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    1. 我们需要监听之前创建的通道greetingChannel。让我们为它创建一个绑定


    1. 不得不说集成 SpringCloud Function 之后,消息的发送和接收又迈进了一个崭新的阶段,但 <functionName> + -in- + <index> 这样的配置规约我觉得让我有些难受......甚至目前我认为 3.1 之前被废弃的注解方式也许更适合我们开发使用


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    1. still need to do as follows for the first time

      How to enroll key from disk into MOK manager (MOK = Machine Owner Key)

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    1. The Master Boot Record (MBR) is a small, dedicated section at the beginning of the hard disk which holds the boot information and partition layout for the whole disk. The MBR itself is only a single physical sector in length (512 bytes), but it is required in order to create or maintain partitions on the disk, or even boot the computer.

      MBR is very important for OS on disk.

  7. Feb 2021
    1. considering PopOS is trying to tackle Ubuntu they really need their dual-boot setup to be a lot less tedious
    2. The part where you want to add 2 EFI partitions is not advisable. It seems that Windows doesn't really like this, of you are dual booting multiple Linux installs it might work. But it is always recommended to use only 1 EFI partition per disk. Hope this helps. :)
    1. Make a 512MB fat32 partition during manual/custom PopOS install.Select its role as: "/boot/efi" in the PopOS installer.When the OS is installed, type sudo apt install refind and then it should automatically start the installer else type sudo refind-install. This will install rEFInd to your /boot/efi path.
    1. Disable Secure Boot. Security technologies included in UEFI such as Secure Boot can be a blocker and prevent the system from booting external storage sources. Disabling Secure Boot, temporarily—normally accessible under the security menu or tab—will often resolve this.
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    1. Offer Secure Boot which means everything you load before an OS is loaded has to be signed. This gives your system an added layer of protection from running malware.

      It also makes it easier to screw up your boot, and less likely to expect an average person to install Linux to try it out and consider switching from their existing Boot...

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