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  1. Jul 2023
    1. The third great separation was the industrial agricultural revolution.
      • Third great separation

        • industrial agricultural revolution

          • Farming was a community affair, by necessity.
          • Nearly everyone in the United States lived on a farm, had lived on a farm, or knew someone who lived on a farm.
          • There was still a sense of connectedness to the land, the earth, through food and farming.
          • But ​“times changed” in rural America.
          • The industrialization of agriculture removed the necessity for community-based farming.

          • Farmers eventually lost their sense of connectedness to

            • their land,
            • to each other and
            • to their communities.
          • Consumers no longer know
            • who produces their food,
            • where it was produced, or
            • how it was produced.
          • What happens to food between the earth and the eater has become largely a mystery.
          • Food for family gatherings and religious holidays are of economic importance to the food industry,
            • but have little social or spiritual significance beyond following cultural traditions.
          • The dependence of humanity on the Earth for food is no less than during the early times of hunting and gathering,
            • but the sense of connectedness between the eater and the Earth has been lost.
      • quote

        • Farming was a community affair, by necessity
        • What happens to food between the earth and the eater has become largely a mystery.
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    1. Kit Yates. (2021, January 22). Is this lockdown 3.0 as tough as lockdown 1? Here are a few pieces of data from the @IndependentSage briefing which suggest that despite tackling a much more transmissible virus, lockdown is less strict, which might explain why we are only just keeping on top of cases. [Tweet]. @Kit_Yates_Maths. https://twitter.com/Kit_Yates_Maths/status/1352662085356937216

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    1. Ferguson, N., Laydon, D., Nedjati Gilani, G., Imai, N., Ainslie, K., Baguelin, M., Bhatia, S., Boonyasiri, A., Cucunuba Perez, Z., Cuomo-Dannenburg, G., Dighe, A., Dorigatti, I., Fu, H., Gaythorpe, K., Green, W., Hamlet, A., Hinsley, W., Okell, L., Van Elsland, S., … Ghani, A. (2020). Report 9: Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID19 mortality and healthcare demand. In 20 [Report]. https://doi.org/10.25561/77482

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    1. These lonely deaths are called kodokushi.

      Almost 25% of Japanese men and 10% Japanese women over age 60 say there is not a single person they could rely on in difficult times. The American crisis may not be so dissimilar from the Japanese one.

      The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare reported there were 3,700 “unaccompanied deaths” in Japan in 2013, but some researchers estimate that because of significant under-counting, the true figure is closer to 30,000. In any case, the frequency of kodokushi has been on the rise since they emerged in the 1980s.