide ample space for storage without taking up too much floor space.

      Modular/stackable, oak, multi-drawer, multi-size index card cabinet by Globe-Wernicke offered around 2023-09-20 for $10,500 (starting bid) or $15,000 (purchase). Free pick up from Lindon, UT.

      Appears to be a section of 6x1 drawers of 3x5 cards, a section of 4x1 5x8 cards, a section of 4x2 drawers for 4x6" cards, two sections of 3x1 drawers for 8.5x11 paper, a cabinet section and a bottm section of two pull out drawers.

      Total of 26 various sized drawers.

      (Second photo shows a separate unit of 9 filing cabinet drawers in three sections of three with a lower cupboard section; are they listed together though? If they're together then one could add another 9 drawers to the original 26 and recalculate the numbers below).

      cost per drawer: $403.84 (opening bid); $576.92 (purchase)<br /> (based on 26 drawers total)

      This is not as common as most certainly and earlier XX C.

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  3. Oct 2023
    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/225760279874

      Gaylord maple library card catalog with 60 drawers in two sections with a section of three drawer pulls and a table leg base in excellent looking condition. Listed on 2023-09-06 for bidding starting at $1,800.00 with free local pick up from Mountain View, CA.

      $30 per drawer

      Bidding ended on 2023-09-15 with 0 bidders.

      2023-09-30 Relisted for $1800 for bid. 2023-10-26 Relisted again $1800 https://www.ebay.com/itm/225841205111

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/175923724353

      42 drawer Shaw-Walker (Chicago - Muskegon - New York) card file. Listed as tiger oak, but seems to have a dark finish/varnish, so couldn't confirm listing. Pictured as a sectional with 4 5x2 sections (one of which looks like it's got metal drawers, a top, and a base with two wider drawers.

      Listed in early October 2023 for $1,000 for pick up only in Maurertown, VA.

      cost per drawer: $23.80

      2023-10-25: Received offer from seller to purchase for $895.00

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325860301209

      Listed as 1950s, but more likely 1970s due to the plastic drawers and galvanized stops.'

      72 drawer card catalog offered for $4500 from South Bend, IN around 2023-10-24. Two sections of 6x6 separated by three writing drawers. No base, so it sits directly on floor. Looks to be in excellent condition with all the card rods.

      Cost per drawer: $62.50

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/285528939983

      Offered for $2,200 for local pick up only in Waverly, AL. 60 drawer maple card catalog; all wood, in somewhat rough shape comparatively. Solid unit with two sections of 6x5 separated by three writing drawers and a solid bottom base.

      cost per drawer: $36.67

      missing all the original card catalog rods

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/385498338372

      30 drawer card catalog in 2 parts with two writing drawers in the middle and a matching table stand. In mediocre shape and has two replaced drawers (metal and/or plastic, not wood). Drawers are maed in all wood

      Listed at $1,5000 for over 3 months. $50 per drawer.

      2023-10-12: Still listed for sale. Local pick up only from Brentwood, CA

      cost per drawer: $50

    1. Listed in late summer/early fall 2023.

      Art Metal Company card catalog (drawer sizes maybe 6x9" index cards? with 32 3/4 W x 38 3/4" H x 18 1/2" D). Possibly sectional with top and short leg sections, two sections of 3x2 drawers and a storage section with two doors. Nice patina.

      Listed originally at $1,200 and put on sale in early October 2023 for $960. Local pick up in Savannah, GA.

      Cost per drawer: $85.71 ($68.57 on sale)

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325827924222

      18 drawer library card catalog listed for sale at $1,800 and local pick up in Cabot, AR. Fairly standard looking early century mounted onto a small stand that looks like a repurposed table carriage with legs. (Wood on the two parts is different. Missing 7 drawer pulls, no card catalog rods.

      Cost per drawer: $100

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/235238777043

      Uncommon Shaw-Walker 4 drawer card cabinet/side table in a 2x2 configuration with leg-based stand. Listed around 2023-10-04 for $1,375.00.

      Possibly modular and made of 3-4 individual stackable pieces.

      Free pick up or shipment from DeKalb, IL

      cost per drawer: 343.75

      (This may be one of the most expensive per drawer I've ever seen.)

      2023-10-11 The seller made me an offer to purchase for $950.00 bring down the per drawer cost to $237.50.

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/155811111944

      2023-10-05 72 drawer library card catalog listed for sale at $850.00 with local pick up only from Mechanicsville, VA. No brand name listed. Plastic drawers with wooden fronts. Two sections of 6x6 drawers separated by a section with three writing drawers. Appears to be a solid piece with a solid base. In generally good condition.

      cost per drawer: $11.80

      Not a bad deal here, esp. if you're local.

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/166354962733

      Library Bureau library card catalog with what looks like two 5x5, and two 5x6 sections, one section of five pull out writing desks, and a top making up 110 drawers.

      In rough but serviceable shape, has a few fittings issues and some of the finish is in tough shape along with some wood pieces gouged out. Looks to be all oak (including internals of drawers aside from usual drawer pulls and rods, almost all of which are present.

      Listed on 2023-09-30 for $3,000 for free local pick up from Merced, CA.

      Cost per drawer: $27.27

      2023-10-03: Seller made me an offer to purchase for $2,500.

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/126117193513

      Library card catalog section listed for $329.00. Single section of 5x1 with 10 drawers. It's had pieces of material stapled on the top/bottom to cover up the stacking holes. Missing card rods. Drawer internals appear to be plastic (70s or later), rods removed and replaced with carpet/material to cover up holes. For free local pick up in Sacramento, CA.

      Most likely a Gaylord Bros., but not labeled.

      cost per drawer: $32.90

  4. Sep 2023
    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/235228904441

      2023-09-29 $275.00 starting bid auction Listing of Remington Rand 12 tray section (in 6 drawers) card catalog (possibly 3 x 5" cards, but ad indicates a smaller internal dimension). Meant to be modular with other cabinets and doesn't have the side panels. Drawers pull out on metal sliders.

      Free local pick up from Haymarket, VA

      This cabinet was designed to fit side by side with similar cabinets. It is in excellent condition as shown. Large deep drawers operate smoothly. Original bakelite hardware suggests it may have been made during WW11. Clearly marked USVA . And “Library Bureau.”Cabinet measures 36" tall, 14 1/2" wide, 27" deep. Inside drawers measure 10 1/2" wide, 3 1/2" tall & 24" deep. Very nice old piece with a few scratches and very few dents. Got some nice items in other listings. Pick up in Northern VA or possible delivery.

      cost per drawer: $22.91

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/266424945249

      2023-09-25 offered for $1,350 + $200 shipping from Lawrenceburg, IN to Los Angeles.

      12 drawer 2x6 configuration card index in filing cabinet configuration made of 6 modular/stackable 2x1 units with a small table stand.

      Seller indicates it may have been a Macey, but the label has worn off. Red could potentially have been a Weiss or Macey-Wernicke label? Would need to cross check others. Very early 1900s in oak, all wood with thin metal card stops on rails, but otherwise no other card index rods.

      13.5 x15x42 as measured, so like a 4 x 6" card index, but should double check.

      Cost per drawer: $112.50

      2023-09-27: Seller made a purchase price offer of $1000.

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/275465128542

      Saw for sale on/around 2023-05-17 for $3,000, though willing to accept $2,500 (or lower). Still on offer 2023-09-24.

      Gaylord Bros. 5 piece sectional library card catalog with two 5x3 sections of drawers, a pull out writing desk (with two pull outs), a top and a base table.

      cost per drawer: $100

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/285467601533

      Vintage Y&E mixed card index. Listed in September 2023 for 199.00 with local pick up in Oregon City, OR.

      Appears to be a wooden, quarter sawn oak modular card index with a row of 5 4x6" drawers and two rows of three 6x9 drawers.

      Finish could use some TLC. 33" W x 21.25" H x 17.5" D<br /> 11 Drawers. Each drawer has a track with a working metal card holder that can be repositioned along the track. 2 stacked / stacking sections: Top section has 5 narrow drawers. Bottom section has 6 larger drawers.

      cost per drawer: $18.09

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/256231658514

      60 drawer library card catalog unit with 2 sections of 6x5 drawers separated by three pull out writing drawers with a solid "skirt" base in what appears to be oak with polished metal fittings. Missing all the card catalog rods. Likely 70s, possibly from Remington Rand(?).

      Offered for $1,700 as straight purchase on 2023-09-25

      By labelling it appears to have been used for craft supply storage. Ex-library Cal State Chico.

      Cost per drawer: $28.33

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/374936561744

      Previously listed (late Summer 2023). Offered for bidding at $7,200 for a Jens Risom Library Card catalog on/around 2023-09-16. Local pickup from Pageland, SC. Ex-library from Davidson College Library in North Carolina tag number 01359.

      Section of 6x5 and another of 6x7 for a total of 72 drawers with a middle section which has two pull out writing drawers.

      Cost per drawer at opening bid: $100.00

      2023-09-25: Relisted at https://www.ebay.com/itm/374948492633

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/155778259293

      Unbranded four drawer 2x2 desktop card index in oak. See on 2023-09-24 offered for $124.99 plus $92.53 shipping from Hobart, IN. Overall 12" H x 15" W x 15" D, so likely for 4 x 6" cards though the listing says "The inside of the drawers are 3 inches deep, 6 inches wide, and 13 inches long."

      Medium condition.

      Cost per drawer: $31.25

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    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/276059372112

      Vintage wooden card catalog. No brand name listed. Appears to be a grouping of 8 3x2 card indexes with relatively wide spacers between each drawer.

      Total of 48 drawers listed in September 2023 for $1,500 for free pick up in Chicago, IL. <br /> Dimensions 64.75" x 41.6 x 17.5

      cost per drawer: $31.25

      Seller lists it as:

      Blonde maple wood brushed bronze hardware. Approximately 64" x 40" x 18" deep. 3 solid wood slide out writing surfaces Solid wood frame / cabinet and drawer fronts heavy plastic drawer body / inside. All drawers open close, needs cleaning, some handles missing a few screws, has some flaws / damage, see pictures. Sides are not finished. For local pickup located in Chicago 60606.

      Though it looks more like oak than maple and the photos don't indicate any pull out writing drawers. No photo indication of catalog drawer rods on the exterior, but the interior looks like it may have an internal rod for a card stop.

      drawers approx 7.5" high x 5.9" so not sure if they're made for standard sized index cards of a particular type. If the Rubbermaid containers inside are the 6 qt size with Outside Dimensions 13. 375 in. L x 8. 375 in. W x 4. 75 in. H

    1. https://offerup.com/item/detail/aa30b5cf-993e-3077-9c86-5b36b7d7fee9?q=library+card+catalog

      Offered circa July 2023 for $200 and sold circa September 2023.

      Gaylord brothers three piece modular library card catalog circa 1950's. Acquired by seller prior to a school demolition. Top cover appears to be homemade and covered with cloth. Other pieces are standard 5x3 grouping of 15 drawers and lower table unit. Missing all the catalog rods.

      cost per drawer: $13.30

    1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/703509757975742/

      Remington Rand Library Card Catalog Cabinet $3,500 · In stock<br /> Listed in Altadena, CA, circa May 2023

      Solid unit with base containing two small cabinet compartments and two sections of 6x5 for a total of 60 drawers and three writing drawers. Rods look intact

      62.5"H x 41"W x 19"D 60 drawers and large storage cabinet below. On casters/wheels! Vintage 1950-1960 from Cal Poly Library. Maple Wood Very few blemishes. All drawers with working parts, super clean. No history of any damage. I've reduced the price!

      Cost per drawer: $58.33

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    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325821466702

      Gaylord Bros. library card catalog offered on 2023-09-21 for $4,995.00 from South Bend, IN.

      60 Drawer modular cabinet with four sections of 5x3 drawers and two separate sections of two pull out writing drawers (for a total of four). Appears to be in good condition, made with internal plastic drawer/trays. Lilely from 60s/70s or later.

      Cost per drawer: $83.25

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/195819504280

      Brodart 72 drawer library card catalog offered for sale for $1995.00 in at least mid 2023 if not earlier. Local pick up from Twin Lake, MI. A bit beat up. Appears to be maybe late 60s/early 70s. Has plastic drawers.

      Two sections of 6x6 separated by three pull out writing desks.

      Cost per drawer. $27.70

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/225779061741

      Listed on 2023-09-17 for starting bid of $600 with a purchase price of $795.00. With $100 shipping to Los Angeles from Bartow, FL.<br /> In excellent looking condition. Restored?<br /> two drawers, but each one has two rows of cards, so technically four drawers.

      Missing card catalog rods, so likely used for something other than cards at one point.

      Cost per drawer: $150 per "drawer" at the opening bid price.

    1. Market analysis of library card catalogs in 2023.

      As card catalogs lost their functionality in libraries and were de-acquisitioned there was a wave of nostalgia which caused people to purchase them, often in auctions, at higher than expected prices. Once they had them, most of these purchasers realized that they didn't have functional uses in their homes for them (beyond wine or liquor bottle storage, small crafts, or use as a zettelkasten, which seem to be the only reasonable upcycling use cases I've seen and the last seems to be very rare and niche). They sit and take up space for very little value in return beyond some esthetic beauty and nostalgia. As a result many soured on their ownership. Most owners naturally want to recoup their original purchase price thinking that relative rarity will save them.

      Combined with this there was a resurgence in mid-century design esthetic which had some furniture restorers and designers buying and doing full (and very pretty) expensive restorations of older 20s - 40s versions which sold at auctions for $4,500 and up. Given the rarity of some of these older, fine furniture versions along with the work in restoration and the limited market only those who had a tinge of nostalgia and money to burn made purchases which resulted in a limited number of actual sales.

      These two factors mean that almost all of the listings for library card catalogs are heavily overvalued on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craig's List, Etsy, etc. The fine furniture restorations have set an artificially high price point which some feel theirs must match as well. The difference in quality however is stark. Because of their size and lack of functionality, there is a relative glut of them on the market which all bear inflated prices. Those who originally spent inordinate amounts for them, feel they will still have that same value to others, so they list them online for inflated prices.

      I've been closely watching the online "market" for them for over a year and see the same several dozen or more listed across the country usually in the range of about $30-$60 per drawer. Many are listed as local pick up only, which further hampers the overall market. This also brings up the issue of shipping a 60 drawer card catalog which can easily run in the $800-$1,500+ range which usually requires additional shipping logistics involved with freight. Most catalogs are already overpriced, but adding an additional $1000 tax on top is a bridge too far for all but the highest end of the market. Some platforms like Etsy and eBay which take cuts of the final sale also add to the cost of the sale.

      In the year and a half or more that I've been watching, I've only seen a handful of actual sales, all of which were local, and many of which were in the Los Angeles area. All of these sales have been for listings which eventually were reduced down to the $15 per drawer range. One local sale was in Wisconsin was for $10 per drawer (a 30 drawer file) and another in Los Angeles was for $12.50 per drawer (on a 20 drawer file).

      A note on condition

      Outside of a small handful of fine furniture listings in the $4,000+ range, most ex-Library card catalogs are generally very well worn and not in great condition which makes them less valuable as decoration pieces. In fact, many are often missing their original card catalog rods, have dents, dings, or other cosmetic issues. Some are missing drawers or have replacement drawers which don't match. Some may be slightly mismatched having been purchased in different eras as modular pieces and put together. Frequently they have been modified from their original states to include inserts or other material to fill in the holes which where almost standard in the bottoms of the drawers.


      If you're in the market, know that it is tremendously inflated, a fact which most sellers are aware of as they've got them listed, some for many years, not resulting in actual sales. If you really want one and find it in a reasonable condition, I highly recommend making an offer for it at about $10 per drawer and potentially go up to $15. Anything higher than that is overpaying based on actual recent market conditions. If you have the money to burn, feel free, but keep in mind that like many others in the past, once the initial nostalgia has passed, you've probably got a large piece of relatively non-functional furniture in your home.

      It's not common, but some government auction sites will list card catalogs for auction from time to time. Because they actively want to sell them these can be purchased in the $2-10 per drawer range or less. Often they tend toward the larger 60+ drawer range, aren't in good condition, or need to be picked up and shipped to your final destination, usually within a few days of purchase as the original owners don't or explicitly won't handle shipping. These are likely to need some restoration work to be decorative pieces in many homes.

      If you want something brand new, you can check out Brodart, which is the only remaining card catalog manufacturer/sales firm I'm aware of in the United States. Their systems are modular, so you can pick and choose what you'd like to have. The only caveat is that they start at $1,700 for their smallest 9 drawer model and can go up to $11,648 (plus shipping) for a full 60 drawer model. The other potential drawback, for some, is that they are made of a mixture of wood, metal and plastic versus the all wood and metal fittings of older vintage models.

      If you're in the market primarily for nostalgic reasons, then you might also consider looking at some of the older desktop wooden card catalogs which are often much less expensive, take up far less space, and can be wonderfully decorative. Some of the smaller two to six drawer desktop models have the benefit of potentially serving as recipe boxes or paper rolodexes, zettelkasten, or simply small office storage. Here again, the online markets are likely to be heavily overpriced with 2 drawer models being continually listed at $150 and 4 drawer models in the $250-400 range. These sellers know that these prices don't result in actual sales as they've been sitting on them for long periods of time (presumably hoping to get lucky). Here I'd recommend you make offers in the $20-30 per drawer range to see what you can find. Another benefit is that these smaller models are far cheaper to ship across the country. For additional advice on these, see: The Ultimate Guide to Zettelkasten Index Card Storage.

    1. https://www.amazon.com/How-Make-Notes-Write-Allosso-ebook/dp/B0B7FSQP35/

      Dan Allosso purchased a 30 drawer card catalog (three sections of 5 x 2 without any base) for $300 in 2022.

      It's pictured on the cover of his book "How to Make Notes and Write".

      Purchased at $10 per drawer.<br /> local sale

      Price mentioned at the end of Dan Allosso Book Club 2023-09-16.

    1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1173187669981868/

      24 Drawer steel Card Catalog<br /> $575<br /> Listed Circa May 15, 2023 in Brea, CA

      Rusty Gold! This steel case 24 drawer card catalog cabinet is a beauty. Circa 1950’s this tank is a statement piece. All drawers are working and have amazing original pulls! Measurements 52” tall 34” wide 18.5” deep

      Delivery available for a fee.

      $23.95 per drawer

      Owner indicates: <br /> Each drawer is 16” long<br /> 6” wide<br /> 4.5” tall

      Mfg??<br /> Separates into multiple sections for shipping.

    1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/977663026818414/

      Gaylord Library Card Catalog 30 Drawer Wood MCM Mid Century offering at $1,350; originally listed at $1,600 Listed circa July 12 ,2023 in San Leandro, CA

      44”x33”x18” total dimensions. Three pieces including traditional table base. with two 5x3 sets of drawers for a total of 30.

      Cost per drawer: original offering: $53.33 updated offering: $45.00

    1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/271076511951674/

      Appears to be a single piece with two sections of 6x5 drawers for a total of 60 separated by three drawer pulls. In excellent shape, but missing many rods.

      $18.33 per drawer

      Listed in Mid-May 2023 for $1,100 in La Palma, CA

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/285223361023

      Brodart Library Card catalog with 60 drawers listed circa Summer 2023 for $1,800 (+62.60 shipping from Pensacola Florida). Appears to be in good condition. Built in solid base and includes three drawer pulls. Doesn't appear to have any rods and looks like it's got plastic drawers rather than wood.

      cost per drawer: $30 per drawer

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/204449941096

      2 drawer 4 x 6" card index<br /> Listed in September 2023 for starting bid of $32.95

      Cost per drawer: $16.45 <br /> Cost per drawer with approx. shipping: $25.75

      Purchased 2023-09-10

    1. 20 Drawer Card Catalog Wood File Cabinet Library Index


      20 drawer library card catalog <br /> Listed on 2023-09-01 for $975.00<br /> looks like it's in fairly rough shape, doesn't include base/table

      $48.75 per drawer

      Seller sent me an offer to purchase this after showing interest<br /> Item ID: 115903620274 <br /> Buy It Now price: $975.00

      Your offer: $550.00<br /> Offer expires: Sep-04 19:27:15 PDT Seller: olemissauctions(3,468)

      $27.50 per drawer

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/115903619447

      15 drawer library card catalog with drawer pulls section<br /> Listed for $875.00 on 2023-09-01<br /> Looks like it's in pretty rough shape and doesn't include table/base

      58.33 per drawer

  5. Aug 2023
    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/266338818001

      Gaylord Bros. 30 drawer library card catalog listed for several months/several times, and finally sold 2023-07-24 for $999.99 (with only one bid) in Whitier California.

      $33.33 per drawer

    1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/256167582615

      60 drawer library card catalog listed for $1,400 in late May 2023 Sold on 2023-08-11 for best offer (under $1,400)

      Likely the same listing on Facebook for $1,100 at https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/271076511951674/

      likely went for around $18/drawer

  6. Jul 2023
    1. Instead of dumping the humidity outdoors, why not have an option to condense it to a water holding tank, thus offsetting the need to purchase water? This sounds like it might even be able to distill water, which would further save money for those who need distilled water for apnea devices and other uses.

    1. "Data models for different systems are arbitrarily different. The result of this is that complex interfaces are required between systems that share data. These interfaces can account for between 25-70% of the cost of current systems".
  7. Jun 2023
    1. Reportage über Produktion und Nutzung von grünem Wasserstoff in Spanien. Eines der Probleme – abgesehen von den hohen Produktionskosten – ist der Wassermangel im Landesinneren. Das ohnehin knappe Wasser wird im Moment für die Landwirtschaft gebraucht, so dass es fraglich ist, wann Spanien grünen Wasserstoff in andere europäische Länder exportieren kann.


  8. May 2023
    1. https://www.3x5life.com/collections/frontpage/products/3x5-life-system-with-mini-course

      Cost of items purchased separately on Amazon: - Index cards (total of 6*31+13+12+52=263, so round up to 300 at $0.02 each) = $6.99 - storage box $16.49 - dividers $5.79 - phone sleeve: $2.32 - stainless steel stand: $2.33

      Buying these in bulk for additional profit margin/branding could certainly lower the cost.

      Their retail is $97.79 versus commercially at $33.92. Their actual cost at bulk is probably significantly less and likely closer to $15 all in for the system, so this is a nice little profit.

  9. Mar 2023
    1. Watts, Charles J. The Cost of Production. Muskegon, MI: The Shaw-Walker Company, 1902. http://archive.org/details/costproduction01wattgoog.

      Short book on managing manufacturing costs. Not too much of an advertisement for Shaw-Walker manufactured goods (files, file management, filing cabinets, etc.). Only 64 pages are the primary content and the balance (about half) are advertisements.

      Given the publication date of 1902, this would have preceded the publication of System Magazine which began in 1903. This may have then been a prototype version of an early business magazine, but with a single author, no real editorial, and only one article.

      Presumably it may also have served the marketing interests of Shaw-Walker as a marketing piece as well.

      Tangentially, I'm a bit intrigued by the "Mr. Morse" mentioned on page 109 who is being touted as an in-house consultant for Shaw-Walker.... Is this the same Frank Morse who broke off to form the Browne-Morse Co.? (very likely)

      see: see also: https://hypothes.is/a/Sp8s4sprEe24jitvkjkxzA for a snippet on Frank Morse.

    1. My translation of Niklas Luhmann (1997): Die Gesellschaft der Gesellschaft, Frankfurt/M: Suhrkamp. S.11: “Bei meiner Aufnahme in die 1969 gegründete Fakultät für Soziologie der Universität Bielefeld fand ich mich konfrontiert mit der Aufforderung, Forschungsprojekte zu benennen, an denen ich arbeite. Mein Projekt lautete: Theorie der Gesellschaft; Laufzeit: 30 Jahre; Kosten: keine.”

      As I began to work at the 1969 founded faculty of sociology of the University of Bielefeld, I was confronted with the request to name research projects I work on. My project was: a theory of society; Duration: 30 years; Costs: none.(1)

  10. Jan 2023
    1. civilizations have risen and Fallen based on their ability to manage their 00:08:45 scarce Water Resources we are no different

      !- water boundary : technological assistance -low cost ocean water purification

  11. Dec 2022
    1. In 1988, when polio was endemic in 125 countries, the annual assembly of national health ministers, meeting in Geneva, declared their intent to eradicate polio by 2000. That target was missed, but a $3 billion campaign had it contained in six countries by early 2003.
    1. The polio-vaccine conspiracy theory has had direct consequences: Sixteen countries where polio had been eradicated have in recent months reported outbreaks of the disease – twelve in Africa (Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Sudan, and Togo) and four in Asia (India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen). Yemen has had the largest polio outbreak, with more than 83 cases since April. The WHO calls this "a major epidemic."
    1. f you started in January 2022 the numbers in Brackets if you started January 2023 so look how much difference one year makes particularly under the 1.5 budget it's 00:25:55 just enormous you realize how rapidly each year we choose to fail how much that changes the following year and I think that's a really key message here that because we've left it so late every day of failure makes makes 00:26:09 tomorrow much much harder whichever way you look at this whether it's 1.5 or 2 degrees Centigrade whether it's Sweden the UK the US Australia Japan whatever this is profound 00:26:22 an immediate change in our system in so many respects in way above what governments are ever prepared to talk about and I say I don't particularly like these conclusions but that's what's what comes out of the arithmetic

      !- difference in annual emissions reduction required in just one year is enormous - comparing the actual, required emissions of a climate progressive country (Sweden) - emissions reduction just one year later (in brackets) is enormous

    1. Basic facelift (redecoration)£2,000£3,000£2,500 Basic refurbishment - (incl. new kitchen, painting, new flooring, joinery work, modifying bathroom)£15,000£18,000£16,500 Full refurbishment (incl.all of the above, plus new bathroom, new boiler and radiators, structural work, new electrics, re-plastering)£33,000£48,000£40,500

      Refurb cost

    1. With Mailgun, you'll need to upgrade to a dedicated IP or "managed email service" and pay extra for "better deliverability." At Postmark, great deliverability isn't an up-charge. It's simply included, and we share live delivery data so you can judge for yourself.
  12. Oct 2022
    1. In the interest of reducing warranty claims (which are much more expensive than that incremental manufacturing cost) carmakers are sizing the whole unit to reliably accommodate the worst case draw (driver turns everything on at the same time, at idle).
    1. After the first week of the campaign, we realized what are the main problematic pillars and fixed them right away. Nevertheless, even with these improvements and strong support from the Gamefound team, we’re not even close to achieving the backer numbers with which we could safely promise to create a game of the quality we think it deserves.
    2. First and foremost, we need to acknowledge that even though the funding goal has been met–it does not meet the realistic costs of the project. Bluntly speaking, we did not have the confidence to showcase the real goal of ~1.5 million euros (which would be around 10k backers) in a crowdfunding world where “Funded in XY minutes!” is a regular highlight.

      new tag: pressure to understate the real cost/estimate

    1. When people ask me about my life’s ambitions, I often joke that my goal is to become independently wealthy so that I can afford to get some work done. Mainly that’s about being able to do things without having to explain them first, so that the finished product can be the explanation. I think this will be a major labor saving improvement.
    2. Alas, many things really must be experienced to be understood. We didn’t have much of an experience to deliver to them though — after all, the whole point of all this evangelizing was to get people to give us money to pay for developing the software in the first place!
  13. Sep 2022
    1. One common use case for rbspy is profiling slow unit test runs -- instead of spending a bunch of time adding instrumentation, you can run rbspy record ruby my-test.rb and instantly get profiling information about what's going on.
    1. However, as an interpreted language, Ruby is slow compared to compiled languages. The general solution adopted by Rubyists was to throw more hardware at the problem. “Hardware is cheaper than salaried engineers,” went the common maxim.
  14. Aug 2022
  15. Jul 2022
    1. We don’t expect National Defence or health care to promote growth: we just accept that territorial integrity and a healthy populace are good things.

      Been making that point about health (especially since, like education, it's a provincial jurisdiction). It's easy to think of perverse incentives if a profit motive dominates education and health. Physicians would want people to remain sick and teachers would prefer it if learners required more assistance.

      Hadn't thought enough about the DND part. Sure gives me pause, given the amounts involved. Or the fact that there's a whole lot of profit made in that domain.

      So, businesspeople are quick to talk about "cost centres". Some of them realize that those matter a whole lot.

  16. May 2022
    1. In 2022, the focus is exploring and envisioning the hyper-response and embarking on this mission. It will involve engaging and energizing people, analysis, planning, and some early actions. The “E” in PLAN E stands for “Earth,” “everyone,” “everything,” and “everywhere.”

      The global, open access Tipping Point Festival can be launched as a zero marginal cost festival (ZMCF) or a netfest for bottom-up, rapid whole system change to synchronize the ordinary citizens of the globe to deal with the hyperthreat.

    2. It orientates around making the threat visible and knowable, to an extent that this inspires automatic configuration and realignment across human tribes

      This can be done through a decentralized, zero marginal cost hyperthreat education campaign relying on crowdsourcing via the internet. Since the threat level has become salient to a sufficient scale, these aware actors can be crowdsourced for a scalable education campaign.

    3. the current global military buildup could represent a situation whereby many nations are entering, unconsciously or perhaps because there seems to be no other option, into a new type of mutually assured destruction (MAD) scenario, or even the Homo sapiens death spiral.

      It sucks enormous material and energy resources whose purpose is to destroy built environments, human lives, nonhuman lives and the built environment .... not very climate friendly! Military spending only sucks up valuable resources required to fight the climate change hyperthreat.

    1. The argument used to propose its use is to avoid the construction of multiple volatile objects. This supposed advantage is not real in virtual machines with efficient garbage collection mechanisms.

      Consider a Sufficiently Smart Compiler/Runtime where a multiply-instanced class has the exact same runtime characteristics as code that has been hand-"tuned" to use a singleton.

  17. Apr 2022
    1. David Fisman. (2021, December 15). HEPA air cleaners in hospital...lets compare cost to ECMO. ECMO course in the US costs around $93,000 CDN; US cost:charge ratio is around 0.2, so let’s say that’s $20,000 CDN. That’s the cost of 50 high end hepa air cleaners! Or you could do 250 CR boxes at around $80 a pop. [Tweet]. @DFisman. https://twitter.com/DFisman/status/1471259305961828355

    1. Michael Bang Petersen. (2021, March 17). This is worsened as costs of #covid19 are not mentally similar to costs of side effects, even if the latter are less risky. People prefer controllable risks to uncontrollabe risks, even if less lethal (https://t.co/kSIcObWYmT). That is why you fear flying but not driving. [2/2] [Tweet]. @M_B_Petersen. https://twitter.com/M_B_Petersen/status/1372103708218159109

  18. Mar 2022
  19. Feb 2022
    1. For Nvidia, the speed of the 3080 package makes for a solid sales pitch: This cloud PC is probably faster than your home system, so cloud gaming is worth it. Cloud gaming will always present a latency tradeoff, but that latency is easier to accept if you're getting otherwise-unattainable graphics quality along with it.

      Smart strategy by Nvidia.

  20. Jan 2022
  21. Dec 2021
    1. How to Create a Micro-Job Marketplace Like Fiverr: Features, Cost, TimelineTimurTech JournalistMarketplaceProduct GuideHomeBlogEntrepreneurshipHow to Create a Micro-Job Marketplace Like Fiverr: Features, Cost, TimelinePublishedNov 19, 2021UpdatedNov 19, 202120 min readIt’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has led many people to reconsider their jobs. Now, freelance as an alternative career path steadily becomes a reality. 50.9% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancing by 2027, a Statista survey shows. Businesses like Fiverr and fellow gig-focused companies rode the wave. To be more precise, they adopted a model allowing the hire of independent contractors without any legwork. How do such tools set the new trend in powering freelancers? In this article, we share proven methods geared towards freelance website growth. Moreover, you will get a glimpse of how to create a micro-job marketplace like Fiverr of your own.

      It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has led many people to reconsider their jobs. Now, freelance as an alternative career path steadily becomes a reality. 50.9% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancing by 2027, a Statista survey shows.

      Businesses like Fiverr and fellow gig-focused companies rode the wave. To be more precise, they adopted a model allowing the hire of independent contractors without any legwork. How do such tools set the new trend in powering freelancers?

      In this article, we share proven methods geared towards freelance website growth. Moreover, you will get a glimpse of how to create a micro-job marketplace like Fiverr of your own.

  22. Nov 2021
  23. Oct 2021
    1. Leading SaaS Trends for 2021 You Shouldn’t MissDmitryChief Executive OfficerSaaSTrendsHomeBlogTechnologyLeading SaaS Trends for 2021 You Shouldn’t MissDec 1, 202012 min readNowadays, different kinds of businesses are extensively moving to the cloud. O’Reilly reports that 88% of the respondent companies had used cloud services before lockdown and expect their further growth by Q2 2021. Therefore, SaaS application development looks also like a profitable venture today. Yet, to stay afloat in the cloud arena, you need to arm your offering with precise technology and fresh tools. In other words, you need to keep your eye on the future of SaaS. To help you deploy the promptest cloud solutions, in this post, I collected the top SaaS trends for 2021.

      SaaS application development looks also like a profitable venture today. Yet, to stay afloat in the cloud arena, you need to arm your offering with precise technology and fresh tools. In other words, you need to keep your eye on the future of SaaS.

      To help you deploy the promptest cloud solutions, in this post, I collected the top SaaS trends for 2021.