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    1. K-Anonymity, L-Diversity, and T-ClosenessIn this section, I will introduce three techniques that can be used to reduce the probability that certain attacks can be performed. The simplest of these methods is k-anonymity, followed by l-diversity, and then followed by t-closeness. Other methods have been proposed to form a sort of alphabet soup, but these are the three most commonly utilized. With each of these, the analysis that must be performed on the dataset becomes increasingly complex and undeniably has implications on the statistical validity of the dataset.

      privacy metrics

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    1. his documentation needs to be easily findable and accessible by anyone who uses the dataset.

      How about easily understandable and doesn't use the element in its own definition? COAR vocabularies are really good examples of how metadata documentation should be presented and written IMO

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    1. He has since bought a repossessed home, in the nearby town of Bluefield, that previously belonged to a pet hoarder.

      What relevance does the fact that it belonged to a pet hoarder have to anything in this story?