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    1. Untersuchungen zeigen, dass die COP28 mit dem Emissions Peak für Treibhausgase zusammenfallen könnte. Um das 1,5°-Ziel zu erreichen, müssten allerdings die Emissionen bis 2030 um die Hälfte sinken. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2023/nov/29/cop28-what-could-climate-conference-achieve

  2. Nov 2023
    1. Feminist analyses see both the state and trafficking networks as threats to security, as trafficked persons lack freedom of movement and are at risk of abuse and poor health

      opens the table to consider more things in terms of IR security

    2. Governments prioritize defense spending over healthcare,

      its cos thats real politics, men bruh

    1. gender norms and identities can limit people's ability to achieve security.
    2. considering gender in policymaking.
    3. analyzing key issues in security studies through gender lenses.
    4. Gender lenses help us understand how gender is connected to power dynamics and how it shapes international processes and practices.
    5. rethought to reduce inequality and encourage security for people in their daily lives.

      private becomes political, new meaning to security

    6. ects of war on women, we can gain a better understanding of the unequal gender relations that sustain military activities.
    7. simplistic views of women as victims

      link to Whitworth

    8. individual insecurity, for marginalized and disempowered individuals.
    9. eminist security studies focus on how insecurities are created and how individuals respond to them within structures of violence and oppression

      violence and oppression by the state- patriarchy can also be a security issue, also who the state protects is based on who is classed as a citizen so marginalised people might not be inclined to fight for their state

    10. security language

      masc language = military language, sexualised and degrades women.

    1. Die Pläne der Kohle-, Öl- und gasproduzierenden Staaten zur Ausweitung der Förderung würden 2030 zu 460% mehr Kohle, 83% mehr Gas und 29% mehr Ölproduktion führen, als mit dem Pariser Abkommen vereinbar ist. Der aktuelle Production Gap Report der Vereinten Nationen konzentriert sich auf die 20 stärksten Verschmutzer-Staaten, deren Pläne fast durchgängig in radikalem Widerspruch zum Pariser Abkommen stehen. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/08/insanity-petrostates-planning-huge-expansion-of-fossil-fuels-says-un-report

      Report: https://productiongap.org/

  3. Oct 2023
    1. Die Folgen des Hamas-Überfalls auf Israel gefährden Fortschritte in der Klimapolitik massiv. Sie führen zu weiteren Vertrauensverlusten, die internationale Kooperation behindern, begünstigen Investitionen in Öl, verringern möglicherweise staatliche Ausgaben für erneuerbare Energien und könnte, wenn es zu Preiserhöhungen für Öl kommt, der Biden-Aministration in den USA innenpolitisch schaden. Ausführlicher, auf Experten gestützter Artikel in der New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/10/23/climate/gaza-war-climate-change.html

  4. Sep 2023
    1. Europa droht in eine Abhängigkeit von China zu geraten, das im Augenblick bei Produkten und Rohstoffen, die für erneuerbare Energien gebraucht werden, mit großem Abstand der wichtigste Lieferant ist. Wie Reuters berichtet, hat die spanische EU-Präsidentschaft dazu ein Dokument vorbereitet, das bei der nächsten Sitzung des europäischen Rates diskutiert werden soll. https://www.repubblica.it/economia/2023/09/18/news/europa_dipendenza_batterie_cinesi-414906186/?ref=RHLF-BG-I414871700-P5-S2-T1

  5. Aug 2023
    1. We are already seeing the emergence of ‘tech-free’ camps and vacation packages. Experiencing life ‘offline’ will become a generational goal, much like the Millennial generation introduced ride sharing and home sharing. Ironically, it will be technology that enables this trend, and premiums will be paid for uninterrupted time to focus or to simply enjoy being alive. This may also indicate a new kind of disparity between economic strata, with the more-wealthy affording privacy, peace and quiet while the lower strata remain fodder for 24/7 social media aggregators and botnets.
      • for: futures, digital futures, online vs offline role reversal, inequality
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        • We are already seeing the emergence of
          • ‘tech-free’ camps and
          • ' tech-free' vacation packages
        • Experiencing life ‘offline’ will become a generational goal,
          • much like the Millennial generation introduced ride sharing and home sharing.
        • Ironically, it will be technology that enables this trend, and premiums will be paid for uninterrupted time to focus or to simply enjoy being alive.
        • This may also indicate a new kind of disparity between economic strata, with
          • the more-wealthy affording privacy, peace and quiet while
          • the lower strata remain fodder for 24/7 social media aggregators and botnets.
      • author: Sam Adams
        • 24 year veteran of IBM
        • senior AI research scientist, RTI International
    2. there is a disconnect between the long period of evolution that honed our humanity and the short period of rapid technology change we are facing.
      • for: progress trap, quote, quote - progress trap, quote Brian Southwell, Science in the Public Sphere Program, RTI International
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        • We are likely to make some gains in personal health, are likely to face some collective concerns in terms of environmental health and
        • are not likely to cope with the alienation and despair that is a part of a life lived largely online.
        • In the latter case, there is a disconnect between the long period of evolution that honed our humanity and
        • the short period of rapid technology change we are facing.
      • author: Brian Southwell

        • director, Science in the Public Sphere Program, RTI International
    3. I do expect new social platforms to emerge that focus on privacy and ‘fake-free’ information, or at least they will claim to be so. Proving that to a jaded public will be a challenge. Resisting the temptation to exploit all that data will be extremely hard. And how to pay for it all? If it is subscriber-paid, then only the wealthy will be able to afford it.
      • for: quote, quote - Sam Adams, quote - social media
      • quote, indyweb - support, people-centered
        • I do expect new social platforms to emerge that focus on privacy and ‘fake-free’ information, or at least they will claim to be so.
        • Proving that to a jaded public will be a challenge.
        • Resisting the temptation to exploit all that data will be extremely hard.
        • And how to pay for it all?
        • If it is subscriber-paid, then only the wealthy will be able to afford it.
      • author: Sam Adams
        • 24 year IBM veteran -senior research scientist in AI at RTI International working on national scale knowledge graphs for global good
      • comment
        • his comment about exploiting all that data is based on an assumption
          • a centralized, server data model
      • this doesn't hold true with a people-centered, person-owned data network such as Inyweb
    1. According to the International   Hydropower Association, or IHA, a  facility with two reservoirs roughly   the size of two Olympic swimming pools, and  a 500-metre height difference between them,   would have an energy capacity of about three and  a half megawatt hours. And they last for decades,
      • for: pumped hydro storage capacity, pumped hydro, PSH
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        • According to the International Hydropower Association, or IHA,
          • a facility with:
            • two reservoirs roughly the size of two Olympic swimming pools,
            • a 500-metre height difference between them,
          • would have
            • an energy capacity of about three and a half megawatt hours and
            • they last for decades,
  6. Jul 2023
    1. Seit 2020 haben die 20 ärmsten Länder 50 Milliarden Dollar Schldenan die G20-Staaten zurückgezahlt. Diese Beträge stehen für Klimaschutz und Klimaanpassung der oft besonders vulnerablen Länder nicht zur Verfügung. Bei einem Trffen der G20-Finanzminister*innen wurden keine Fortschritte bei der Entschuldung der ärmsten Länder erreicht. https://taz.de/Schuldenkrise-im-Globalen-Sueden/!5945035/

    1. rspectives internationales sur les relations entre l’École et les famillesDans de nombreux systèmes éducatifs, la relation entre l’École et les familles fait partie intégrante desdocuments officiels et des objectifs ministériels. Elle y est souvent thématisée à un double niveau, celui del’établissement et celui des enseignants. La relation entre l’École et les familles dépend beaucoup de la traditionéducative qui la porte. Dans les pays nordiques comme le Danemark, la Norvège ou encore la Suède,l’implication des parents dans les apprentissages scolaires de leurs enfants est recherchée4.Outre les paysnordiques, on peut citer l’Écosse qui a une tradition ancrée de participation bénévole des parents à la vie del’école qui peut par exemple passer par l’entretien des espaces verts ou l’encadrement d’équipes sportives. LeNouveau cadre pour l’École (« National Improvement Framework ») développé en Écosse voit dansl’implication des parents l’un des six leviers pour améliorer les projets d’établissements
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    1. More than 150,000 people took part in over 200 demonstrations in 28 centres, and 1500 were charged with offences stemming from these protests.

      springbok tour 1981

  9. Apr 2023
    1. Die Oberflächentemperaturen der Ozeane haben im April einen neuen allzeitrekord erreicht noch nie in der aufgezeichneten Geschichte haben sich die Temperaturen so schnell und so stark erhöht wie im Augenblick. Es gibt deutliche Anzeichen für ein starkes El Niño-Phänomen in diesem Jahr und Vermutungen, dass deshalb die 1,5 Grad-Grenze schon im kommenden Jahr überschritten werden wird. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-65339934

    1. Bericht von Bloomberg Green über grüne Investitionen von Venture-Kapitalisten. Im Vordergrund stehen - oft mit öffentlicher Beteiligung - nicht mehr die schon eingeführten Technologien zur Energieerzeugung sondern Elektrifizierung neuer Bereiche und auch das Speichern von CO2. 2022 würden ca. 70 Milliarden USD venture Capital und insgesamt 652 Milliarden in Climate Tech investiert. Der International Renewable Energy Agency zufolge müssen sich die Investitionen jährlich vervierfachen. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2023-climate-tech-startups-where-to-invest/?srnd=green&leadSource=uverify%20wall

    1. Das Interview mit dem UAE-Ölminister, #Adnoc-Chef und #COP28-Präsidenten Sultan Al Jaber ist ein Paradebeispiel dafür, wie die Fossil-Branche den Kampf gegen die durch sie verursachte Klimakatastrophe hijackt. Dazu gehört es auch - verkörpert durch diesen Minister, der gleichzeitig Firmenchef ist - das hochpolitische Öl- und Gasgeschäft als Business-as-usual auszugeben.

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    1. Every visual creative work is a manifestation of the character of thedesigner.

      This emphasizes the importance of the designer understanding how their work ties into how people determine their level as designers.

    2. The resulting International Style leapt from Europe to the United States, spreading valuesof neutrality, objectivity, and rationality expressed through tightly gridded layouts andrestricted typography.

      The values that this style presented were impactful enough to reach the U.S thus foreshadowing it's importance.

    3. turned revolutIonary avant-garde Ideals Into forMal Method–ologIes, detachIng desIgn froM a dIsruptIve aesthetIc agenda.

      This can relate to their approaches to design and how they may relate to our approaches.

    4. A movementcalled the New Typography emergedfrom the Bauhaus

      This will be important to keep in mind for later in the reading.

    1. À l’inverse une hausse de frais de scolarité aura pour effet de favoriser les ménages les mieux nantis dans l’accès à l’éducation. C’est ce que l’Ontario a appris en augmentant les frais de scolarité pour ses programmes de médecine. Cette mesure a eu pour effet de diminuer le nombre de ménages ayant des revenus annuels de moins de 80 000$ qui pouvaient envoyer leur enfant en médecine.
    1. Ainsi, le modèle organisé autour de la planification étatique, auquel était souvent associée la gratuité scolaire, a été battu en brèche ces dernières décennies par le modèle néolibéral, inspiré par Hayek et Friedman, et promu par l’OCDE, les États-Unis, le Royaume-Uni et les pays du Commonwealth. Ces pays ont eux-mêmes accéléré la réforme néolibérale de leur système d’éducation, et d’autres ont été pressés de les imiter, comme la France ou encore le Canada (le Québec ayant lui-même été sommé de s’adapter au reste du pays). Dans cette perspective, l’éducation n’est pas, comme dans le paradigme humaniste, un acte de formation citoyenne ou de transmission de la culture : elle constitue un investissement dans le « capital humain » d’un individu, lui permettant d’être plus productif et de répondre aux besoins des industries, en contrepartie d’un flux de revenu ou d’un retour sur investissement plus élevé (quitte à emprunter et à s’endetter pour acheter le stock de compétences nécessaires pour augmenter la valeur de son « capital humain »). Les pays européens, et particulièrement les pays scandinaves, sont restés attachés au modèle étatisé et à la gratuité scolaire, même si les pressions sont fortes, par exemple en France, pour engager la conversion vers le modèle à frais élevés.
    2. La gratuité scolaire dans le monde La « part des dépenses privées dans l’enseignement tertiaire dépend essentiellement des frais de scolarité auxquels sont soumis les étudiants25 ». Au Canada, d’après des données de l’OCDE de 2018 présentées au tableau 1, 52 % des dépenses en enseignement tertiaire proviennent de sources publiques et 24 % sont assumées par les ménages. En France, c’est plutôt 77 % et 12 % ; en Autriche, 89 % et 3 % ; en Finlande, 91 % et 0 %. On peut donc dire que le choix de réduire les frais de scolarité va de pair avec une conception de l’éducation comme service public financé publiquement, et qu’à l’inverse, les frais de scolarité sont une manière de réduire l’investissement de l’État et de reporter une part croissante du coût de la formation sur les individus et les ménages. Tableau 1 Dépenses totales au titre des établissements d’enseignement en pourcentage du PIB (%), OCDE, 2018
    1. he British government duly declared Avery an “enemyof all mankind” and an international manhunt was announced—theworld’s first.
  12. Jan 2023
    1. According to the conventional public narrative, colonial patterns of extraction ended with the withdrawal of colonial troops, flags and bureaucrats from the territories of the global South. Today, we are told, the world economy functions as a meritocracy: countries that have strong institutions, good markets, and a steadfast work ethic become rich and successful, while countries that lack these things, or which are hobbled by corruption and bad governance, remain poor. This assumption underpins dominant perspectives in the field of international development

      !- comment : dominant narrative of international development - using the tool of EORA I/O tables, the authors refute this argument and transparently show what is happening - the continuation of colonialism extractionism through the vehicle of unequal exchange structurally built into trade inequality unilaterally imposed upon the Global South

  13. Dec 2022
    1. This document is a companion to the IIIF Content Search API Specification, Version 2.0. It describes the changes to the API specification made in this major release, including ones that are backwards incompatible with version 1.0, the previous version.
  14. Nov 2022
    1. locally-based staff and carries out its programs in conjunction with local partners. Teams of international instructors and volunteers support the programs through projects year-round.

      So many good features in your project!

      Employing local staff that know the setting and can be role models for the kids.

      Supporting mentoring by volunteers to scale.

      Working with bodies to get a visceral experience that change is possible.

      Mentoring in groups to build a community.

      Spotlighting diversity and building bridges beyond the local community.

      Some related resources: Ballet dancer from Kibera

      Fighting poverty and gang violence in Rio's favelas with ballet

    1. How Shipping Containers Took Over the World (then broke it) by Calum on YouTube

      Oct 5, 2022

      The humble shipping container changed our society - it made International shipping cheaper, economies larger and the world much, much smaller. But what did the shipping container replace, how did it take over shipping and where has our dependance on these simple metal boxes led us?

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    1. In 1895, the Belgians Paul Otlet (1868-1944) and Henri La Fontaine founded the International Institute of Bibliography (IIB) and began working on something they called the Universal Bibliographic Repertory (UBR), an enormous catalog based on index cards. Funded by the Belgian government, the UBR involved the collection of books, articles, photographs and other documents in order to create a one-of-a-kind international index.
  18. Jul 2022
    1. The energy sector contains a large number of long‐lived and capital‐intensive assets. Urban infrastructure, pipelines, refineries, coal‐fired power plants, heavy industrial facilities, buildings and large hydro power plants can have technical and economic lifetimes of well over 50 years. If today’s energy infrastructure was to be operated until the end of the typical lifetime in a manner similar to the past, we estimate that this would lead to cumulative energy‐related and industrial process CO2 emissions between 2020 and 2050 of just under 650 Gt CO2. This is around 30% more than the remaining total CO2 budget consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5 °C with a 50% probability (see Chapter 2)

      Emissionen durch die Verfeuerung der vorhandenen Assets: 650 Gigatonnen

      Das bedeutet eine 30prozentige Überschreitung des CO2-Budgets für 50% Wahrscheinlichkeit des 1,5°-Ziels

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    1. Pour le programme ita‑lien (Milani, 2015), les sept dimen‑sions dont l’enfant a besoin pourgrandir sont : santé et croissance ;émotions, pensées, communicationet comportement ; identité et estimede soi ; autonomie ; relations fami‑liales et sociales ; apprentissage ; jeuxet loisirs.
    2. Pour les programmesanglais ( Jones, 2015) et québé‑cois (Lessard et al., 2010), les septbesoins sont : la santé, l’éducation,le développement comportementalet affectif, l’identité, les relationsfamiliales et sociales, la présenta‑tion de soi, les habiletés à prendresoin de soi



  22. Mar 2022
    1. However, Erdogan said Turkey and Russia were also negotiating a way to use the Ruble and Turkish Lira for tourism as Putin promised the Turkish leader he would encourage Russians to travel to Turkey.

      Mhtsotaki's unconditional pro-West stance has given Turkey all kinds of leverage and benefits, including economical ones.

    2. Two super-yachts belonging to the sanctioned Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich docked in Turkish ports earlier this week. Istanbul has also become one of the main destinations for Russians fleeing their country.

      Turkey has replaced Russia as a safe-port to avoid the West's menace - Snowden would flee to Turkey nowadays.

    1. And this needs to be made explicit. EU leaders and Biden need to announce clearly and repeatedly that if Russian troops pull back from Ukraine, the sanctions will all be quickly dropped. The part about removing Putin from power shouldn’t be stated; it will be implicit, since Putin is unlikely to ever personally forge an enduring peace with Ukraine.

      It's important for the West to stop demonizing Putin - it's just an elaborate form of saber rattling. And here it is a method to go ahead.

    2. They need to not just pull their soldiers back from Ukraine, but implement some kind of guarantee of lasting peace — and to allow Ukraine to join the EU and NATO if it wishes.

      Impossible to have a truce agreement as proposed here (have just one country in NATO).

    1. Το «φρούριο Δύση» που συγκροτείται, ενάντια σε Ρωσία και Κίνα ξεκινάει και θα συνεχίσει στραμμένο τέρμα δεξιά με τα μισά του κανόνια να κοιτάνε προς τα μέσα.
    2. Προπαγάνδα λοιπόν είναι να θεωρείς ότι οι Πούτιν, Ζελένσκυ και Ερντογάν έχουν ως κοινό τους γνώρισμα τον αυταρχισμό, γιατί η αλήθεια είναι ότι το κοινό ανάμεσα τους είναι ότι έχουν, σε αντίθεση με τους Δυτικούς ομολόγους τους, ικανούς να τα καταφέρουν αντιπάλους που απειλούν την εθνική γραμμή. Μπορεί κάποιος να βρει μία δυτική χώρα που να υπάρχει ισχυρή νόμιμη αντιπολίτευση, που πραγματικά να απειλεί την εθνική γραμμή;

      Διεισδυτική παρατηρηση για την Δυτική πλανη με τους Δικτατορες: ειναι οι διαλεκτική σχεση των αντιπολιτεύσεών τους που τους διατηρεί αυταρχικούς.

    1. in which we intervened in a civil war

      Vietnam's civil war was a pretext - spheres of influence was the culprit, as it happened with the [[Greek Civil War]].

  23. Feb 2022
    1. This article is for those who want to keep traveling despite restrictions due to covid. Basically giving tips on how to navigate the multiple governmental restrictions and policies including links to airline or country websites for choosing destinations. Because of this trend in travel advice in covid times, we may see attitudes towards travel shift to travel knowing the risks involved (quarantine, masks requirements, etc.) and hence see tourism rise again. Last minute covid holiday packages. What if the trend for remaining home also stayed the same for next five years and the adventure seekers become the avatars for the folks who want to stay at home.

      The crisis is changing the way how people will enjoy their international holiday, with an extra concern on testing and quarantine expenses and risk taking. That may have an impact on the tourism market, asking the airline companies to provide flexible policies /products and may witness the booming of travel insurance market.

    1. Back in 1981, a State Department insider boasted that we would "turn Nicaragua into the Albania of Central America"-that is, poor, isolated and politically radical-so that the Sandinista dream of creating a new, more exemplary political model for Latin America would be in ruins.

      Cruelty of the imperialistic US administrator is telling of what we can achieve without toxic capitlalism.

  24. Jan 2022