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    1. locally-based staff and carries out its programs in conjunction with local partners. Teams of international instructors and volunteers support the programs through projects year-round.

      So many good features in your project!

      Employing local staff that know the setting and can be role models for the kids.

      Supporting mentoring by volunteers to scale.

      Working with bodies to get a visceral experience that change is possible.

      Mentoring in groups to build a community.

      Spotlighting diversity and building bridges beyond the local community.

      Some related resources: Ballet dancer from Kibera

      Fighting poverty and gang violence in Rio's favelas with ballet

  2. Nov 2022
    1. How Shipping Containers Took Over the World (then broke it) by Calum on YouTube

      Oct 5, 2022

      The humble shipping container changed our society - it made International shipping cheaper, economies larger and the world much, much smaller. But what did the shipping container replace, how did it take over shipping and where has our dependance on these simple metal boxes led us?

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    1. In 1895, the Belgians Paul Otlet (1868-1944) and Henri La Fontaine founded the International Institute of Bibliography (IIB) and began working on something they called the Universal Bibliographic Repertory (UBR), an enormous catalog based on index cards. Funded by the Belgian government, the UBR involved the collection of books, articles, photographs and other documents in order to create a one-of-a-kind international index.
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    1. The energy sector contains a large number of long‐lived and capital‐intensive assets. Urban infrastructure, pipelines, refineries, coal‐fired power plants, heavy industrial facilities, buildings and large hydro power plants can have technical and economic lifetimes of well over 50 years. If today’s energy infrastructure was to be operated until the end of the typical lifetime in a manner similar to the past, we estimate that this would lead to cumulative energy‐related and industrial process CO2 emissions between 2020 and 2050 of just under 650 Gt CO2. This is around 30% more than the remaining total CO2 budget consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5 °C with a 50% probability (see Chapter 2)

      Emissionen durch die Verfeuerung der vorhandenen Assets: 650 Gigatonnen

      Das bedeutet eine 30prozentige Überschreitung des CO2-Budgets für 50% Wahrscheinlichkeit des 1,5°-Ziels

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    1. Pour le programme ita‑lien (Milani, 2015), les sept dimen‑sions dont l’enfant a besoin pourgrandir sont : santé et croissance ;émotions, pensées, communicationet comportement ; identité et estimede soi ; autonomie ; relations fami‑liales et sociales ; apprentissage ; jeuxet loisirs.
    2. Pour les programmesanglais ( Jones, 2015) et québé‑cois (Lessard et al., 2010), les septbesoins sont : la santé, l’éducation,le développement comportementalet affectif, l’identité, les relationsfamiliales et sociales, la présenta‑tion de soi, les habiletés à prendresoin de soi



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    1. However, Erdogan said Turkey and Russia were also negotiating a way to use the Ruble and Turkish Lira for tourism as Putin promised the Turkish leader he would encourage Russians to travel to Turkey.

      Mhtsotaki's unconditional pro-West stance has given Turkey all kinds of leverage and benefits, including economical ones.

    2. Two super-yachts belonging to the sanctioned Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich docked in Turkish ports earlier this week. Istanbul has also become one of the main destinations for Russians fleeing their country.

      Turkey has replaced Russia as a safe-port to avoid the West's menace - Snowden would flee to Turkey nowadays.

    1. And this needs to be made explicit. EU leaders and Biden need to announce clearly and repeatedly that if Russian troops pull back from Ukraine, the sanctions will all be quickly dropped. The part about removing Putin from power shouldn’t be stated; it will be implicit, since Putin is unlikely to ever personally forge an enduring peace with Ukraine.

      It's important for the West to stop demonizing Putin - it's just an elaborate form of saber rattling. And here it is a method to go ahead.

    2. They need to not just pull their soldiers back from Ukraine, but implement some kind of guarantee of lasting peace — and to allow Ukraine to join the EU and NATO if it wishes.

      Impossible to have a truce agreement as proposed here (have just one country in NATO).

    1. Το «φρούριο Δύση» που συγκροτείται, ενάντια σε Ρωσία και Κίνα ξεκινάει και θα συνεχίσει στραμμένο τέρμα δεξιά με τα μισά του κανόνια να κοιτάνε προς τα μέσα.
    2. Προπαγάνδα λοιπόν είναι να θεωρείς ότι οι Πούτιν, Ζελένσκυ και Ερντογάν έχουν ως κοινό τους γνώρισμα τον αυταρχισμό, γιατί η αλήθεια είναι ότι το κοινό ανάμεσα τους είναι ότι έχουν, σε αντίθεση με τους Δυτικούς ομολόγους τους, ικανούς να τα καταφέρουν αντιπάλους που απειλούν την εθνική γραμμή. Μπορεί κάποιος να βρει μία δυτική χώρα που να υπάρχει ισχυρή νόμιμη αντιπολίτευση, που πραγματικά να απειλεί την εθνική γραμμή;

      Διεισδυτική παρατηρηση για την Δυτική πλανη με τους Δικτατορες: ειναι οι διαλεκτική σχεση των αντιπολιτεύσεών τους που τους διατηρεί αυταρχικούς.

    1. in which we intervened in a civil war

      Vietnam's civil war was a pretext - spheres of influence was the culprit, as it happened with the [[Greek Civil War]].

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    1. This article is for those who want to keep traveling despite restrictions due to covid. Basically giving tips on how to navigate the multiple governmental restrictions and policies including links to airline or country websites for choosing destinations. Because of this trend in travel advice in covid times, we may see attitudes towards travel shift to travel knowing the risks involved (quarantine, masks requirements, etc.) and hence see tourism rise again. Last minute covid holiday packages. What if the trend for remaining home also stayed the same for next five years and the adventure seekers become the avatars for the folks who want to stay at home.

      The crisis is changing the way how people will enjoy their international holiday, with an extra concern on testing and quarantine expenses and risk taking. That may have an impact on the tourism market, asking the airline companies to provide flexible policies /products and may witness the booming of travel insurance market.

    1. Back in 1981, a State Department insider boasted that we would "turn Nicaragua into the Albania of Central America"-that is, poor, isolated and politically radical-so that the Sandinista dream of creating a new, more exemplary political model for Latin America would be in ruins.

      Cruelty of the imperialistic US administrator is telling of what we can achieve without toxic capitlalism.

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    1. Un modèle français d’évaluation atypique au plan international53 À la différence de nombreux pays étrangers, les progrès des élèves ne sont pas un des critères d’évaluation des enseignants en France. L’incorporation de l’opinion des « parties prenantes » (parents d’élèves, élèves eux-mêmes) y est en outre moins répandue : d’après l’OCDE, seuls 13 % des élèves français fréquentent un établissement pratiquant un « retour d’information écrit » des usagers contre 60 % en moyenne dans l’OCDE et seuls 23 % fréquentent un établissement dont le chef d’établissement indique que les évaluations des élèves sont utilisées pour évaluer l’efficacité des enseignants contre 50 % en moyenne dans l’OCDE. À l’inverse, le recours à un tiers extérieur à l’établissement (inspections pédagogiques) pour suivre les pratiques des enseignants est moins pratiqué à l’étranger. Dans les pays de l’OCDE, seuls 27 % des élèves en moyenne sont scolarisés dans des établissements dont le chef déclare que cette méthode est utilisée contre 78 % qui se fondent sur les évaluations des élèves, 60 % qui mettent en œuvre une revue par les pairs et 69 % qui ont recours au chef d’établissement lui-même.
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    1. rapport de 215 pages de 2019 au sommaire:

        1. Agir pour et avec les jeunes 13
        1. Les mobilités sociales 15
        1. Les mobilités géographiques 20
        1. Les mobilités résidentielles 27
        1. Les mobilités internationales 31
    1. The climate catastrophe we're facing is the result of three issues, three processes.
      1. The tragedy of the commons, the free-rider problem
      2. Coordination (money is there)
      3. Capitalist beast eating up everything to survive.

      The first 2 are solvable - for the 3rd we need to reconsider [[property rights]].

    2. So there's a rich society for the very wealthy and the owners, the illegitimate owners of capital, but no society for the general population and that's basically neoliberalism, in a nutshell.

      [[Chomsky]] detailing what Warren Buffett stated: there is class-war, and my class is winning it!

      Immediately below he clarifies that "this structure has to be dismantled from top-to-bottom".

    3. no consultation with anyone. This is just the organized international capital saying here's the way we can rob people for the long term by imposing the kinds of extensive property rights which guarantee monopoly pricing opportunities, indefinitely.

      [[Chomsky]] rightly pints out that TRIPS is from the Uruguay round (which i never had hear before) the root of neoliberalism domination internationally.

  15. Oct 2021
    1. raison d’être

      Reason or justification for existence.


    2. The typographer must take the greatest care to study how his work is read and ought to be read.

      Absolutely, depending on the work and the intention behind it. You wouldn't want your audience to be confused about the readability of your work.

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    1. Finally, Real America has a strong nationalist character. Its attitude toward the rest of the world is isolationist, hostile to humanitarianism and international engagement, but ready to respond aggressively to any incursion against national interests.

      Humanitarianism and international engagement are definitely important, but their value is often made invisible to "Real America" or "middle America".

      How can this value be made more apparent? How could we account for it to make it easier to see?

      The issue is compounded when large corporations receive massive bailouts as it's an additional cost weighing down the system. Would humanitarianism and international engagement be easier to uphold if we left off corporate costs? Do most of the value of humanitarianism and international engagement redound to corporations as an additional value primarily to them rather than everyday people? Is their perceived problem that they're another method of privatizing profits to major corporations and elites and socializing the losses to the average person?

  18. Jun 2021
    1. But a better path forward is one of true global cooperation based on mutual benefit and reciprocity.

      This is the case for so many human endeavors.

      How might game theory help to ensure it? Are there other factors that could assist as well?

  19. May 2021
    1. Lawrence Gostin. (2021, April 30). Insightful talk by @doctorsoumya @P4HR webinar on #VaccinePassports @WHO is developing smart Int’l Vaccine Certificates Proof of vac Confidential & Secure Open Access Interoperable But @WHO doesn’t support requiring vacs for int’l travel until the world is more equal [Tweet]. @lawrencegostin. https://twitter.com/lawrencegostin/status/1388215713328943104

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    1. Enquête "HBSC" : Enquête "Health Behaviour in School-aged Children".C'est une enquête internationale réalisée sur 41 pays et mise en place par l'OMS. Elle collecte des données sur la santé, le vécu scolaire et les comportements préjudiciables ou favorables à la santé des élèves âgés de 11, 13 et 15 ans
    1. Convention relative aux droits de l'enfant

      Adoptée et ouverte à la signature, ratification et adhésion par l'Assemblée générale dans sa résolution 44/25 du 20 novembre 1989

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    1. If the pandemic is a wake-up call that international anarchy can no longer hold, then the question is what forms may fill this void?
    2. The international system could not respond to the planetary crisis because it was not built to do so; it is an architecture of and for another era.
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