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  1. Apr 2023
    1. Holding Negligent Doctors AccountableWhen a doctor fails to diagnose your medical condition, it can have serious consequences. We put our trust in medical workers to identify a disease to increase our chances of recovery. A doctor’s failure to diagnose is a form of medical malpractice because such negligence can cause significant injury

      I want: - monetary and punitive damages - I want to put it in the spot light that most "psychotherapists" are not qualified, but people, themselves, think they are, and law language makes them think they are - that law, nor anything, meaningfully restrictions anyone from making a "diagnosis" - that not only are psychotherapists not qualified, they are not qualified to know when they are not qualified and refer out - that there is gross insufficiency in not only oversight, but no meaningful sufficient method/tools by which to measure and enforce oversight - that there is gross insufficiency in sound method to match mental needs to mental services - to provide parents and children and welfare the tools and ammo to select, apply, enforce, and measure performance of services - further to do the same for every other person in this world who is in need of, receiving ineffective, receiving damage because of wrong, mental care.

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