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  1. Feb 2024
    1. By the time the OED project commenced, Europe already had majordictionaries under way or completed in German, French, Italian, Russian, andDutch, all of which were taking advantage of the new methodologies ofContinental philology. In Germany, the Brothers Grimm had begun theDeutsches Wörterbuch in 1838. In France, Émile Littré had begun theDictionnaire de la langue française in 1841 (a dictionary of post-1600French). In the Netherlands, Matthias de Vries had begun Woordenboek derNederlandsche Taal in 1852 (a dictionary of post-medieval Dutch).

      Oxford English Dictionary (1857 - )

  2. Mar 2023
  3. Feb 2023
    1. One of the most well-documented shortcomings of large language models is that they can hallucinate. Because these models have no direct knowledge of the physical world, they're prone to conjuring up facts out of thin air. They often completely invent details about a subject, even when provided a great deal of context.
    2. The application is powered by LaMDA, one of the latest generation of large language models. At its core, LaMDA is a simple machine — it's trained to predict the most likely next word given a textual prompt. But because the model is so large and has been trained on a massive amount of text, it's able to learn higher-level concepts.

      Is LaMDA really able to "learn higher-level concepts" or is it just a large, straight-forward information theoretic-based prediction engine?

  4. Oct 2022
  5. Aug 2022
    1. formation is not strictly a matter of langue, but is rather assigned to what hecalled parole, and thus placed outside the scope of linguistics proper;



  6. Apr 2022
    1. I. Stimuler et structurerle langage oralL’enfant apprend à parler en s’appropriant la languedes adultes, celle de ses parents, de sa famille etde ceux avec qui il vit au quotidien L’intensité del’exposition des enfants au langage parlé et la qualitéde ce langage sont essentielles dans ce processusd’appropriation C’est l’une des raisons qui conduità encourager les parents à engager le plus souventpossible des dialogues avec leur enfant ainsi qu’à leurlire des histoires

      Il y à confusion chez certains enseignants qui pense que c'est en français que les parents doivent converser avec l'enfant

  7. Jan 2021
  8. Sep 2020
    1. Code is a social text, the meaning of which develops and transforms as additional readers encoun-ter it over time and as contexts change

      Le code est une langue et, en tant que telle, est une construction sociale (comme toutes les langues). Comme une œuvre littéraire, son sens n'est pas fixé.

  9. Jul 2016
    1. De ce point de vue, il n'est pas nécessaire d'argumenter longuement sur ces dispositions car le convergence des structures de productivité peut produire des miracles et agrémenter le soutien du jeu des stratégies des forces en présence.