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    1. Incidentally, I'd add that it can also be used in looking toward the future, in awareness that we lack such a crystal ball: We base our plans on our knowledge, and there'll be times where we know there is a gap in that knowledge, but we're also aware that there may be things we can't possibly foresee, because "we don't know what we don't know".
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    1. The original concept of Project Athena was that there would be course-specific software developed to use in conjunction with teaching. Today, computers are most frequently used for "horizontal" applications such as e-mail, word processing, communications, and graphics.
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    1. This raises a very important point: we can’t know every user’s reason for why they’re visiting our website, but we can use the tools made available to us to help guide them along their way. If that means storing an HTML document for use offline, we’re empowered to help make the experience as easy as possible.
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    1. Yes, we’ll have a vaccine. No, it won’t let us out of social distancing


      1. Do you find reason to believe it will so happen in 2021?
      2. What consequences would it foist upon the world?
      3. What impact would that have on your own future today?

      Are we ready for 2021?


      • when ready here, get back to your social to do it


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    1. Complexity, interconnectivity, novelty, & creation is beyond any single entity's ability to effectively forecast.
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