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    1. We use a single stream/queue/channel to deliver messages from RPC to WS. RPC server acts as publisher: it pushes a JSON-encoded command. Pubsub connection is initialized lazily in this case (during the first #broadcast call). WS server (anycable-go) acts as subscriber: subscription is initialized on server start, messages are received, deserialized and passed to the app.
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    1. More information about the public domain

      Additional Resource: I would like to recommend adding:

      Traditional Knowledge and the Public Domain. Ruth L. Okediji. CIGI Papers No. 176 — June 2018


      A thought-provoking paper about the the intersection of traditional knowledge and the public domain.

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    1. Sarah Bond, in an interesting article in Forbes, entitled “Dear Scholars, Delete Your Account At Academia.Edu”, urges readers to delete their Academia.edu account. She suspects its motivations, pointing out it is not a real .edu, with no educational affiliations and motivated strictly by profit.

      Should go and read this.

    2. It is interesting to look at the activities of the successful, for-profit sharing sites, ResearchGate, and Academia.edu.

      Both for profit and successful...

    3. The question is whether proper attribution is really taking place


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